If you are looking for the perfect gift for outdoorsy kids, then this gift guide, camping gifts for kids, is for you!  

Finding the perfect gifts for your little campers gets to be fun and easy!

Look no further because I have a huge list of camping gifts for kids for you!

Family camping trips are one of our favorite activities! What better way to get your kids excited about the great outdoors than with some awesome camping gifts?


From practical gear to fun and educational toys, I’ve compiled a list of camping gifts for kids that will make their camping experience even more memorable.

So get ready to surprise your little adventurers with these amazing gift ideas!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Camping Gear for Kids

Choosing the right camping gear for kids can make a world of difference in their outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or want to encourage your little explorers to embrace the love of the great outdoors, selecting the perfect camping gear is essential.

From the youngest children to older kids, there are camping gear options suitable for kids of all ages.

One of the best camping gifts for young kids is a fun outdoor explorer kit. These kits often include items like kids binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a pocket knife in bright colors. They’re a great way to introduce little ones to the wonders of nature and spark their curiosity. 

Younger children will love discovering the natural world around them with these tools, and it’s a great way to teach them about the environment and wildlife.

Additionally, a set of walkie talkies can be a great addition to your camping experience, allowing kids to communicate and play games like scavenger hunts or keep in touch with family members as they explore.

For older children, consider gifting them a camping hammock or a camp chair. These items are not only practical but also comfortable for kids to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Board games or card games designed for outdoor play are a fun option for keeping them entertained during downtime, especially on rainy days. A slack line can be a great game to challenge their balance and coordination. 

These cool camping gifts can provide hours of fun and create lasting memories during a family camping trip.

The best part is that many of these fun camping toys and outdoor gifts come in kid-friendly sizes, with fun colors and designs that will appeal to your little adventurers. 

When you choose the right camping gear for kids, you’re enhancing their camping experience. Plus, you’re nurturing their love of the outdoors, teaching them valuable skills, and creating lasting family memories. 

So, whether it’s for a birthday gift or a Christmas present, consider the importance of selecting the perfect camping gear for your outdoorsy child.

Full Immersion in the Great Outdoors

First and foremost, having the right gear allows your little campers to fully immerse themselves in the outdoor activities. 

Whether it’s hiking, fishing, or exploring nature trails, having appropriate gear makes it easier for them to participate and enjoy these activities to the fullest.

It can also make a significant difference in their level of comfort. 

Properly fitting hiking boots, for example, will prevent blisters and sore feet, ensuring that your kids can fully enjoy their time in nature without any discomfort.


Another key aspect to consider when choosing camping gear for kids is safety. From durable tents to reliable flashlights, having gear that is designed for their size and skill level can help minimize any potential risks or accidents.

 It’s essential to invest in quality equipment that is durable and can withstand the elements, providing your kids with a safe and secure camping experience.

Fostering a Sense of Adventure

Lastly, selecting the right gear for your little campers allows them to develop a love for the great outdoors from an early age. 

By providing them with gear that is appropriate and exciting, you are fostering their sense of adventure and curiosity. 

Whether it’s a child-sized fishing rod or a colorful backpack, having gear specifically designed for them encourages a sense of independence and self-confidence as they embark on their camping adventures.

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35 Cool Camping Gifts for Kids

Camping with the entire family is so much fun for young kids! It’s even more fun with they have a fun gift to get them excited about your next camping trip! 

You’ll definitely find a great camping gift for your little one on this list! You’ll find everything from outdoor games to tools for exploring, camping clothes and gear, and everything in between! 

So let’s get into this list of fun camping gift ideas so you can find the perfect camping gift for your little camper!

Outdoor Activity Gifts for Little Explorers

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activity gifts to fuel your little explorer’s sense of adventure? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 10 outdoor activity gifts that will ignite their imagination and keep them entertained during your camping trip.

1. Kids Binoculars 

Let your child see the world up close and personal with a pair of kid-friendly binoculars. They can spot birds, wildlife, and even distant mountain peaks!

2. Nature Exploration Kit

Encourage your little one to become a junior scientist with a nature exploration kit. This kit usually includes a magnifying glass, bug catchers, and field guides to help them identify different plants and creatures.

3. Adventure Backpack

Equip your child with their very own adventure backpack. It can hold snacks and their essential camping gear while they embark on their explorations.

Plus is has a water bladder inside so they don’t have to carry a water bottle. 

4. Butterfly Net

If your child loves insects and butterflies, a butterfly net will provide endless hours of fun as they chase and observe these beautiful creatures.

5. Portable Camping Telescope

For stargazing enthusiasts, a portable camping telescope is a fantastic gift. It allows them to observe celestial bodies and learn about the wonders of the universe.

6. Nature Scavenger Hunt Game

Make hiking and exploring even more exciting with a nature scavenger hunt game. Your child can search for specific plants, animals, or landmarks while learning about nature along the way.

7. Llama Llama Loves Camping

This delightful book is the perfect camping companion for young readers. Following the adventures of Llama Llama as he explores the great outdoors, making it an ideal addition to your camping library.

8. Outdoor Exploration Tools

Equip your little explorer with tools like compasses, whistles, and magnifying glasses.

These tools will not only make them feel like true adventurers but also teach them essential outdoor skills.

9. Nature-inspired Art Supplies

Foster your child’s creativity with nature-inspired art supplies such as leaf-shaped crayons, botanical coloring books, or outdoor painting sets.

10. Kid-Sized Camping Chairs

Provide comfort for your little one during campfire nights with their own kid-sized camp chair. They can relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire while sharing stories and marshmallows.

11. Kid-Sized Fishing Pole

A kid-sized fishing pole is a great option for a gift if you like fishing as a family.

This makes your kids feel special to have their very own fishing gear and makes it easier for them to learn the skill of fishing. 

12. Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are so cool for adults and children to have a blast on a family camping trip! These are also really great if you have older children who are allowed to explore the campground a little on their own. 

13. Kid’s Slack Line

This is such a cool idea for outdoor play while camping. Since you usually have plenty of trees around, a kids slack line would be great entertainment!

14. Head Lamp

A kids headlamp provides hands-free illumination for kids during camping adventures, ensuring they can see and explore even in the dark.

15. Marshmallow Sticks

Essential for campfire fun, marshmallow sticks are perfect for roasting marshmallows and creating delicious s’mores with ease.

16. Kid’s Medal Detector

This kid-friendly metal detector makes treasure hunting exciting and educational, allowing young ones to discover hidden treasures in the great outdoors.

17. Light Up Flying Disc

A light-up flying disc adds a new dimension to outdoor play, enabling kids to have fun day or night with illuminated frisbee action.

18. Kid’s Camera

Capture precious camping moments from a child’s perspective with a kid’s camera, encouraging them to develop their photography skills and create lasting memories.

19. Would You Rather Game

This entertaining game stimulates imaginative thinking and conversation, making it a great addition to your camping activities for kids of all ages.

20. Charades for Kids

A game of charades tailored for kids guarantees hours of laughter and excitement, enhancing the camping experience with interactive fun and creativity.

Tents and Sleeping Bags for Kid Campers

When it comes to camping with kids, having the perfect tent and sleeping bag can make all the difference in their camping experience.  

After all, a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep is essential for a fun-filled day of outdoor adventures.

Plus, kids will love having their very own camping gear! So, let’s dive into some perfect tents and sleeping bags for your little campers!

21. Kid’s Tent

For younger children, a small, lightweight tent that is easy to set up and take down is ideal.

Look for tents that feature fun and vibrant designs, like ones with their favorite cartoon characters or nature-inspired patterns.

These tents often come with built-in screens for ventilation and protection from insects, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

 Depending on the age of your kids, they may not want to sleep in their tent alone, but it’s a great place for them to have their own space to hang out and play during the day. 

22. Kid’s Sleeping Bag

When it comes to sleeping bags, comfort is key.

Look for kids sleeping bags that are soft and insulated to keep your child warm on cooler nights. Some sleeping bags even come with built-in pillows or hoods to provide extra comfort and coziness.

Additionally, consider the size and weight of the sleeping bag, as you want to ensure it is easy for your child to carry and store.

23. Coleman Kids Air Mattress

This specially designed air mattress caters to the comfort and safety of young campers. Ensure a restful night’s sleep and enhancing their camping experience with a cozy and portable bedding solution.

Camping Clothes, Blankets, and Cozy Accessories

24. Glow in the Dark Blanket

This blanket offers a unique twist to your camping experience, providing warmth and a soft glow to comfort you during the night.

25. Glow in the Dark Wearable Blanket

Stay cozy and stylish with this wearable blanket that not only keeps you warm but also adds a fun, glowing element to your outdoor adventures.

26. Pocket-Sized Hand Warmers

These compact hand warmers are a must-have for chilly camping trips, easily fitting into your pockets to keep your hands toasty on cold nights.

27. Explorer Cargo Vest and Hat Set

Get your young adventurers ready for exploration with this practical and fun cargo vest and hat set, perfect for little nature enthusiasts.

28. Smores Camping Sweatshirt

Embrace the camping spirit with this cozy sweatshirt that features a delightful s’mores design, making it a perfect addition to your camping attire.

Survival Kits and Gadgets to Excite the Young Adventurers

For the young adventurers in your life, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as exploring the great outdoors and immersing themselves in the wilderness.

To fuel their sense of adventure, consider gifting them survival kits and gadgets that will ignite their curiosity and keep them excited during your camping tr 

29. Compass and Map

A compass and a map of your campground trails can teach them important navigation skills and enhance their sense of direction as they explore unfamiliar terrains.

30. Kids Camping Survival Kit

This comprehensive kit equips young campers with essential tools and supplies for a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience, fostering a sense of adventure and self-reliance in kids.

31. Camping Hammock

Lastly, don’t forget to add a compact and lightweight camping hammock to their gear. This versatile item allows them to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature.

They can set it up between two trees and spend a lazy afternoon reading, napping, or simply soaking in the beauty of their surroundings.

32. Coleman Kids Glow Sticks

These glow sticks are a must-have for children’s safety and entertainment during camping trips.

Eco-Friendly and Educational Camping Gifts

Are you looking for camping gifts that are not only fun but also eco-friendly and educational?

We’ve got you covered!

In this section, we will explore some fantastic gift ideas that will not only keep your little campers entertained but also teach them about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

33. Solar-Powered Lantern

Help your kids understand the power of renewable energy with a solar-powered lantern.

This eco-friendly alternative to traditional lanterns harnesses the sun’s energy during the day and provides light at night. It’s a practical and educational gift that teaches kids about sustainable energy sources.

34. Recycled Materials Crafts

Get creative with gifts made from recycled materials. There are numerous DIY kits available that allow kids to make their own crafts using items like recycled paper, cardboard, or plastic bottles.

This not only teaches them about repurposing materials but also stimulates their creativity and imagination.

35. Outdoor Science Kits

Spark your little one’s curiosity with outdoor science kits. These kits typically include experiments and activities related to weather, geology, or biology.

It’s a fantastic way for kids to engage with science in a hands-on manner while enjoying the great outdoors.


Conclusion: Camping Gifts for Kids

Finding the perfect camping gifts for kids is all about fostering their sense of wonder and adventure in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re aiming to ignite a passion for nature, teach valuable skills, or simply make camping trips more enjoyable, there’s a wide range of fantastic options to choose from.

From glow-in-the-dark gear to kid-friendly camping gadgets, the world of camping gifts is as diverse as the natural world itself.

Remember, the best camping gift isn’t just about the physical item—it’s about the experiences and memories it can create.

So, when you’re selecting that special gift for the young camper in your life, think about how it can inspire their love for nature, spark their imagination, and encourage quality time spent with family and friends.

The great outdoors is a magical playground for kids, and with the right camping gifts, you can help them embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and endless adventure.

Gear up, pack your tents, and watch as the smiles and excitement light up the faces of the little adventurers in your life. Happy camping and happy gifting!

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