More than just a free Snowman craft for kids, this listen and respond personalized Snowman Glyph is perfect for your Winter bulletin board or hallway display.

Your PreK, kindergarten, and first grade kiddos will love participating, following directions, and sharing opinions about themselves all while creating an easy snowman craft.


Snowman Glyph for Kids

As a kindergarten teacher, I know the difficulties of completing a multi-step snowman activity that involves many pieces and parts.  That’s exactly why I created this easy Snowman glyph for kids. 

A glyph is a step-by-step craft that, when finished, reveals specific information about the kiddo who made it.

For example, students will answer questions such as “How old are you?” and “What is your favorite color?” by following specific directions to complete the craft. 


Free Snowman Craft for Kids

Everything you need is included in this free printable snowman craft for kids.  No more making the kiddos wait while you pass out pieces in between each question. 

We all know what happens when you make a bunch of 4 to 6 year-olds wait….chaos!

When you run off the template packet for each student, the pages are in order in which you will present the snowman glyph directions.

The “listen and respond” kindergarten activity turns out to be the cutest Winter display.


An Easy Winter Craft for Kids

Once you download this free printable snowman craft for kids, simply print and follow the simple directions. 

Each student gets a stapled packet, scissors, crayons, and glue. 

If you’re slightly OCD, like myself, then I suggest keeping a trashcan nearby. 

You’ll want them to thrown away the scraps as you progress from page to page.  It helps keep everyone stay on track, and prevents them from losing their materials.


After building the snowman body, students will color, cut, and glue the eyes, nose, and scarf, and draw the mouth. 

The color and placement of these attributes will answer whether they are a boy/girl, if they like carrots, if they like to play in the snow, and what color eyes they have.


The last attribute is the snowman’s hat.  There are two hat templates to choose from – striped and  polka dots. 

Striped hats are for those who’ve built a snowman; Polka dot hats are for those who have not built a snowman.

 Living in northeast Ohio, I was surprised to see nearly half of my class had not yet built a snowman! It is a Winter tradition for my family!

Winter’s in the Northeast mean snow days, mittens and boots, hats and gloves and hot chocolate. 

This time of year, you can find me teaching Winter facts for kids, snowman lessons, Winter poems, and activities for The Mitten, by Jan Brett.

👉 Get your FREE Snowman Craft HERE.

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