Prepare to embark on the joys of teaching “B” words for kindergarten. Teaching these words is not only educational, but also an incredibly fun experience for young children.

From the moment they first encounter the buzzing of a bee to the excitement of blowing bubbles, “B” words provide endless opportunities for interactive and engaging activities that capture the imagination and curiosity of our young learners.

Imagine the joy on their faces as they discover new words and begin to understand the magical connection between letters and sounds.

teaching b words for kindergarten kids. Letter B activities and printable worksheets, word list, and tips for teaching the alphabet.

In this blog post, we will embark on an adventure alongside our pint-sized learners, uncovering creative and interactive ways to teach different words that start with B.

We will discover the magic of stories, songs, and hands-on activities, all carefully designed to engage their imaginations and ignite a lifelong love for language.

Activities that Start With B

  • Balloon toss
  • Banana tasting with different toppings, then graph the class favorite.
  • Boat crafts
  • Box painting: let the kids paint old boxes
  • Bowl sorting: sort plastic bowls by size and color
  • Bubble party

Printable Alphabet Worksheets and Activities 

Here is a collection of alphabet activities, and printable letter b worksheets,  you can do when teaching letters and sounds.

Alphabet Vocabulary Words and Picture Cards

Free Alphabet Playdoh Mats

Alphabet Q-Tip Painting

Alphabet SuperStars

Beginning Sounds Picture Sort

Alphabet Letter Search

Alphabet Coloring Pages 

Check out the complete alphabet activity pack HERE, including pocket chart cards, sorts, and write the room activities. 

printable alphabet worksheets

B Words for Kindergarten

Here are some simple words that start with the letter “B” that are suitable for your kindergarten kids.  You will find this group of words is in alphabetical order to help save you time.

  1. Baby
  2. Backpack
  3. Ballgame
  4. Balloon
  5. Banana
  6. Band
  7. Bath
  8. Beach
  9. Bear
  10. Beard
  11. Bee
  12. Bicycle
  13. Bird
  14. Boat
  15. Book
  16. Bookbag
  17. Bottle
  18. Bowl
  19. Box
  20. Boy
  21. Bread
  22. Breakfast
  23. Bridge
  24. Brother
  25. Brush
  26. Bubble
  27. Bug
  28. Bus
  29. Butterfly

If you are teaching vocabulary skills, or looking for different ways to introduce letter words, you’ll want to grab these ABC Word and Picture Cards.

b words for kindergarten printable worksheets and activities #kindergarten #alphabet

With this printable alphabet resource, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy on creating vocabulary cards to use in a fun way. It’s done for you!

In fact, these printable alphabet cards are great for any little learner to have a word bank and practice:

  • Letter identification
  • Letter sounds
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Concepts of Print
  • Vocabulary
  • Language
  • Phonemic Awareness

These different B words for kindergarten can help introduce kids to the letter “B” and expand their vocabulary.

alphabet picture and word cards for prek, kindergarten, and first grade #alphabet #kindergarten

The easy words included in this resource have two sets of cards per letter – including just a picture of the word and cards with both the words and the colorful pictures.

Building a child’s vocabulary at an early age is critical to their early language skills.

Themed List of Words that Start with B

Every kindergarten kid that I’ve met has loved a good themed lesson.  Themed lessons can be an effective learning method if integrated with the children’s interests.

Here is a list of interesting words that start with the letter A.  Each theme has a short list of common words.  Use them in everyday conversations or display an alphabet wall of vocabulary words.

Animals: Bear, bat, buffalo, baboon, beetle

Birds: Blue Jay, bald eagle, blackbird, barn owl, bunting

Fruits & Vegetables: Banana, blueberry, blackberry, broccoli, Brussel sprouts

Household Items: box, breakfast, brush, bookbag, bathtub, bike

Nature: Bugs, bees, beach, blossom, breeze

Emotions and Feelings:  Brave, blissful, bashful, bubbly, bright

Sports and Games: Basketball, baseball, billiards, bowling, badminton

b words for kindergarten printable worksheets and activities #kindergarten #alphabet

Why learning the letter B is important

Learning words that start with B is an important milestone for kindergarteners. It helps to build a strong foundation for reading and spelling skills.

Knowing words that start with B can help children develop their phonemic awareness, which is the ability to distinguish sounds in spoken language. Additionally, it will also help them expand their vocabulary by introducing them to new words.

b words for kindergarten printable worksheets and activities #kindergarten #alphabet

Having a good grasp of words that start with B can also give children a greater understanding of language and its structure.

By seeing how certain letters are used in combination to form words, they can begin to learn the rules that govern how words are formed.

Teaching PreK and Kindergarten Words

Through creative games, songs, and hands-on experiences, we can transform the learning process into a lively adventure.

Whether it’s a letter b words treasure hunt, b sound board games, crafting colorful butterfly artwork, or a silly tongue twister challenge, the possibilities for enjoyment and learning are boundless.

Please note these are not the same as kindergarten sight words.  If you are interested in high-frequency words, check out this free common core kindergarten wight words list.  There, you can find a free printable kindergarten sight word list to help you teach early readers.

teaching b words for kindergarten kids. Letter B activities and printable worksheets, word list, and tips for teaching the alphabet.


As teachers and parents, we have the privilege of witnessing the awe-inspiring moments when our kindergartners grasp a new word.  These small victories not only ignite their passion for learning, but also foster a strong foundation for future language development.

By infusing the learning process with joy and excitement, we create an environment where our little ones eagerly absorb knowledge, building a lifelong love for language and communication.

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