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Let your kids have fun learning while engaged in these fun dinosaur activities for kids.

In this Dinosaur Activity Bundle, you will get 5 printable pdf files including:

1. Counting Dinosaurs

* Directions

* Student Center Direction Card - picture icons to help them know what to do next.

* Number Word Tracer Cards, Numeral Tracer Cards, and Dinosaur Set Cards. (1-10)

* Color Coded Self-Checking Set of Number Tracer Word Cards, Numeral Tracer Cards, and Dinosaur Set Cards. (1-10).

* Counting Dinosaurs math worksheet (black and white)

2. I Have Who Has Numbers to 20 Dinosaur Game

I Have...Who Has (Dinosaurs) is a fun, chain-reaction, kindergarten and first grade math game to practice number recognition. Play as a whole group or assign to small groups.

* 22 cards total, including the first card, numerals 0-20, and an ending card.

3. Dinosaur Alphabet Cards

Endless uses for these colorful Dinosaur alphabet cards! Letter recognition, pocket charts, name building, flashcards, capital and lowercase matching games, centers, making words, and more!

Each capital and lowercase card has a matching clipart graphic for self-checking. 3x3"

* Capital

* Lowercase

4. Dinosaur Number Cards

These Dinosaur themed number cards can be used for number identification, number assessments, counting sets and matching numbers, ordering or sequencing numbers, missing number games on a pocket chart, a number line, 100's chart, in a math center, or put on a small binder ring and keep on the board for parent volunteers to review with the kids, or as a quick time filler when lining kids up at the door. Endless uses! 3x3"

* Numbers 0-120

5. Counting to 10 Dinosaur Worksheets

Dinosaurs Counting to 10 Math Worksheets and Answer Sheets. Great for prek and kindergarten. Students build counting and cardinality skills: count the dinosaur sets, write the number, then color when finished.

* 5 Dinosaur Counting Worksheets

* 5 Teacher Answer sheets

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