Valentines Party Ideas for Kids are the perfect way to infuse a touch of love and excitement into the celebration for the little ones in your life.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this day of love than with a festive party for the little ones in preschool through first grade?


Whether you’re a room mom, room parent, or just excited to host a class party, we’ve got you covered with delightful ideas that include conversation hearts, construction paper, and lots of fun games.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day memorable for the kids and the entire family!

Valentine’s Day Decorations:

To set the mood for your fun Valentine’s Day party, start with heart-shaped balloons, crepe paper, and pink decorations.

Consider using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create cute paper hearts, perfect for stringing as garlands or scattering around the room.

Check out Handmade Charlotte or Studio DIY for creative and easy crafts that will add a lovely touch to your party space.

Valentines Craft Corner:

Engage the little hearts in creative activities with easy crafts using construction paper, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.

Craft ideas abound on websites like Handmade Charlotte, offering simple yet delightful projects suitable for small children.

Let their imaginations run wild as they create heart-shaped rings, cupid’s arrows, and DIY valentine cards with special messages.

Don’t forget to incorporate the classic heart shape into your crafts, a perfect symbol for this day of love.

Here are five easy Valentine’s Day party crafts for kids: 

1. “I Love You to Pieces” Printable Craft:

  • Provide each child with a printable template that says “I Love You to Pieces.”
  • Have them glue or tape small puzzle pieces onto the template.
  • This craft not only reinforces the message of love, but also allows kids to get creative with arranging the puzzle pieces.

Printable Template


2. Heart-Shaped Animals:

  • Cut out large heart shapes from colored construction paper.
  • Provide googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and other craft materials.
  • Kids can use the heart shapes and other materials to create their own heart-shaped animals.

3. Valentine’s Day Heart Wreaths:

  • Cut out cardboard circles and let the kids paint or decorate them.
  • Provide heart-shaped cutouts, stickers, and ribbon.
  • Kids can create their own heart wreaths by attaching the hearts to the cardboard circle.

4. Crayon Heart Melting Art:

  • Collect old, broken crayons in various colors.
  • Peel the crayons and break them into small pieces.
  • Place the crayon pieces inside a heart-shaped silicone mold.
  • Melt the crayons in the oven to create colorful heart-shaped crayons.

5. Valentine’s Day Love Bugs:

  • Provide kids with colorful pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom-poms.
  • Have them create love bugs by twisting pipe cleaners into the shape of a bug and attaching googly eyes and pom-poms.
  • Kids can make these cute love bugs as a fun and imaginative craft.

The crafts are not only easy, but also allow kids to express their creativity and share the love during the Valentine’s Day party.

Fun Games for Kids of All Ages:

 Keep the excitement alive with a variety of active games that are sure to entertain kids of all ages.

From relay races to scavenger hunts, Play Party Plan has fantastic ideas that will keep the little ones moving and laughing.

For a fun twist, try Valentine’s Day minute-to-win-it games using candy hearts or a heart-shaped target for a game of skill and precision.

Mad Libs with a Valentine’s Day twist can add a touch of educational fun to the celebration.

Here are some fun games perfect for a kids’ Valentine’s Day party:

1. Cupid’s Arrow Relay Race:

  • Divide the kids into teams.
  • Provide each team with a cardboard bow and arrow.
  • Create a heart-shaped target.
  • Kids take turns trying to shoot Cupid’s arrow into the target.

2. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt:

  • Hide heart-shaped clues around the party space.
  • Each clue leads to the next until they find a special Valentine’s Day surprise or treat.

3. Valentine’s Day Bingo:

  • Create bingo cards with Valentine’s Day-themed images.
  • Use candy hearts or heart-shaped markers as bingo markers.

4. Heart Hopscotch:

  • Create a hopscotch board with heart shapes instead of numbers.
  • Kids hop through the hearts, following the traditional hopscotch rules.

5. Candy Heart Tower Building:

  • Provide kids with candy hearts and toothpicks.
  • Challenge them to build the tallest tower using the candy hearts as building blocks.

6. Pin the Arrow on Cupid:

  • Similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” blindfold the kids, spin them around, and have them try to pin an arrow on Cupid.

7. Heart Freeze Dance:

  • Play music and have the kids dance.
  • When the music stops, they must freeze in the shape of a heart until the music starts again.

8. Valentine’s Day Memory Game:

  • Create pairs of Valentine’s Day-themed cards (hearts, Cupid, etc.).
  • Lay them face down, and kids take turns flipping two cards to find matching pairs.

9. Heart Relay Race:

  • Divide kids into teams and provide each with a heart-shaped balloon.
  • They must race to a designated point, pass the balloon to the next teammate without using their hands.

10. Heart-Shaped Bean Bag Toss:

  • Cut out large heart shapes from cardboard and assign point values to each.
  • Kids take turns tossing bean bags onto the hearts to score points.

Remember to adjust the complexity of the games based on the age group of the kids.

These games are designed to bring lots of laughter and joy to your Valentine’s Day party!

Next up, we have more goodies for your Valentines party ideas for kids.

Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags, Party Favors, and Gifts

 No class party is complete without goodie bags!

Fill them with sweet treats, such as sugar cookies or candy hearts, and add small crafts or printable games for the kids to enjoy at home.

You can find free printables on websites like Handmade Charlotte and Studio DIY, making it easy to provide a little extra fun for the children.

Make the party memorable with heart-shaped party favors that the kids can take home.

Consider including heart-shaped rings, handmade crafts, or small toys.

If you’re looking for great gifts for the whole family, affiliate links to favorite stores or online shops can be a great option.

Here are five Valentine’s Day party favors for kids available on Amazon:

  1. Valentine’s Day Sticker Sheets:
  • Sticker sheets with adorable Valentine’s Day-themed designs.
  • Kids can enjoy decorating their notebooks, cards, or crafts.
  • Check it out on Amazon

2. Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Crayons:

3. Valentine’s Day Mini Plush Animals:

  • Adorable mini plush animals with Valentine’s Day themes.
  • Perfect for little ones who love cuddly toys.
  • Check it out on Amazon

4. Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Bubbles:

  • Heart-shaped bubble bottles in festive colors.
  • Kids can have fun blowing bubbles during or after the party.
  • Check it out on Amazon

5. Valentine’s Day Mini Notepads with Pencils:

  • Mini notepads with Valentine’s Day designs and matching pencils.
  • Great for doodling and writing little love notes.
  • Check it out on Amazon

Conclusion: Valentines Party Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a special day filled with love, and hosting a fun class party for little learners is a great way to celebrate.

With these easy ideas, your next party is sure to be a hit with the kids and their families.

From crafts to games and everything in between, make this February 14th a day to remember for the young hearts in your care. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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