27 Fun Fall Printables for Kids

Are you ready for fall theme activities? These Fall printables for kids are fun activities to keep learning almost as engaging as a trip to the pumpkin patch.

From Fall math worksheets and math centers to fall words, word searches, and pumpkin facts, these autumn printables are a fun way to kick off the Autumn season. First, let’s take a quick look at the pages of activities for PreK, kindergarten, and first grade.



Fall Printables for Kids

  1. Fall Sight Word Search
  2. Free Fall Scavenger Hunt (Nature Walk) Printable
  3. Fall Vocabulary Words
  4. Autumn Letter Matching Clip Cards
  5. Beginning Sounds Task Cards (Fall themed)
  6. Ending Sounds Fall Task Cards
  7. Fall Punctuation Task Cards
  8. Fall Poems for Kids
  9. Johnny Appleseed Build a Poem
  10. 10 Little Apples Build a Poem
  11. Leaves Build a Poem
  12. A is for Apple Build a Poem
  13. Fall Making Words Writing Center
  14. Fives Frame Task Cards for Autumn Themes
  15. Numbers to 10 Fall Clip Cards
  16. Numbers to 10 Fall Task Cards with Recording Sheet
  17.  Numbers to 20 (Teens) Fall Task Cards
  18.  Addition to 10 Fall Task Cards
  19. One More/ One Less Fall Printables and Task Cards
  20.  Tens Frames Numbers to 20 Fall Task Cards
  21. Pumpkin Facts for Kids
  22. I Have Who Has Fall Alphabet Game
  23. I Have Who Has First Grade Sight Word Game
  24. Kindergarten September Math Talks
  25. Kindergarten October Math Talks
  26. First Grade September Math Talks
  27. First Grade October Math Talks

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the fun Fall activities listed above.


Fall Sight Word Search

The kids read the focus word in the upper right corner, then search for that sight word throughout the collection of words printed on the page. Use dot markers, crayons, or washable markers to mark off the sight words.

Tracking the print from left to right, and top to bottom, shows an understanding of concepts of print. These Fall printable worksheets are also a great way to practice concepts of print.





Fall Alphabet Activity

These Autumn themed clip cards for kids are perfect for building letter recognition. The kids will love clipping the lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter shown on the card. And, even better, this is also a great activity for building fine motor muscles.






Fall Task Cards for Beginning Sounds

These Fall themed Beginning Sounds Task Cards builds fluency with segmenting initial sounds, letter-sound correspondence, and writing letters. The kids say and write the initial sound of the picture shown on the task card. Rather than Fall coloring pages, these task cards are the perfect way to build early reading skills. Great for early finishers, guided reading groups, a scoot activity, or in your center with fall-themed printables.



Fall Punctuation Worksheet and Task Cards

These Fall Themed Punctuation Task Cards and Recording Sheet makes a perfect Autumn ELA center – excellent for building language fluency, focusing on the three main ending punctuation – period, exclamation mark, and question mark.

Great for a kindergarten enrichment and 1st and 2nd grade reading activities. You can get many uses from these task cards, including a scoot game, read and write the room center, morning work, early finisher task, home-school activity bags, intervention groups, and assessments.

Students read the short sentence, identify the adjective, then write their answer on the recording sheet. Answer sheet included to save you time when checking over their work!




Fall Poems for Kids

These fun Fall poems are perfect for your poetry notebook or Autumn poem collection for kids. Get the Fall Poem Bundle, HERE

fall-poem-for-kids-apples fall-poem-for-kids-leaves 




Fall Build a Poems

Poetry activities are so much fun for kids.  They love flow and rhyming patterns throughout all of the poems found in the Fall pack of Build a Poems.  





Making Words Writing Center for October

Making Words, an October writing center, is an engaging activity that builds vocabulary, concepts of print, letter recognition, and writing skills. 

Perfect for the emergent to transitional writing stages, this resource has students cut and paste letter tiles to build October vocabulary, write the word, and draw an illustration.

Get your October Writing Center, HERE.




Fall Math Fives Frame

These bright and colorful Fives Frame task cards are the perfect printable activity for early math skills. PreK and Kindergarten students count how many fall objects are within the fives frame, and write the number on their recording sheet. A number line is at the top of the recording sheet for extra support.

Pull out your favorite manipulatives with these Fall printables for kids. The manipulatives will make it a hands-on learning game, or counting mat, for your kinesthetic learners.

Examples of Fall counting manipulatives are:

Grab your Fall Fives Frames, HERE.


Numbers to 10 Fall Clip Cards

If your kids are fluent with their numbers to 5, then this Fall printable game will help them move into numbers to 10 throughout the entire Fall season.

The kids count the sets of Fall objects on the card, and clip the correct number using a clothespin. You can easily make this a self-checking numbers game for kids.

If you want the kids to be able to check their own counting skills, use your favorite colored sharpie to mark a star on the back on the card where the clip should be. Once they count and clip the correct numeral, they flip the card over to see if their clip covers the star. If not, they know they have to recount and try again.


Grab your Numbers to 10 Clip Cards, HERE.


Fall Math Talks

Math talks are one of my absolute favorite resource for kids of all ages! These digital and printable Fall themed math talks will get your kids engaged in great Fall conversations centered around math concepts. Many of these math talk cards can also be used as Fall writing prompts. They are a wonderful addition to your fun activity printables for Fall. 


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Fall Printables for Kids