Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft for Kids

Whether you have toddlers and preschoolers, or kindergarten and first graders, this paper plate apple craft is a fun way to kick off the Fall season. 



Materials Needed for the Paper Plate Apple Craft

To make this fun activity, you only need a few items. Thankfully, there is a good chance you already have these common materials in your craft closet. If not, once you have them, they will come in handy when you make other Fall crafts for the apple season.

Below are a list of supplies found on Amazon. They are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission. You, can also run to the Dollar Store and get these items, but the links are here to save you time when you make these paper plate apples.

Now that you have everything you need to make apple theme paper plate crafts, let’s look at the craft step by step. 




How to Make the Easy Paper Plate Apple Craft

Perhaps you just returned from a fun field trip to the apple orchard with the kids, or you’re doing a science experiment with apple seeds. Both are great hands-on experiences for the Fall season. Fun apple crafts, and apple-themed books, are a great way to keep young children engaged in fun learning activities.


Draw and Cut Curved Line

Using a black marker, draw a curved line on the side of the white paper plate. This is a simple cut for young kids, and is a great step to build fine motor skills.

If you want the paper plate apple craft to look like it has one bite, draw one curved line. If you want the completed craft to look like an apple core shape, you will need to draw a curved line on both sides of the plate. 




Paint the Paper Plate

The paint will be what makes this a cute paper plate apple craft Since it is apple picking season, fill a bushel and put some fresh apples in front of the kids. This way, they can look and touch the apples, and choose the paint colors to match the skin of the apple.

During this step, there are lots of opportunities to get creative. Typically, kids choose red paint, green paint, or yellow paint. However, some kids like to mix the paints to make it look like a real apple.

After painting everything, including the rim of the paper plate, use black paint to draw apple seeds in the center of the plate. If the kids want to, they can also paint a worm shape by the top of the apple. 




Add an Apple Stem and Leaves

While the apple shape is drying, the crafty fun continues with construction paper. Draw a small rectangle on brown paper, and leaves on green construction paper.

Younger kids, such as toddlers, will not be able to cut out these small shapes. This would be a great way to let the older kids help with the simple paper plate apple craft.

Then, use a dab of glue to put the brown stem and green leaved at the top of the plate.

And, viola! Your cute craft for Fall is done! If you try this craft with your apple unit, tag us on Instagram @LittleLearningCorner to show us how it turned out. Happy crafting!



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