Fun Coffee Filter Apple Suncatcher Craft for Kids

Over the past couple weeks, we have been doing a lot of fun apple craft ideas. This coffee filter apple suncatcher was so much fun!

Easy apple crafts are a fun way to integrate fun learning opportunities during the apple season.

Materials for a Coffee Filter Apple Suncatcher

When you are ready to make this coffee filter apple craft, there are a few items you will need.

You may already have some of these common materials on hand. If not, here are a few affiliate links to the things you will need for apple suncatchers.

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Just as I mentioned in my other easy crafts posts, you can likely find these materials at the Dollar Store. If you do not have a Dollar Store nearby, or don’t have the time to shop around, the links are here to save you time on simple crafts.

This is such a great craft during the Fall season. Young children, and older kids, love collecting real apples and making a fun craft! This Fall craft idea is a great project for kids of all ages to work together on.


How to make an Apple Suncatcher with Coffee Filters

Grab a paper towel, or a clever way to cover your table, and let’s get started on this amazing apple craft.

Cut Paper Plates

The first step is to cut out the center of your paper plates. Little hands may have a difficult time cutting the paper plate. Therefore, I suggest having the paper apples (plates) cut for the kids.

During the early childhood years, kids have a difficult time cutting through thicker material. The more they practice building their fine motor skills, the stronger their little hands will get.

Color Simple Apple Coffee Filter Craft

Once the center of the paper plates are cut out, it is time to lots of fun with markers! Kids love markers. Scented markers are a great way to make this a sensory apple tree craft.

The kids will have a great time smelling the markers as they color in their paper apple crafts.


Spray and Glue to Make Apple Suncatcher for Kids

After coloring the coffee filter with Fall colors, use a spray bottle to spray water onto the coffee filter. You won’t want to spray with too much water, as it could

The different colors will begin to bleed. Some kids have said it looks like coffee filter fall leaves.


Let the coffee filter dry. This doesn’t take a long time, but I suggest at least 15 minutes, or so.

Once the coffee filter is dry, it’s time to glue it to the back of the paper plate. You can use traditional glue bottles, or a glue stick.


Add Apple Stem and Leaves

Using brown and green construction paper, the next step is to add a brown stem and green leaves. This final step will make it look like a real apple, and can be a great bridge to apple vocabulary activities.


Hand Coffee Filter Apple Suncatcher

To hang the apple suncatchers on your windows, you’ll want to tie on a small piece of yarn or string. There are lots of great ideas to celebrate the Fall season, but a beautiful window display of colorful apples is the best! Happy crafting!

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