Whether you’re teaching in a classroom or a homeschool setting, Kindergarten Summer School can be loads of fun! 

If you are tutoring, teaching summer school or day camps, or helping young students at a local library, here are some fun activities to do with kids.

Academic Skills in Kindergarten

A summer school program is typically offered through a school district to offer support with academic skills.

Certified staff members help ready kids for the next school year, reviewing reading skills, math skills, social skills, reading skills, and literacy skills.

Continuous improvement to avoid the summer slide is important for a child’s academic success.

As a kindergarten teacher, I determine eligible students for Summer learning programs based on their skills in the core subjects.

Below is a list of important skills often found in a regular school year kindergarten program.

  • Sight Words (high frequency words)

  • Kindergarten Math Skills (number recognition, number writing, counting, adding, subtracting)

  • Letter Sounds (Identifying alphabet letters, producing their sounds, and beginning/middle/end sounds of words)

  • Concepts of Print (Building words, reading, and writing left to right, top to bottom, spacing, etc)

  • Writing (letter formation, spacing, writing a complete sentence)

  • Reading fluency (In elementary schools, fluency is referencing the kids speed, expression, and accuracy when reading)

  • Social emotional learning

  • Physical education

Kindergarten Summer School Activities

You’re probably wondering what resources you should use to teach the summer classes?

Let us help you save money and time with this complete Kindergarten Summer School Bundle.

This comprehensive bundle is full of printable resources for your entire summer thematic unit.

The Complete Kindergarten Summer School Bundle Includes: 

  • June Kindergarten Math Talks
  • July Kindergarten Math Talks
  • Daily Review Worksheets for Letters and Numbers to 20
  • Building Words June
  • Building Words July
  • Color by Codes June
  • Color by Codes July
  • June Math Mats Numbers 11-20
  • July Math Mats Numbers 11-20
  • Summertime Poem
  • Summer Acrostic Poem
  • Sea Turtles Poem
  • Take Me to the Ocean Poem
  • Summer Sight Word Search
  • Would You Rather June
  • Would You Rather July
  • Numbers to 20 Write the Room June
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Kindergarten Literacy Skills

Sight Words

Help the kids avoid the summer slide by building sight word recognition, and have them ready to start next year as a strong reader.

Within each grade level, the number of sight words they are expected to know increases.

Please refer to your local school district programs for additional information on their English language development standards.

Here is a list of ways you can practice sight words with your kids over summer break:

  • Popsicle stick sight word games
  • Shaving Cream sight words
  • Sight Word hunts in old magazines
  • Play a game of war using sight word cards
  • Make sight words out of playdoh
  • Build sight words out of legos
  • Kindergarten sight word printable worksheets

Beginning Sounds

Along with reading poems, math talks, sight word activities, and crafts, you can also use these kindergarten daily review worksheets to reinforce letter-sound correspondence.

It’s very important the kids don’t lose this fundamental skill over the summer.  They are perfect for a fun, small group, literacy center.

Concepts of Print

As younger children get into the swing of Summer, we need to remember to reinforce the basics of kindergarten, such as concepts of print.

A simple and fun way to practice concepts of print are with Building Words activities.  

These June and July themed Building Words resource has everything you need to build early writing skills and vocabulary.

Reading Fluency

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the kids to enjoy reading.  They often get frustrated, overwhelmed, and don’t enjoy reading. 

This is heartbreaking as a parent and as a teacher.  To help keep reading fun, I love to use poetry.

Poems are a wonderful tool to build reading fluency, vocabulary, and language skills. 

You’ll get fun poems about Summer included in your kindergarten summer school bundle.

acrostic summer poem for kids

Math Skills for Kindergarten Summer School

Teaching kindergarten math in the summer is so much fun!

 You get to watch the early childhood aged kids go from barely understanding number sequence from 1-10, to becoming fluent in basic addition and subtraction within 20.

If the kids are having a difficult time learning new skills in math, I suggest additional supports to be offered throughout the summer session.

A strong math foundation happens in preschool.

If your students did not attend a summer preschool program, and struggled in kindergarten, it’s important to offer as much support as possible before moving up to first grade.

A recent study shows “…the preschool years can make a major contribution to closing the gap in opportunity to learn mathematical ideas” (Clements, Fuson, and Sarama)

Math Activities for Kindergarten Summer School

  • June Math Talks
  • July Math Talks
  • June Color by Codes
  • July Color by Codes
  • June Math Mats
  • July Math Mats
  • Daily Review Worksheets
  • Summer Write the Room: Numbers to 20


There are tons of ways you can incorporate math into your fun kindergarten Summer school activities, such as printable worksheets, outdoor learning, math talks, and so much more.  

With so many summer themed printable activities, you can keep learning fun all Summer long.

Crafts for a Kindergarten Summer Program

Oh my goodness, you are so fortunate to be working with young children over the Summer break.

 There is something about the summertime that is motivating and allows for fun activities for kids.

Although specified for kindergarten, these crafts would be great for all elementary students.

If you love to promote hands-on learning and sensory play, then here is a list of easy crafts to do with kids over the summer months.

  • Paper plate sunflowers
  • Summertime slime
  • Seashell painting
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Build a raft out of sticks in the yard (great for small groups to practice teamwork)
  • Paint flower pots
  • Make tie-dye shirts
  • Firework Salt Painting
  • Sidewalk puffy paint
  • Rock Painting Kits

Outdoor Activities for Summer Camp (Free Printable)

Yes, there are plenty of reasons to offer additional supports for primary students during summer school, but the kids also need fun, outdoor, activities.

Here’s a list of activities we’ve done in the previous years. They are great for incorporating physical activity for any summer youth enrichment programs.

  1. Water Tables
  2. Plant a garden
  3. Water balloons
  4. Free Nature Scavenger Hunt
  5. Set up a backyard obstacle course
  6. Shaving Cream Slide
  7. Climb trees
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Balloon Tennis
  10. Kickball
  11. Sponge Ball Water Toss 
  12. Blow Up Water Slide
  13. Slip and Slide
  14. Make a pin-wheel display
  15. Outdoor Dominoes
  16. Water Balloon Baseball
  17. Outdoor Jenga

Kindergarten summer school is a time to reflect on the child’s needs to help him/her be successful at the start of first grade.

Through a combination of hands-on and small group activities that has a strong emphasis on keeping learning fun.

☀️☀️ The Kindergarten Summer School Bundle will give you the tools you need to keep the kids engaged and building the early math and literacy skills.

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