Writing report card comments doesn’t need to be stressful, and leave you feeling mentally exhausted.

As a former teacher, I’m here to help you keep a positive attitude, and get through the school year, and report card time, with less stress.

Did you know report card comments are sometimes the only part parents read to summarize their child’s progress?

For that sake, your original comments need to be well-written, show the strengths of the student, clearly communicate if the child is having a tough time, and offer a list of ideas to practice at home.


Below are some sample comments as a starting point to write perfect comments.

Throughout the post, you’ll also find a Kindergarten Report Card Writing product throughout to help you write comments with little effort.

Writing Student Report Cards

Whether you’re a student teacher or a veteran teacher, writing report card comments for any grade level is time consuming.

When teaching younger grade levels, such as Prek, kindergarten, and first grade, you will most likely be expected to write personalized comments to summarize each child’s performance.

Whereas, the upper elementary, middle school, and high school are a reflection of teachers choosing a select comment from a drop-down menu.

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While the drop-down menus and letter grades are easy, they don’t relay personal experiences, or specific examples of the students’ behavior and/or school work.

As a parent, and a kindergarten teacher for 17 years, I learned a child’s development is worth much more than a passing grade on recognizing numbers and letters. 

Don’t get me wrong; letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, number identification, and counting are the foundation of one’s education.

However, we cannot fail to inform parents on the social-emotional and work habits that these little ones are developing.

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Tips for Writing Report Card Comments

When writing comments, you will want to craft your thoughts in a way that will grab the parents attention. 

It’s a good idea to recognize their child’s strengths while also give suggestions to help them improve.

Here are tips for new teachers or veteran teachers to use when writing kindergarten report card comments:

  • Always include a student name. This shows specific student progress.
  • Start with a positive note. Leave a very specific comment that highlights the great work done and positive qualities.
  • Put a positive spin on areas of weakness.
  • Give parents insight and suggestions for practicing at home.

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In short, positive report card comments include a strength, an area that needs improvement, and give suggestions to practice at home.

It is our personal responsibility, as teachers, to put in the extra work, and give parents more than report card grades.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments is a helpful resource that will save you time writing a couple dozen report cards each grading period.

Sample Report Card Comments

Let’s take a look at some examples of kindergarten report card comments often found at the end of a student’s report card.

These sample report card comments are broken down into categories for positive, needs improvement, and suggestions for home. 

Then, we will look at ways you can compile these comments into well-written paragraphs for the parents.

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Positive Report Card Comments

The following statements are examples of positive comments reflecting great progress and hard work during classroom activities: 

  • is very kind and inquisitive
  • enjoys participating in small group lessons
  • is continuing to show positive changes with his/her work habits
  • takes great pride in her/his work
  • has a pleasant personality and an excellent attitude towards learning.
  • has a good foundation of basic academic skills; such as letter identification, sounds, and number recognition.
  • is a hard worker and demonstrates excellent progress in core subjects.
  • excels in group activities and contributes positively to the learning process.
  • displays a good attitude and consistently puts forth their best effort in class assignments.

Needs Improvement Report Card Comments

The following statements are used to communicate when a child is having a hard time during class discussions, group work, reading skills, and/or basic math facts.

  • continuing to work on understanding boundaries, getting along with others, and putting more effort into work.
  • having a difficult time accepting redirection from adults
  • unexcused absences have greatly effected his/her grades.
  • respecting others personal space
  • needs frequent reminders to complete work in a timely manner.
  • needs extra time when learning new skills
  • _____’s attitude towards classroom rules needs improvement.
  • requires additional at-home support to improve organizational skills.
  • struggles with time management and may benefit from extra practice.

Suggestions for Home

  • Play-doh, puzzles, cutting, and stringing beads are great activities to help with fine motor skills at home.
  • Download apps to practice letters, sight words, and basic math skills. Have them use the learning app for 15 minutes prior to playing games or watch videos.
  • Continue working on letters and sounds.
  • Let’s touch base with a phone call to discuss additional work to best prepare him/her for next year.
  • Encourage spending time on homework assignments to reinforce learning skills.
  • Practice at-home support to enhance academic progress in core subjects.
  • Foster a sense of responsibility for school supplies and encourage good manners in social situations.

Now that you have examples kindergarten report card comments, let’s look at an example of how to put everything together for the parents to get a clear picture.

  • _______ is a great listener and participates often. He/she follows directions, completes his/her work, and is always willing to help out. He/she tries very hard, but is struggling with the basic academic skills. As previously stated, _______ needs extra support at home to catch up with his/her classmates. Thank you.

Parent Teacher Communication

Well-written report card comments can help build the communication between you and the families.

The parents will greatly appreciate your effort to recognize their child’s academic and social development.

Report cards, sending home parent letters, and requesting parent volunteers, are great strategies to build a trusting relationships with families.

Although writing detailed comments can be time consuming, there are ways to make this teacher task less daunting and more pleasurable. 

Effective report card comments provide constructive feedback and meaningful insights into the student’s progress.

It’s important to communicate ongoing support to parents and provide concrete examples of student learning.

To help you save hours of time, and build parent-teacher communication, I have put together easy comments inside this Kindergarten Comments resource.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments

If you plan on teaching past this year, you will find that you will need to write new reports year after year.

Thankfully, with the Kindergarten Report Card Comments resource, you won’t have to!

These easy comments are going to save you so much time and stress!

Focus on the kids, spend more time with your family; whatever it is that you love – just not spending hours writing report card comments for all of your students.

Like the examples shown above, I have created and organized the comments into 4 categories.

  • Positive
  • Needs Improvement
  • Suggestions for Home
  • Complete paragraph comments

Build the perfect comment by choosing from the organized lists, or simply insert students names in the complete paragraph comments.

Here are some of the topics and skills covered throughout these kindergarten report comments:

  • peer relationships
  • class participation
  • expressive and receptive language skills
  • tardies and absences
  • homework
  • writing
  • work habits
  • letter recognition
  • reading comprehension
  • counting
  • disruptive habits to the learning environment
  • fine motor skills
  • problem solving skills
  • social skills
  • organization
  • routines

There are over 65 comments, as well as 25 paragraph-length comments to choose from.

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You can also mix and match the bulleted comments to best fit your students. Simply copy, paste, and insert a name.

What Teachers are Saying

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Reduce your teacher stress, save yourself hours of time, and build parent communication, with these prewritten comments.

With a over 900 5-star reviews, you can see how the comments have saved teachers so much time, and helped parents better understand their child’s progress.

Reduce teacher stress by utilizing effective report card comments that highlight student progress and potential.

Overall, the quality of work and positive behaviors should be acknowledged in the progress report. 

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