As the winter season brings chilly temperatures and frosty landscapes, it’s the perfect time for you to engage your kindergarten learners with fun and educational activities.

We’ve curated a list of fantastic printable activities from our resource shop, designed specifically for kindergarten students.


Printable Winter Activities

These winter activities for kindergarten cover a range of subjects, from math to literacy, promising an enjoyable and enriching winter learning experience.

1. Kindergarten Math Talks – January

The popular kindergarten math talks encourages interactive math discussions in the classroom. It includes engaging prompts for January-themed math talks, promoting critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills.

snowman activities for kindergarten math talks
Get the Math Talks HERE

2. January Write the Room – Numbers to 20

In this January Count the Room activity, students embark on a number hunt around the room, reinforcing number recognition and counting skills. It’s a dynamic way to integrate movement and learning.

January Math Write the Room Numbers to 20
Get this Write the Room HERE

3. Would You Rather – January

Sparking creativity and conversation, this resource presents students with delightful “Would You Rather” scenarios tied to the winter season. It fosters language development and decision-making skills.

january-would-you-rather-cards-ig-logo January Would You Rather Questions for Kids
Get Would You Rather Questions HERE

4. January Color by Code Worksheets

Incorporating art into learning, these color-by-code worksheets make practicing essential skills like number identification and sight words exciting and visually stimulating.

Get the Color by Codes HERE

5. January Math Mats – Numbers 11-20

Perfect for hands-on learning, these math mats provide a tactile experience for understanding numbers 11-20. Ideal for reinforcing counting, number recognition, and basic addition skills.

Get the January Math Mats HERE

6. Making Words – January Writing Center and Vocabulary Cards

Enhance literacy skills with this versatile resource.

The January Making Words includes word-building activities, a writing center, and vocabulary cards that align with Winter themes, fostering language development.

7. Winter Poems for Kids

Immerse young learners in the beauty of winter through poetry.

This resource introduces captivating winter-themed poems that not only promote language skills but also ignite imagination and creativity.


8. Winter Write the Room

Combine movement and literacy with this Write the Room activity. Students actively search for and write words related to winter, reinforcing vocabulary and spelling in an interactive way.

Get the Winter Write the Room HERE

9. Building Sentences – Winter Facts for Kids

Strengthen sentence construction skills with winter-themed facts.

This resource provides the building blocks for creating meaningful sentences, fostering language development and comprehension.

Get Winter Facts Building Sentences HERE

10. Numbers to 10 Worksheets – Winter

Tailored for early numeracy, these worksheets focus on numbers 1-10 within a winter context. The activities promote counting, number formation, and understanding numerical relationships.

Get these math worksheets HERE

11. Sight Word Search – Winter Theme

Targeting sight word recognition, this resource offers engaging winter-themed word searches. It’s an enjoyable way for students to practice and reinforce essential sight words.

Get the Sight Word Search HERE


As winter unfolds its magic, these printable resources from Little Learning Corner offer a plethora of opportunities for kindergarten students to learn and grow.

You can also find all of the above Winter resources on TPT.

Whether in a classroom or homeschool setting, these activities provide a delightful blend of education and entertainment, making winter a season of joyful learning for young minds.

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