What better way to integrate reading with taking care of Earth than with a free Earth Day poem for kids.

On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to pause and honor this amazing place we call home.

Kids and adults are asked to reflect on ways they can take care of the Earth now to assure the future of our planet is protected.

There are many ways to teach the kids how to take care of our earth. For example, we can teach them about recycling, picking up trash, the benefits of gardening, planting trees and flowers, and so on.

Below you can get a free printable poem about Earth Day to use with young children.

Children in prek, kindergarten, and first grade will love adding thos poem to their poetry notebooks.

Free Earth Day Poem for Kids

Sung to the tune of Frere Jaques, this Happy Earth Day poem is perfect for little kids.

With a simple tune and rhyme, the kids can learn and recite a poem about taking care of the Earth.

Not only will the kids learn new vocabulary, track print left-to-right, and identify sight words, they will feel confident about taking care of this place called home.

👉 Download your free Earth Day Poem

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