As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to show love for a special mom with cute Mothers Day poems for kids.  

With this collection of original and famous poems, we can engage our young students in creative activities to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children. 

What better way to express appreciation than through heartfelt Mother’s Day poems for kids? 

These poems not only foster language development but also instill the importance of expressing gratitude and love towards those who nurture us. 

Below, you will find some wonderful Mother’s Day poems perfect for your young learners.

Mothers Day Poem for Kids to Go With Flowers

This heartwarming poem would be absolutely adorable paired with a flower craft sent home for Mother’s Day.

A potted flower, or a kid-colored styrofoam cup full of dirt and a tiny sprouted flower, will make any mother happy!  

 Imagining the delight on mothers’ faces as they receive not only a sweet poem from their little ones but also a handcrafted flower. 

It’s symbolizing the love and care they’ve nurtured their children with; which is truly heartwarming. 

Mothers Day poem for kids
Get this poem HERE or on TPT

This poem is a beautiful way for children to express their gratitude and appreciation for their mothers’ love and support.

To extend the crafting, teach your kids these fun flower facts, then print the poem for a fun reading lesson.


I am like a flower

that is raised

with love by you.

You help me grow up

big and strong,


thanks for all you do! 

Free Mothers Day Handprint Poem

Celebrate Mother’s Day with this heartwarming free printable handprint poem. 

This adorable poem captures the essence of childhood innocence and the everlasting imprint a mother leaves on her child’s heart. 

With each handprint, a memory is made, a moment frozen in time.

As mothers, we may wipe away tears and messes, but the love and bond shared with our children remain eternal. 

This free printable handprint poem serves as a tangible reminder of the special connection between mother and child, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come. 

So, grab your paintbrushes and capture those tiny handprints to create a gift that will warm any mother’s heart this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day handprint poem



“I know you wipe some away,

But these prints are here to stay.

So, keep them forever,

A treasure they will be.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Love, me!”

This digital download is an easy Mother’s Day craft will be cherished for years to come.  

Best of all, it’s free and you only need paint or markers before sending it home to dear Mother.  


Cute Mother’s Day Poems from Kids

As educators, let’s celebrate the importance of mothers and the unconditional love they provide.

Through poetry and creative activities, we can help our young students express their gratitude and deepen their understanding of the special bond between mother and child.

These simple yet heartfelt Mother’s Day poems are perfect for young children to express their love and appreciation for their moms.

 Encourage them to personalize these poems with drawings or handprints to make them extra special.

For printable templates and resources to assist in teaching these poems, check out online platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), where you can find customizable designs and downloadable materials suitable for your classroom needs.


Mommy, Mommy, I love you.

Thanks for all the things you do.

I love you

And you love me.

That’s the way it should be.

Mommy, Mommy, I love you.

Thanks for all the things you do!

This Mother’s Day song, sung to the tune of “twinkle twinkle”, also makes the perfect Mother’s Day poem for kids.  

When you purchase the Mommy poem. you will get all three versions shown below.  One from all kids, one from a son, and one from a daughter.  

Get the Mommy poem HERE or on TPT 

Happy Mother’s Day Fingerprint Poem From Kids

(Author unknown)

Dirt and cookie fingerprints

are not too hard to find.

You’ll see them on our walls and drawers

Where I go, they’re left behind.

But soon I’ll learn to wash my hand

And tuck them by my side.

The walls and drawers clean once more

No grubby marks to hide.

So, here I leave my fingerprints

Each and every one,

Painted as a reminder 

of dirt and cookies and fun. 

Dear Mom

(author unknown)

Dear Mom,

I will love you forever;

And forever you will be

The most wonderful mother,

You mean everything to me.

I thought of buying you flowers

In the usual way

But I knew you would prefer

A forever bouquet!

Mom’s Always Near

​In every smile, in every tear, 

A mother’s love is always near. 

Through days of joy and nights of fear, 

Her love remains forever dear. 

On Mother’s Day, we sing and say, 

Thank you, Mom, in every way.

Mommy, Mommy, You’re the Best

​(Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”)

Mommy, Mommy, you’re the best, 

In your arms, we feel so blessed. 

Thank you for all that you do, 

We love you, Mom, through and through. 

Mommy, Mommy, you’re the best, 

In your arms, we feel so blessed.

Mother’s Day Thank You

​For all the hugs, for all the care, 

For being there, just always there. 

For every kiss, for every smile, 

For making life so worth the while. 

On Mother’s Day, we want to say, 

Thank you, Mom, in every way.

I Love You More With Every Day

​Dear Mom, you’re my guiding light, 

You make everything feel just right. 

With your love, you chase away fears, 

You wipe away my happy tears. 

On Mother’s Day, I want to say, 

I love you more with every day.


My Special Mom

​Mommy dear, you’re extra special, 

Your love for me is truly celestial. 

With gentle eyes and a tender smile, 

You make my life feel worthwhile.

Thank You, Mom

​Thank you, Mom, for all you do, 

For hugs, for kisses, for saying “I love you.” 

You’re my hero, my guiding light, 

With you, everything feels just right.

Mom’s Hug

​In Mom’s hug, I find my place, 

Wrapped in love’s warm embrace. 

Safe and snug, I feel so blessed, 

Mom’s hug is truly the best.

A Mother’s Love

​O mother, O mother, 

with gentle eyes so kind. 

Your love is like no other, 

a treasure they’ll find. 

In childhood days, 

you’re their best friend. 

In your arms, 

their fears will end. 

Thank You, Mom

​Thank you, Mom, for all you do, 

For kisses sweet and hugs so true. 

Your love shines like the sunny weather, 

Making everything better together.

 In your arms, they feel so secure, 

A love so special, pure and sure.

Mom, You’re the Best

​Mom, you’re their shining star, 

Guiding them from near and far. 

With your love, they’ll reach the highest hill, 

Your presence in their lives, a thrill. 

Your care, a bit of God’s own grace,

 In your warm embrace, they find their place.

Mom, My Special Friend

​Mom, you’re not just their mom, but their best friend, 

Your love and care, they’ll cherish without end. 

With you, they share their little things, 

In your arms, they find their wings. 

On this special day, they want to say, 

Thanks for being you in every way.

I Love You To Pieces Mother’s Day Craft

This printable “I Love you to Pieces” craft is perfect to go with the sweet Mother’s Day poems for kids. 

Save the picture above to your favorite pinterest board, so you can quickly find your favorite Mothers Day poems for kids year after year!

Funny Mother’s Day Poems for Kids

These funny Mother’s Day poems are sure to bring smiles and giggles to young children as they celebrate their moms in a light-hearted way!

Mom’s Superpower

​Mom, you have a superpower, it’s true, 

You find my lost socks, even my left shoe! 

With eyes in the back of your head, you see, 

When I’m trying to sneak that extra cookie.

The Laundry Blues

​Mom, oh mom, you’re quite a sight, 

Covered in laundry from morning till night.

 You scrub and you fold, with a sigh and a frown, 

But somehow, the laundry pile never goes down!

Kitchen Chaos

​In the kitchen, Mom’s the boss, 

But sometimes things get at a loss. 

Mixing bowls fly, flour fills the air, 

Oh dear, it seems Mom’s baking flair is rare!

Car Rides with Mom

​Buckle up tight, it’s time to go, 

Mom’s driving skills, oh no, oh no! 

She turns left when she meant to turn right, 

Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Mom’s Funny Dance

​Mom’s got moves, like a dancing queen, 

But her funky dance, oh, it’s quite the scene!

 With arms flailing and feet all a-tap, 

We can’t help but giggle, with every clap!

Mom’s Kitchen Experiments

​Mom tries new recipes, she’s quite the chef,

 But sometimes her dishes leave us bereft. 

A splash of this, a sprinkle of that, 

Oh dear, Mom’s cooking is quite the chat!

The Mom Taxi

​Mom’s taxi service, always on call, 

From soccer practice to the shopping mall. 

With snacks in her purse and a GPS in hand, 

Mom’s the best chauffeur in all the land!

Mom’s Monster Voice

​When Mom gets mad, oh what a fright, 

Her voice booms loud, like thunder at night! 

We promise to behave, to toe the line, 

When Mom’s monster voice is in its prime!


Mom’s Bedtime Stories

​Mom reads us stories, so sweet and kind, 

But sometimes her voices are one of a kind! 

With silly accents and funny faces too, 

Mom’s bedtime stories always leave us in a stew!

The Mommy Monster

​When Mom’s tired, she’s like a mommy monster, 

With messy hair and eyes all a-glance-ster! 

But don’t worry, kids, it’s just for show, 

Mom’s still the best, even when her eyes droop low!

More Ways to Help Kids Celebrate Mother Figures

It’s important for teachers to recognize that Mother’s Day isn’t solely about biological mothers but also about celebrating all mother figures who play significant roles in children’s lives. 

Whether it’s a caregiver, grandparent, aunt, stepmom, or any other maternal figure, these individuals often provide the love, guidance, and support that shape a child’s upbringing. 

Encouraging children to honor and appreciate these mother figures not only validates the diverse family structures within our communities but also fosters empathy and gratitude among students. 

Teachers can create inclusive activities such as crafting cards, writing poems, or sharing stories that acknowledge and celebrate the unique bonds children share with their maternal figures. 

By embracing the diversity of family dynamics, educators can help children cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for the multitude of ways love and caregiving manifest in their lives.

These activities not only celebrate Mother’s Day but also promote creativity, literacy, and appreciation for the special women in children’s lives.

1. Short Poem Creation

Encourage children to write short poems about their moms using simple words like “mom,” “love,” and “hug.”

Provide them with templates or examples of short Mother’s Day poems and let them express their feelings creatively.

2. Mother’s Day Cards

Guide students in making personalized Mother’s Day cards for their moms.

Provide them with craft supplies like colored paper, markers, stickers, and glitter to decorate their cards. Encourage them to write a short poem or message inside the card.

3. Acrostic Poems

Teach children about acrostic poems and help them create one for their moms using the word “MOTHER” or “LOVE.”

Each line of the poem can start with a letter from the word, describing qualities or things they love about their moms.

M – Mom, you’re my shining star, 

O – Overflowing with love so far. 

T – Tender smiles, hugs so tight, 

H – Here’s to you, my guiding light. 

E – Ever grateful, forever true, 

R – Remember, Mom, I love you.

​M – Mom, you’re their guiding light, 

O – Overjoyed to hold you tight. 

T – Tender smiles and warm hearts too, 

H – Hugs and kisses, just for you! 

E – Ever grateful, they want to say, 

R – Really, Mom, you’re the best in every way!

4. Teddy Bear Craft

Have children create little teddy bear crafts to give to their moms on Mother’s Day.

Provide them with templates or simple instructions to make the bears using paper or felt. They can attach a short poem or message to the bear’s paw.

5. Mother’s Day Poetry Reading

Organize a special Mother’s Day poetry reading session where children can recite a cute poem for their moms.

Invite family members to attend the event and celebrate the children’s creativity.

6. Digital Mother’s Day Cards

For older children, guide them in creating digital Mother’s Day cards using online platforms or software like Canva.

They can choose from customizable designs and add their own messages or poems.

7. Mother’s Day Art Exhibition

Display children’s artwork related to Mother’s Day in the classroom or school hallway.

This could include drawings, paintings, collages, or sculptures inspired by their moms or Mother’s Day themes.

8. Poem of the Day

Dedicate a “Poem of the Day” activity leading up to Mother’s Day, where children read and discuss different mom poems about new mothers or family.

Encourage them to write their own poems inspired by the ones they read.

9. Creative Writing Prompts

Provide creative writing prompts related to Mother’s Day, such as “Write a letter to your mom telling her why she’s the best,” or “Imagine you’re a superhero, and your mom is your sidekick. Describe a day of superhero adventures together.”

10. Poetry Collage

Have children create poetry collages using snippets of famous poems about mothers or family, including works by Robert Louis Stevenson or Helen Steiner Rice.

They can arrange the snippets on poster board or canvas to create their own unique collages.  

This is a great way for older children to highlight the importance of mother and/or grandmothers.  



In conclusion, Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor and celebrate the amazing women who hold our families together with their love, strength, and unwavering dedication. 

Whether it’s through heartfelt poems, handmade crafts, or simple acts of kindness, expressing our gratitude to our moms is a beautiful way to show them how much they mean to us. 

From the laughter-filled moments to the comforting hugs, our moms are truly our superheroes, guiding us through life with their wisdom and unconditional love. 

So, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to cherish the incredible bond we share with our moms and shower them with the appreciation and love they deserve. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

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