Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft for Kids

Let’s kick off Fall with this easy Fall tree craft for kids! This fun craft is not only so much fun; it also celebrates the colors of Fall while building creativity and fine motor skills!



Easy Fall Craft with Tissue Paper

Thankfully, you don’t need a ton of supplies to make this colorful tree. In fact, you may already have everything you need for this simple Fall tree craft. Kids of all ages love fun Fall activities, and this craft won’t disappoint. 


Materials Needed for the Tissue Paper Tree Craft

Here are items the kids will need to make the tissue paper Fall tree. If you don’t have the items, I’ve provided affiliate links (I earn a small commission) to save you time. Simply follow the links to order what you need for your craft projects.


Simple Craft for Fall Season

During this time of year, kids are anxious to see the Autumn trees and Fall leaves.


Cut the Tissue Paper

Start by cutting your tissue paper into 1-2′ squares. They don’t have to be perfect. For this tissue paper Fall tree craft for kids, I choose to use the cute polka-dot tissue paper I already had around the house. You can use shades of red, orange, yellow, and green, and keep the remainder for all of your fun Fall crafts.

This is a great way to talk about real leaves with the kids. What colors are leaves? What colors do they change to in the Fall? What happens to leaves in the Winter?



Draw the Tree Outline

Use your brown marker to draw the tree trunk and outline of the tree’s leaves onto the white paper.


Make Tissue paper Leaves

Now that you have the outline of a tree on the white paper, the kids will have a great time making the leaves out of tissue paper.

To do so, the kids will simply pinch a tissue paper square, and glue it to the tree top. Depending on the ages of your kids, you may have to help them spread glue in small areas. The older children can find their groove, and glue down the leaves of their Autumn tree craft however they see fit. That’s part of the creative fun!



They will fill in the entire tree top space with tissue paper leaves, making colorful Fall trees. This is a wonderful activity for building fine motor skills, because they have to use their little hands to grasp and pinch each tissue paper square. Here are 15 Best Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Finish the Tree Trunk

To finish the easy Fall tree craft for kids, simply color in the tree trunk. If you’d like to add another element, you could use brown construction paper to create the tree trunk, instead of coloring it in. Whatever your kids prefer. Either will be fantastic fun. 



Fall Tree Craft Display

Your arty crafty kids will want to show off their creative Fall tree crafts. If at home, you can hang your tissue paper tree craft in their room. If in the classroom, you can hang the young kids’ artwork in the hallway, or create a fun Fall bulletin board display. Their Fall art will be the perfect way to fill your negative space with all the good feelings of Fall colors. Happy crafting, friends!

If you, or the elementary school, makes these easy Fall trees, tag @LittleLearningCorner on Instagram to share the love! Thanks for your support.



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