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No more wasting time thinking of the right thing to say to parents!

These print-and-go parent letters will save you time and help build positive parent-teacher communication.

With these Parent Letters, you simply print which letter you want, write the students name, date and sign, then send home.

The skill related letters state the standards and expectations and gives suggestions how they can help at home.

Excellent parent communication for back to school, conferences, RTI, and evaluation documentation.

Your parents will appreciate the open line of communication, and tips to help them work with their kid(s).


  1. Name Writing: Colored and Black and White
  2. Numbers to 5: Colored and B/W
  3. Numbers to 10: Colored and B/W with 0-10 chart
  4. Writing numbers to 20: Colored and B/W with 0-20 chart
  5. Family Photo Needed: Colored and B/W
  6. Letters and Sounds: Colored and B/W
  7. Traveling Class Books: Teacher Directions, Colored Instructions for parents, and Comment page.
  8. Classroom Snacks with PEANUT ALLERGY: Colored and B/W
  9. Classroom Snacks with no allergies: Colored and B/W
  10. Birthday Reader Volunteers and Confirmation Letters
  11. Sight Words: Colored and B/W
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