Get your kids talking with these Would You Rather January questions.

After spending Winter break at home, it’s time to turn off the video games and get back to learning.

The first set of questions below are geared more towards the younger kids. Whereas, the second set of Would You Rather questions can be used for both younger and older kids.

January Would You Rather Questions

Believe it or not, kids want to be asked questions beyond “what is your favorite food?”. 

How about “what is your favorite musical instrument?”, “If strawberries could be a different color, what should they be?”, or “If we had no fast food restaurants, what would you eat on a road trip?”. 

These are all questions that get them thinking and sharing their ideas.  Remember, there isn’t a right answer.  

These January Would You Rather Questions are made to engage kids in conversations without pressuring them with a right or wrong answer. 

The first step is to get the kids thinking and responding. 

As you incorporate these into your daily routine, the kids will become more comfortable sharing their reasoning.  This will then lead to a great journal writing activity. 

  • Build a snowman or throw snowballs
  • Play outside or stay inside
  • Cough or sneeze
  • Have a pet or have no pet
  • Sit by the fire or make snowballs
  • Go to a cabin or go to an igloo
  • Wear blue mittens or wear red mittens
  • Be a line leader or be the door holder
  • Drink hot chocolate or have a snowball fight
  • Get up early or go to sleep early
  • Go sledding or go ice skating
  • Use a whiteboard or Use a computer
  • See a polar bear or see a moose
  • Walk in snow or ski in snow
  • Build a wall or shovel the snow
  • Wear a snowsuit or wear a jacket
  • Have no snow or have 3 feet of snow
  • Go snow boarding or go ice skating
  • Wear a hat or wear earmuffs
  • Drink hot tea or eat snowflakes

Whether you’re going on long road trips, need ice breakers, or are looking for great conversation starters in an elementary classroom, I’ve got you!


January Writing Prompts

Would you rather questions are a fun way to prompt journal writing. The kids can choose which answer they like, and write a few sentences explaining why.

If you have kindergarten aged kids that are not yet writing, they can draw a picture in the journal and attempt to label it.

Or, during small groups, you can have the kids dictate their explanation for which one they chose, and you record (write) their exact wording in the journal. 

January would you rather writing prompts

Here are more Would You Rather Questions for January writing prompts:

  • Stay in a castle with a pet dragon or a pet unicorn
  • Eat hot dogs or chocolate ice cream
  • Be a famous actor or a police officer
  • Play with Olaf or a pet dinosaur
  • Jump in a swimming pool of chocolate pudding or vanilla ice cream
  • Have giant feet or a clown nose
  • Go to a theme park or ride in a hot air balloon
  • Hold a dead bug or a live worm
  • Ride a magic carpet or a roller coaster
  • Live with your best friend or your mom for the rest of your life
  • Learn sign language or be an amazing singer
  • Live in your own house or a tree house during the Winter
  • Change the color of your hair or never eat French fries again
  • Tell a secret to an imaginary friend or your favorite celebrity
  • Vacation on a beach in the United States or on a cruise ship to Mexico
  • Sleep in an underground house or in a tent during the Winter

Digital and Printable January Questions

Our January Would You Rather questions for kids comes with small printable cards and full slides to use with digital learning. 

The full slides are also great for displaying on a smart board in the classroom, or a computer screen at home.


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