Let’s admit it; there will always be kids that don’t like to engage in conversation.

As teachers and parents, we want to honor their comfort levels while also encouraging them to interact with peers and adults.

Question of the Day is a great way to initiate conversations with children of all ages.

This free resource, in particular, is a fun way for younger children to feel included in conversations while also expressing their likes and dislikes.

What is Question of the Day

Question of the Day, found in the Little Learning Corner resource shop, are Yes or No questions based on common themes often taught in preschool and kindergarten.

When you download your free sample, you will have enough questions to try the activity for a week.

This will give you and the kids enough time to get familiar with the activity, and decide if it’s best for you.

After implementing the free Question of the Day printable cards, you can purchase the complete set to last the entire school year.

Free Question of the Day

Are you ready to switch up your routine, and start implementing this fun questions with your kids?


More fun Questions for Kids

Another popular way to engage kids in conversations are Would You Rather Questions.

Would You Rather questions are different than the question of the day.

Check these monthly themed Would You Rather Questions for Kids.

Question of the Day has yes or no type of questions. For example, have you flown a kite? Yes or No.

After answering, the kids can discuss their answers amongst each other or with an adult.

Whereas, the Would You Rather questions offer two options or scenarios for the kids to choose from.

For example, “would you rather fly a kite or hold an umbrella?”.

These types of open-ended questions allow for the kids to build decision making and critical thinking skills.

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