I Have Who Has First Grade Sight Words

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I Have Who Has (Superheroes) is a fun, chain-reaction, sight word game for first grade. Play as a whole group or assign to small groups.

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card. "I have _____, Who has____?" - reading the 1st grade sight word at the bottom of the card, next to the colorful superhero.

Kids can't argue who goes first, and you don't have to make that decision! A starting card, and ending card are included.

You Will Get a Printable PDF with the following:


32 cards total, including 30 sight words from the 1st grade dolch list.

Sight words include: after, again, any, ask, by, every, from, give, giving, had, has, her, how, just, know, let, live, of, old, open, over, put, some, stop, thank, them, then, think, were, when.

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