Question of the Day - DIGITAL and PRINTABLE 185 yes/no questions

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185 DIGITAL and Printable Question of the Day pages with picture clues. These Yes or No questions focus on getting to know the students, while incorporating language and math skills.

** The most recent update includes digital slides to do with remote learning! 😊

Great activity for morning meeting, when students enter the classroom each day, as cool-down activity after recess, or at the end of the day while waiting for dismissal.

This packet has a Table of Contents and numbered pages for quick reference.

Topics include siblings, home environment, sports, outdoor activities, Halloween, Christmas, Leprechauns, clothing types, shapes, colors, circus, swimming, fairy tales, school supplies, chores, friends, pets, zoo, farm, beach, apples, animals, etc.

Use the questions to promote common core language, vocabulary, class discussions, persuasive and narrative journal writing topics, data collection, or daily math talks. Great for preschool and kindergarten ~ Early Childhood

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