Building Sentences: Flowers and Plants

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Building sentences: Flowers and Plants is a no-prep activity that supports your writing, science, and non-fiction, lessons. Differentiate your centers in a breeze...leveled work is included!

Printable worksheet activities reinforce emergent reading and writing skills, such as concepts of print, sight word recognition, punctuation, and illustrating to represent sentences.

Students cut and paste word tiles to build sentences about flowers and plants: one sentence on each page. When done, they draw an illustration, and write the sentence.

At Level worksheets include the sentence at the top of the page.

Above Level worksheets do not have the sentences printed. The students identify the word tiles, and put the words in order to make a sentence on their own.

You Will Get a Printable PDF with the following:


Flower Sentences Reference Page

10 at-level cut and paste worksheets:

10 above-level cut and paste worksheets

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