To help the kids celebrate their moms, I have created a free Mother’s Day Handprint poem.

This free handprint poem for moms is adorable and will be cherished for years to come.

Below, you can find the link to simply download and print off the cute Mother’s Day poem.

After you grab your freebie, be sure to check out the other Mother’s Day posts listed below.


This sweet poem is a great way to capture the kids handprints at a young age.

Not only do moms love this as a Mother’s Day gift, they often cherish it as a keepsake.

When I did this simple craft with my students, I would let them pick out two of their mom’s favorite colors.

Then, I’d paint their hand whichever colors they picked out, and helped them align their hands onto the printable poem.

Mother's Day handprint poem


Once the paint is dry, you can send home the poem as is, or you can laminate it.

Some years, I would choose to laminate it to assure the moms had a special gift that would last.

Other years, when teaching kindergarten, I simply would get too busy and not have enough time to laminate a class set.

If you have a parent volunteer, this would be a great way for them to help out.

Now that you have your freebie, let’s look at more Mother’s Day fun.

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Mothers Day poem for kids

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These Mother’s Day craft ideas are simple, easy to make, and will be sure to put a smile on Mom’s face.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these free and fun Mother’s Day activities for kids.

Be sure to come back to check out the other free holiday printables I’ll be adding to the blog.