Back to school and early Fall could only mean one thing…it’s time for fun apple poems!

These apple poems for kids are so much fun after a day’s trip to a local apple orchard.

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Apple Poems for Kids

Below is a combination of original poems (written by me) along with original author unknown apple songs and rhymes.

All apple poems for kids have been designed to correlate with my entire collection of printable poems.

You can see more using the link at the end of this blog post.


A is for Apple

A is for apple

round and sweet.

Red, yellow,

and green apples ,

so good to eat!

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When you incorporate multiple senses into a learning experience, you are increasing the kids understanding of the world around them.

If you cannot go to an apple orchard, visit your local market to get a collection of apples, yellow, and green apples.

Let the kids do a color sorting activity, followed by a taste testing activity. After tasting a bunch of little apples, the kids can graph their favorite apple.

If you give them a blank apple template, they can color it their own special way before adding it to the graph.

Keep the learning fun as you tie in reading, concepts of print, and language skills with this printable apple poem, and this Build a Poem (shown below).


Build a Poems are fun activities perfect for pocket charts, small groups, mini-lessons, or as take-home activities for kids to do with the whole family!

Gina G. said, “My students loved to use this resource at our poetry center. It is a great way for them to practice reading, learn new seasonal vocabulary, and identify sight words”.

Thank you, Gina! I’m so happy your kids are loving these Fall poems!

Apple Tree Rhyme 

Way up high in the apple tree,

five little apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree

as hard as I could.

And, down came those apples.

Mmm, were they good!

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Sure, this cute apple poem is great for rhyming, fluency, expressive language, and concepts of print…but, it’s also a great intro to some fun math lessons.


Let the kids have 5 pom-poms to resemble the red apples. As they “shake the apple tree” (tell them to remove 2), ask them how many are left. 

Then continue by changing the numbers. Each time they drop the apples, they can pretend to eat them, and do a rub tummy sequence.

Or, you can put pom-poms in a plastic cup, let them shake and spill to see how many “apples” fall out. Perfect for addition and subtraction within 5.

Ten Little Apples Poem

One little, two little,

three little apples.

Four little, five little,

six little apples,

Seven little, eight little,

nine little apples.

Ten apples on the ground.

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When you sing this cute apple song to introduce your apple unit activities, the kids may recognize this familiar nursery rhyme tune.

This one little, two little apple rhyme has the same tune as Five Little Turkeys and Five Little Monkeys. I believe there is even a Five Little Skeletons poem for Halloween.

This Apple Build a Poem is also perfect for practicing number words.


The apple poem for preschoolers, or early readers, makes a great first Build a Poem.

There is a lot of repetition in the sentence structure, which will support them as they are learning about concepts of print.

Ten Big Apples Poem for Kids

Ten big apples grow on a tree.

Some for you,

and some for me.

We picked five apples,

nice and round.

Can you guess how many

hit the ground?

Get 10 Big Apples HERE or on TPT


Did you love climbing trees when you were a kid? I sure did! I loved proving to my older brother that I was as cool as he was.

If you have older siblings, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


While I’ve never climbed an orange tree, I have climbed apple trees. I think apple trees are perfect for climbing.

They are lower to the ground and full of the juiciest apples! If you don’t get a chance to this season, try climbing an apple tree next Fall.

When teaching this interactive apple rhyme, have the kids raise arms to pick the apples, then pretend to be apples falling to the ground.

Some kids love acting like a wiggly worm, or little acorns. Any way to make it interactive is fantastic, and will increase the kids ability to retain and recite the poem.

Johnny Appleseed Poem

Here comes Johnny Appleseed

Apple seeds are all he needs.

Planting apples on his way out west.

Wears a pot upon his head.

Under the trees he makes his bed.

Folks say Johnny’s apples

are the best.

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Who is the apple man with the nice hat? It’s Johnny Appleseed, of course!

Did you know Johnny Appleseed’s real name is John Chapman? Johnny Appleseed’s birthday was September 26, 1774.

You can use this poem to make cute anchor charts with Johnny Appleseed facts for kids, and keep the learning fun with the Build a Poem activity below. 


There’s nothing better than ending your apple lessons with a bite into a little red apple, a slice of apple pie, and planting a little apple seed.  

Apple Picking Fun

Apples apples all around,

picking apples from the ground.

In the orchard, we will roam,

Bringing apples back to home.

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