I Have Who Has - Kindergarten Bundle

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I Have...Who Has (Superheroes) is a must have game for all elementary classrooms. This kindergarten bundle includes 8 games!

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card. "I have _____, Who has____?" They tell the class what word they have at the top of their card, and ask who has the word at the bottom of their card.

Kids can't argue who goes first, and you don't have to make that decision! A starting card, and ending card are included.

Table of Contents
Alphabet: Capital letters (28 cards)
Alphabet: Lowercase letters (28 cards)
Shapes: 2D (12 cards)
Shapes: 3D (8 cards)
Shapes: Mix of 2D and 3D (18 cards)
Colors (13 cards)
Color Words (13 cards)
PrePrimer Sight Words (40 cards)

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