Next up in our gift giving series are the best gifts for 6 year olds.

As children enter the exciting world of 6, their interests and curiosity begin to flourish.

Finding the perfect gift that both entertains and educates can be a delightful challenge.

Whether you’re shopping for a 6-year-old boy, a 6-year-old girl, or prefer gender-neutral options, we’ve got you covered.


In this gift guide, we’ll share a variety of gift ideas designed to spark imagination, encourage play, and promote skill development.

From board games to STEM toys, there’s something for every young explorer.

Best Gifts for 6 Year Olds Who Love Being Outside

  1. Bicycle: A colorful bike with or without training wheels for endless outdoor adventures.
  2. Scooter: A sturdy scooter for zipping around the neighborhood and developing balance.
  3. Outdoor Adventure Kit: A kit that includes a compass, magnifying glass, and other tools for exploration.
  4. Roller Skates: A fun way to stay active and improve balance and coordination.
  5. Kite: High-flying kites for hours of entertainment on windy days.
  6. Sidewalk Chalk Set: Creative outdoor fun with colorful chalk for drawing on the pavement.
  7. Gardening Kit: Encourage gardening with a set of child-sized tools, seeds, and pots.
  8. Outdoor Sports Equipment: Options like soccer balls, basketballs, or baseball gloves for active play.
  9. Treasure Hunt Game: A treasure hunt kit with clues and a map for backyard adventures.
  10. Camping Gear: A mini camping set, including a tent, sleeping bag, and flashlight for backyard camping.
  11. Insect Observation Kit: A bug-catching kit with containers for observing and releasing insects.
  12. Outdoor Explorer Vest: A vest with pockets to hold outdoor essentials like binoculars and field guides.
  13. Slackline Kit: A balance-building activity that’s like a tightrope for kids.
  14. Tree Swing: A swing that can be hung from a sturdy tree branch for outdoor fun.
  15. Beach Toys: Sandcastle-building tools and beach toys for days at the shore.
  16. Basketball Hoop: A mini basketball hoop that can be attached to the door or a stand.
  17. Climbing Dome: A backyard climbing structure for active play and exercise.
  18. Bug House: A house with a magnifying lid for observing insects up close.
  19. Remote-Controlled Boat: A boat that can be operated in ponds or pools.
  20. Outdoor Picnic Set: A picnic basket with play food for alfresco dining in the yard.

Board Game Gift Ideas for 6 Year Olds

  1. Candy Land: A colorful and classic game where players journey through a candy-filled world to reach King Kandy’s Castle. Perfect for young kids and first-time board gamers.
  2. Connect 4: A strategy game where players take turns dropping colored discs into a grid to connect four of their pieces in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  3. The Game of Life Junior: A kid-friendly version of the popular life simulation game. Players choose their paths, complete adventures, and learn important life lessons.
  4. Guess Who?: A deduction game where players ask yes-or-no questions to guess their opponent’s character while eliminating possibilities.
  5. Trouble: A race game where players move their pegs around the board while trying to send opponents’ pegs back to the start by landing on their spaces.
  6. Hungry Hungry Hippos: A fast-paced game of skill where players compete to gobble up marbles using their hippos.
  7. Labyrinth: A maze game that challenges players to collect treasures while navigating a shifting labyrinth. Great for critical thinking.
  8. Sequence for Kids: A game that introduces strategy and matching skills as players aim to get five chips in a row on the game board.
  9. Don’t Break the Ice: A suspenseful game of skill and precision where players take turns tapping out ice blocks while trying not to let the polar bear fall.
  10. Battleship: A classic naval combat game where players call out coordinates to locate and sink each other’s fleets.
  11. Spot It!: A fast-paced matching card game with multiple variations, perfect for quick and fun rounds.
  12. Sleeping Queens: A whimsical card game that enhances math skills as players wake queens from their slumbers.
  13. Rat-a-Tat Cat: A simple and engaging card game that’s all about strategy and memory.
  14. Scavenger Hunt Card Sets: Promote active play and problem-solving as players race to find items on their cards.
  15. Ticket to Ride: First Journey: A simplified version of the popular game for younger players, introducing them to strategy and geography.
  16. Robot Turtles: A fun and educational game that teaches programming basics in a playful way.
  17. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game: A great game for fine motor skills where players help squirrels collect acorns.
  18. Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure: A video game that allows for cooperative play in various Pixar-inspired worlds.
  19. Blokus: A strategy game for kids that promotes critical thinking while trying to fit as many pieces on the board as possible.

Unique Gifts for 6-Year-Olds

These unique gifts inspire creativity, learning, and exploration, making them perfect for both 6-year-old boys and girls.

  1. Rock Tumbler Kit: A kit that transforms ordinary rocks into polished gemstones, teaching geology along the way.
  2. Microscope: A kid-friendly microscope to explore the microscopic world.
  3. Art Easel: An adjustable art easel for painting and drawing, fostering creativity.
  4. Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle: A colorful puzzle that challenges and entertains.
  5. Remote Control Dinosaur: An interactive toy that allows kids to control a realistic dinosaur.
  6. Educational Science Experiment Kit: A hands-on kit that introduces young scientists to various scientific concepts.
  7. Sewing Kit: A beginner’s sewing kit to learn basic sewing and crafting skills.
  8. DIY Robot Kit: A robot-building kit that combines learning and fun.
  9. LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Set: An assortment of versatile LEGO bricks for endless building possibilities.
  10. Kids’ Cooking Set: A cooking set with child-sized utensils and recipe cards for budding chefs.
  11. Walkie-Talkies: A set of walkie-talkies for imaginative outdoor adventures.
  12. Musical Instrument: A beginner’s musical instrument like a keyboard, xylophone, or drum set.
  13. Beekeeping Kit: An introduction to beekeeping with a child-friendly kit.
  14. Indoor Plant Kit: A kit for growing and caring for indoor plants.
  15. Solar System Planetarium: A planetarium kit to learn about the solar system.
  16. Starter Telescope: An introductory telescope for stargazing and exploring the night sky.
  17. Fairy Garden Kit: A kit for creating a magical, miniature fairy garden.
  18. Architectural Blocks: Blocks of different colors allow kids to build and design their own structures.
  19. Tinkering Kit: A kit that encourages hands-on tinkering and experimentation.
  20. Magnetic Poetry Kit: Magnetic words for creating poems and stories on the fridge.

Subscription Boxes for Young Children

Sending a gift box, whether it’s a monthly subscription or a one time purchase, is a great gift for this age group.  

Not only do these boxes make cool birthday gifts, they are a great way for the whole family to have fun! 

From pretend play to promote a child’s creativity to a STEM toy that promotes problem-solving skills,  these are boxes a 6-year-old wants! 

  1. KiwiCo: Offers a variety of age-appropriate science and art projects for hands-on learning.
  2. Little Passports: Takes kids on global adventures with educational and fun activities.
  3. Raddish Kids: A cooking kit that combines learning and delicious fun.
  4. Bookroo: Sends handpicked children’s books every month to inspire a love for reading.
  5. Slime Box Club: Delivers everything needed for slime-making experiments and creative play.
  6. Toy Box Monthly: A box of age-appropriate toys and collectibles tailored to your child’s interests.
  7. We Craft Box: Provides themed craft projects for kids to explore their creativity.
  8. KidArtLit: Delivers a book and process-based art project each month to inspire artistic expression.
  9. Wonderkin: Offers a nature-based box with interactive activities for outdoor exploration.
  10. OwlCrate Jr.: Sends a curated selection of books, crafts, and goodies for young readers.
  11. Girls Can! Crate: Features the stories of inspiring women and hands-on activities for empowerment.
  12. iSprowt: Delivers science experiments and STEM projects to spark curiosity and learning.
  13. Pipsticks: A sticker subscription box that delights young sticker enthusiasts.
  14. MyEduCrate: Focuses on educational toys, books, and activities to support learning.
  15. Brick Loot: Perfect for LEGO fans, this box contains custom kits, minifigures, and accessories.

These subscription boxes offer a diverse range of learning and fun experiences for young children, making each month exciting and educational.

Card Games for 6 Year Olds

These card games provide a variety of entertainment and educational opportunities for 6-year-olds, fostering memory, strategy, and critical thinking skills while having fun.

  1. Uno: A classic card game that’s easy to learn and great for all ages.
  2. Go Fish: A simple game where players collect pairs of matching cards.
  3. Old Maid: A matching game with the goal of avoiding the “Old Maid” card.
  4. Crazy Eights: A fun game where players try to get rid of their cards by matching numbers and suits.
  5. Spot It!: A fast-paced matching card game with multiple variations.
  6. Rat-a-Tat Cat: A fun and engaging game that’s all about strategy and memory.
  7. Slamwich: A fast-flipping and stacking game that’s easy to play.
  8. War: A classic and straightforward game where players compare cards to see who has the higher value.
  9. Memory: A concentration game where players match pairs of cards.
  10. Blink: A speedy game that challenges players to match cards based on color, shape, and number.
  11. Apples to Apples Junior: A fun and creative game where players match descriptions to nouns.
  12. Quiddler Junior: A word game that encourages vocabulary and spelling skills.
  13. Count Your Chickens!: A cooperative game where players work together to rescue the lost baby chicks.
  14. Sushi Go!: A fast-paced card game where players collect sushi dishes for points.
  15. Go Nuts for Donuts: A game of bidding and strategy to collect the most delicious donuts.
  16. Llama Drama: A card game that challenges players to create a happy llama herd.
  17. Zoo Webs: A game that introduces animal facts while players build interconnected food webs.
  18. Dragonwood: A card game that takes young adventurers on a quest to defeat mythical creatures.
  19. Outfoxed!: A cooperative game where players work together to solve a mysterious case.
  20. Kingdomino Duel: A card game that’s a simplified version of the popular Kingdomino board game.

Building Sets for Kids

These building sets offer a variety of options for creative play, problem-solving, and learning while having fun.

  1. LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Set: An assortment of versatile LEGO bricks for endless building possibilities.
  2. Magna-Tiles: Magnetic building tiles that allow kids to create 3D structures.
  3. K’NEX Building Sets: Construction sets that offer endless building opportunities, from roller coasters to vehicles.
  4. Tinkertoys: A classic building set that encourages imaginative construction.
  5. Lincoln Logs: Wooden logs that can be stacked to create cabins and structures.
  6. Bristle Blocks: Interlocking blocks with bristle connections for easy and creative building.
  7. Geomag Panels: Magnetic rods and panels that can be combined to create geometric structures.
  8. Magnetic Marble Run Sets: Kits that allow kids to build intricate marble runs with ramps, tracks, and obstacles.
  9. Straw Constructor Building Set: A set of flexible straws and connectors for innovative building.
  10. Engino Discovering STEM Sets: STEM-focused kits that cover various engineering and science topics.
  11. Quercetti Marble Run: Create complex marble run designs with these colorful pieces.
  12. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks: Magnetic wooden blocks for constructing unique structures.
  13. Gears! Gears! Gears!: Build moving, gear-driven creations with this set.
  14. Brackitz Building Sets: Large, pliable planks and connectors that encourage imaginative building.
  15. Zoob Building Sets: Interlocking pieces that can be flexed and snapped together for dynamic constructions.
  16. Magformers: Magnetic geometric shapes that inspire 3D building.
  17. Brain Flakes: Interlocking discs that can be used to build a wide range of structures.
  18. LEGO Technic Sets: Advanced sets that introduce mechanical and engineering concepts.

Gifts for Creative Play

These gifts cater to kids’ imaginations. They provide them with the tools and materials to explore their creative side and express themselves through play and art.

  1. Art Supplies: A collection of quality art materials, including colored pencils, markers, and sketchbooks.
  2. Craft Kits: Themed craft kits with all the supplies needed for hands-on creative projects.
  3. Play-Doh Set: A variety of Play-Doh colors and molds for sculpting endless creations.
  4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel: An adjustable easel for drawing, painting, and more.
  5. Puppet Theater: A puppet theater and a set of hand puppets for imaginative storytelling.
  6. Dress-Up Costumes: A selection of costumes that encourage role-playing and imaginative adventures.
  7. Science Experiment Kits: Kits that combine science and creativity for hands-on exploration.
  8. Musical Instruments: Instruments like keyboards, xylophones, or drums for musical creativity.
  9. Building Blocks: Wooden or plastic blocks for constructing imaginative worlds.
  10. Sticker Books: Sticker books filled with various themes to inspire creative scenes.
  11. Origami Paper Set: A kit that introduces the art of origami and paper folding.
  12. DIY Painting Set: A painting kit that allows kids to create their own masterpieces.
  13. Fairy Garden Kit: A kit for creating a miniature fairy garden for imaginative play.
  14. Tinkering Kits: Kits with various materials for hands-on tinkering and creativity.
  15. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: Stick-on stars for creating a celestial-themed bedroom.
  16. Fashion Design Kits: Kits that encourage young designers to create their own fashion.
  17. LEGO DOTS Bracelet Kit: A creative kit for making and customizing jewelry.

Sports Gifts for Six-Year-Olds

These sports gifts encourage physical activity, skill development, and a love for active play in six-year-olds.

  1. Soccer Ball: A classic gift for budding soccer players to practice their skills.
  2. Basketball Hoop: A kid-sized basketball hoop for indoor or outdoor play.
  3. T-ball Set: An introductory baseball set with a tee, bat, and ball.
  4. Junior Golf Club Set: A set of golf clubs designed for young golfers to learn the game.
  5. Mini Tennis Set: A portable and adjustable tennis set for playing in the yard or park.
  6. Balance Bike: A pedal-less bike to help kids develop balance and coordination before transitioning to a regular bike.
  7. Skateboard: A beginner’s skateboard to introduce kids to skateboarding.
  8. Scooter: A sturdy scooter for zipping around the neighborhood and developing balance.
  9. Jump Rope: A colorful jump rope for active play and exercise.
  10. Swim Lessons: Gift certificates or lessons to help kids learn how to swim.
  11. Child-Sized Helmet: A helmet designed for young cyclists, skateboarders, or roller skaters.
  12. Roller Skates: Classic roller skates for fun and fitness.
  13. Outdoor Adventure Kit: A kit with outdoor gear for nature exploration and hiking.
  14. Foam Bow and Arrow Set: A safe and fun way to introduce archery.
  15. Junior Volleyball Set: A lightweight and portable volleyball set for outdoor fun.
  16. Junior Badminton Set: A set with rackets and a net for badminton matches.
  17. Softball Mitt and Ball: A kid-sized mitt and ball for softball practice.
  18. Junior Tennis Racket: A small tennis racket for young tennis enthusiasts.
  19. Child-Sized Climbing Wall: An indoor climbing wall for kids to build strength and coordination.
  20. Frisbee: A versatile and fun outdoor toy for various games.

Action Figure Toys for 6-Year-Olds

These action figure toys provide endless opportunities for storytelling, imaginative play, and exciting adventures for little boys and little girls.

  1. Superhero Action Figures: Figures of popular superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman for epic adventures.
  2. Transformers Action Figures: Figures that can transform from robots into vehicles for exciting play.
  3. Minecraft Mini-Figures: Mini-figures from the Minecraft video game for imaginative building and exploration.
  4. PJ Masks Action Figures: Figures of the PJ Masks heroes for nighttime adventures.
  5. Power Rangers Action Figures: Figures from the Power Rangers series for battling evil forces.
  6. Dinosaur Action Figures: Realistic or fictional dinosaur figures for prehistoric adventures.
  7. Star Wars Action Figures: Characters from the Star Wars galaxy for epic space battles.
  8. Wild Kratts Action Figures: Figures of the Kratt brothers for animal-themed adventures.
  9. Marvel Avengers Action Figures: Characters from the Avengers team for heroic battles.
  10. Toy Story Action Figures: Figures from the Toy Story movies for imaginative play.
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures: Figures of the ninja turtle heroes for ninja adventures.
  12. Safari Animal Figures: Realistic animal figures for wildlife-themed play and learning.
  13. DC Comics Action Figures: Figures of DC Comics characters like Wonder Woman and The Flash.
  14. Toy Story 4 Forky Action Figure: A figure of the lovable spork character Forky from Toy Story 4.
  15. Jurassic World Action Figures: Figures of dinosaurs and characters from the Jurassic World movies.
  16. LEGO Minifigures: Collectible minifigures from various LEGO sets and themes.
  17. Ben 10 Action Figures: Figures of Ben Tennyson and his alien transformations for imaginative battles.
  18. Dino Rescue Action Figures: Figures from the PAW Patrol Dino Rescue series.
  19. Octonauts Action Figures: Figures of the Octonauts team for underwater adventures.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas for 6 Year Olds

Good news for family members who love Harry Potter – the magical powers are holding strong even with the little kids!  

Here, you’ll find a list of the best toys suitable for 6-year-olds:

  1. Harry Potter Illustrated Editions: Beautifully illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books to introduce young readers to the magical world.
  2. LEGO Harry Potter Sets: Building sets featuring scenes, characters, and magical creatures from the Harry Potter series.
  3. Harry Potter Board Games: Board games like “Harry Potter Clue” or “Harry Potter Codenames” for magical family fun.
  4. Harry Potter Pajamas: Comfortable pajamas featuring Harry Potter-themed designs.
  5. Harry Potter Wand: Replica wands of famous characters for imaginative role-playing.
  6. Harry Potter Backpack: A themed backpack for carrying books or school supplies.
  7. Harry Potter Clothing: T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing with Harry Potter logos and designs.
  8. Harry Potter Stickers: Sticker sets for decorating notebooks, laptops, or other belongings.
  9. Harry Potter Plush Toys: Plush versions of magical creatures like Hedwig, Dobby, or Fluffy.
  10. Harry Potter Puzzle: Themed jigsaw puzzles with scenes from the wizarding world.
  11. Harry Potter Bedding: Bedding sets featuring Harry Potter house emblems and motifs.
  12. Harry Potter Art Supplies: Sketchbooks, colored pencils, and art kits with a Harry Potter twist.
  13. Harry Potter Backpack Clips: Clips of Harry Potter characters to attach to backpacks or bags.
  14. Harry Potter Clothing Patches: Patches to customize clothing or accessories.
  15. Harry Potter Lunchbox: Themed lunchboxes for school or picnics.
  16. Harry Potter Water Bottle: A water bottle featuring designs inspired by the series.
  17. Harry Potter Picture Books: Picture books for younger readers that introduce the magical world.
  18. Harry Potter Pop-Up Books: Interactive pop-up books that bring key scenes to life.
  19. Harry Potter Coloring Books: Coloring books filled with magical illustrations.
  20. Harry Potter Audio Books: Audiobooks with captivating narrations for young listeners.

These Harry Potter gift ideas provide a magical introduction to the world of wizardry.

They encourage young readers and fans to explore the enchanting universe created by J.K. Rowling.

Conclusion: Best Girfts for 6 Year Olds

With these diverse and engaging gift ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect presents for the 6-year-olds in your life.

Whether they’re into imaginative play, critical thinking, or outdoor adventures, there’s a gift that suits their interests and helps them grow and learn while having a great time.

These presents will provide hours of entertainment and foster a love for learning and play in the wonderful world of 6-year-olds.

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