As the leaves change colors and Halloween decorations begin to appear, it’s the perfect time to infuse this October Math Write the Room into your early education curriculum.

We’ve created just the thing to keep your preK, kindergarten, and first-grade students excited about numbers this October.

Introducing the October Write the Room Numbers to 10 and Numbers to 20 activity by Little Learning Corner!


Let’s dive into the details of this fantastic math resource that will have your young learners exploring, counting, and developing essential math skills while having a blast.

Activity Overview

The “October Write the Room Numbers to 10 and Numbers to 20” activity is designed to make math fun and interactive for your little ones.

It’s a great way to incorporate the Halloween spirit into your classroom while reinforcing number recognition and counting skills.

Get Numbers to 10 HERE or on TPT

What’s Included:

  1. Number Cards: The activities include colorful number cards featuring friendly Halloween characters and themed decorations. Each card displays a number from 1 to 20.
  2. Recording Sheets: Students will be provided with recording sheets where they can write the corresponding numbers they find around the room. These sheets are designed to accommodate varying levels of ability, from tracing to independent writing.

How to Use the Activity

  1. Set Up: Place the number cards strategically around the room, making sure they are easily visible and accessible to your students.
  2. Engage: Encourage your young learners to embark on a number hunt! As they find each number card, they can record it on their sheets.
  3. Practice: This activity not only reinforces number recognition but also encourages students to count as they identify the numbers. You can even turn it into a race or a cooperative game to add an extra layer of excitement.
Get Numbers to 20 HERE or on TPT

Benefits of the Activity

  1. Hands-On Learning: “October Write the Room Numbers to 10 and Numbers to 20” takes math off the worksheet and into the classroom. This hands-on approach enhances understanding and engagement.
  2. Number Recognition: It strengthens students’ ability to recognize numbers visually, which is a crucial foundational math skill.
  3. Counting Skills: Counting objects is a fundamental math skill. This activity provides ample practice as students count and record the numbers they find.
  4. Fun and Seasonal: The Halloween theme adds an element of excitement and fun, making math something to look forward to during the spooky season.
  5. Differentiation: With various recording sheets available, this activity can be adapted to suit the needs and skill levels of different students.


This October, let your preK, kindergarten, and first-grade students experience the joy of learning math through a festive and interactive activity.

The “October Write the Room Numbers to 10 and Numbers to 20” activity is a fantastic resource that will not only help your students develop essential math skills but also keep them engaged and excited about learning.

Make math memorable this October with this delightful math write-the-room adventure!

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