Your holiday fun is about to level up with these Christmas Eve gift ideas for kids.

Christmas Eve is a magical time for children, filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming holiday. What better way to add to their joy than with a special gift on this special night?

If you’re struggling to come up with Christmas Eve gift ideas for kids, look no further.

This ultimate guide will provide you with creative and thoughtful presents that will make their Christmas Eve even more memorable.

From traditional favorites to unique and personalized options, there’s something for every child on your list.

So, let’s dive into the world of Christmas Eve gifts for kids!

25 Christmas Eve Gift Ideas for Kids

We love Christmas Eve traditions in our house, whether it’s just a random Christmas gift given a little early or something like a new Christmas storybook every year!

If you’re looking for a fun idea for a new tradition for Christmas time, grab one of the ideas below. Consider it a new annual treat your entire family will look forward to! 

1. Personalized Christmas Ornament

This is a fun Christmas Eve tradition to do with your kids!

Get them a new ornament each year for them to put on the tree on Christmas Eve. The whole family can put their ornaments on together. 

2. Christmas Book and Christmas Pajamas

This is a favorite holiday tradition for many families with kids. It’s a great idea if you want to give them something they’ll continue to use.

Some matching pajamas (if you have multiple kids) and a Christmas book to read together before bed on Christmas Eve is a great way to wrap up the night.

3. Personalized Christmas Mug for Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider

Older kids will love this, but it’s great for young kids too!

If your kids love to have a hot cup of cocoa or apple cider on Christmas Eve, get them a new personalized mug with each child’s name on it.

Getting a new mug each year will amp up the excitement! 

4. Slippers or Christmas Socks and a Christmas Movie

This is a fun alternative to Christmas PJs and a book if you’re looking for something different.

You could even switch back and forth every couple of years if you want to keep it exciting. Or you can get PJs and slippers or Christmas socks that match!

5. Christmas Puzzle 

A Christmas puzzle that’s the perfect size for the family to start and finish together on Christmas Eve. When it comes to family traditions for Christmas Eve, this activity creates the perfect time to spend together as a family.

6. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect gift if you have a mix of older and younger kids, because the older kids can be a big help to their siblings.

A Christmas scavenger hunt is a great gift to get everyone moving and in the holiday spirit!

7. Personalized Storybook

As a parent, I love gifts that increase quality time spent with our kids.

A new storybook that’s personalized with your child’s name is a sweet way to put a smile on the faces of kids of all ages and make them love the holiday season even more.

8. Winter Wonderland Experience

If you’re looking for something that is less of a gift for unwrapping and more of an experience to surprise your kids with, this is the winner!

Transforming their bedroom into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights and cozy decorations will be a big hit! They’ll love falling asleep and dreaming about Santa’s arrival.


9. Kids Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve boxes are a fun way to amp up the excitement for your kids on Christmas Eve.

You can buy a pre-made box or DIY by filling the box with small gifts like Christmas cookies, crafts, games, toys, and more!

The contents of the box can be literally anything you think your kids would like. It can have a theme or no rhyme or reason.

10. Letter to Santa and Reindeer Food Christmas Craft

Spend the evening with your kids helping them write a letter to Santa and putting out reindeer food.

This fun Christmas tradition is great for little kids and makes a great night before Christmas memory to bring back every year!

11. Christmas Games

A board game or a variety of Christmas-themed games is the perfect way to spend time having fun with your family on Christmas Eve and entertain the kids!

This is one of those fun holiday traditions that your kids will look forward to each Christmas Eve. 

12. Christmas Stuffed Animal

A Christmas stuffed animal is a great small but fun and festive kids gift for Christmas Eve!

For each year, get a new Christmas stuffed animal with the year stitched on it.

13. Christmas Movie Night Basket

Buy a pre-made movie night basket or DIY a box! You can rent a classic Christmas movie or buy a Christmas movie if you want to add to your collection each year.

Kids will look forward to this fun activity every year!

14. Cookie Decorating Kit

A cookie decorating kit is a great choice if you leave cookies for Santa.

If you’re looking for fun Christmas activities for a Christmas Eve gift that are low cost and lots of excitement, this kit is ideal!

15. Gingerbread House Kit

Encourage creativity and festive spirit with a gingerbread house kit that includes pre-baked pieces, icing, and an array of candies for decorating.

This is a fun Christmas Eve gift for family time and happy kids!

16. Festive LEGO Set

If your kids are fans of Legos, they’ll love a little Christmas scene they can put together on Christmas Eve.

Get them a new one every year and they can contribute to Christmas decor with their creative work!

17. DIY Ornament Kit

Create lasting memories with a DIY ornament kit, providing everything needed to craft personalized ornaments for the tree.

This is a fun way to spend some special time with your kids and make more of those keepsake ornaments to put on the tree year after year.

18. DIY Stocking Decorating Kit

A lot of people like to put up their stockings before Christmas Eve, but this DIY kit is a great way to get kids even more excited. Plus, it will keep them entertained the night before Christmas.

Make decorating stockings a family affair with a DIY stocking decorating kit, complete with fabric markers and embellishments.

19. DIY Snow Globe Kit

Let kids create their own winter wonderland with a DIY snow globe kit, complete with figurines and glitter for a magical touch.

This is such a great Christmas Eve gift for kids to create every year and keep looking back on the previous year’s creation as the years go on.

20. Christmas Coloring Book

For a simple Christmas Eve gift, a Christmas coloring book is easy and inexpensive but still fun and entertaining for kids.

They can color while watching their favorite Christmas movie or listening to Christmas music. 

21. Digital Camera

I love the idea of gifting a kids’ camera on Christmas Eve. The kids can capture all the festivities of Christmas Eve and Christmas day from their point of view. This is such a fun idea for older kids!

22. Festive Clay Kit

These adorable little air drying Christmas figurines will be so much fun to paint on Christmas Eve. Kids will love opening up this fun but simple craft that is great for all ages and makes a great family activity.


23. Paintable Christmas Mugs

Crafting first then relaxing with their hot chocolate out of their newly painted Christmas mugs will be a fun gift for kids of all ages!

This is a cute idea to gift the kids on Christmas Eve morning for a daytime activity that will be dry and ready to use that evening. 

24. Christmas Play-Doh Set

For the Play-Doh lovers, this Christmas set is the perfect Christmas Eve set. Young children will love entertaining themselves with this night before Christmas gift!

25. Reindeer Antler Game

This is a great addition to Christmas Eve for a fun night of family time!

Get everyone in Christmas pajamas and pull out this Christmas game as a small and fun Christmas Eve gift surprise!

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