Get your kids talking and building critical thinking math skills with these free April Math Talks!

As mentioned in the introduction to the math talks series, these are not just about numbers and counting; they’re about fostering a love for learning, sparking curiosity, and nurturing critical thinking skills from a young age.

Free Spring Math Talks for Preschool

Imagine a bunch of adorable preschoolers sitting in a circle, chattering away about math like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Yes, that’s what preschool math talks are all about!

These math talks are a super fun way to get little kiddos excited about numbers and shapes without making it feel like, you know, actual “math.”

It’s all about exploring and playing with concepts in a way that feels more like a game than a lesson.

Get those tiny brains buzzing with all things math-related with these FREE SPRING MATH TALKS for Preschool.

If you want to see those little munchkins giggle while they figure out how many flowers are in a garden, or what shape a bunny’s ears are, these math talks are where it’s at.


Free April Math Talks for Kindergarten

These kindergarten math talks for April will be a class favorite!

Your kids will engage in number talks centered around everything April themed, such as bugs and insects, flowers, butterflies, kites, and more!

Use for online learning, in a homeschool setting, or in the classroom. There are full slides for digital learning and small printable cards to use in a small group.


Free April Math Talks for First Grade

With the same format as preschool and kindergarten, the first grade math talks also come with printable cards and full slides for a digital presentation.

The first grade math talks are more difficult in scale, scaffolding off of the preschool and kindergarten skills already learned.

These free April Math Talks for first grade are centered around everything April themed, including Spring, Earth Day, Easter, weather, birds, and more.


More Fun Math Activities

Since you’re working on building strong math skills, here are more tips and resources to help keep your kids engaged.

First, let’s look at How to Teach Composing and Decomposing Numbers.

Decomposing and composing numbers, in short, is the ability to break apart a given number and put it back together again.


In other words, it’s learning how to parts make a whole.

If you have young children, or teach elementary school, you may know this as “part, part, whole”. 

These tips will help you feel confident as you move into teaching these concepts.

Thank you for supporting Little Learning Corner, and enjoy your free April Math Talks for Kids!