Teaching A Words for Kindergarten

Teaching A words for kindergarten can be an engaging and educational experience.

 Introducing them to a variety of A words helps expand their vocabulary and phonetic awareness. As teachers and parents, you can use interactive activities and games to make learning enjoyable.

Learning the ABCs is an exciting milestone for kindergarteners. An important part of mastering the alphabet is being able to recognize and name words that start with each letter.

Teaching A words for kindergarten. List of words that start with A. Long a and short a sounds #kindergarten #alphabet

Today, we’re focusing on words that start with the letter A – both the long a and short a sounds.

A words for kindergarten can include some of the kids favorite things, from animals to toys to food. Read on to learn a list of A words that are perfect for young learners, such as your kindergarten students.

Letter A Activities and Crafts

  • Animal Masks: Create animal masks using paper plates, paint, and craft supplies.
  • Apple Tasting: Let the kids try red, greed, and yellow apples. Then create a graph showing which is the class favorite.
  • Apple Printing: Cut apples in half and dip them in paint to create fun apple prints on paper.
  • Ant Farm: Set up an ant farm to observe and learn about these tiny creatures.
  • Airplane Crafts: Make paper airplanes and have a flying competition.
  • Animal Charades: Play a game of charades with animal-themed actions and sounds.
  • Advent Calendars: Make your own advent calendar for holiday countdowns.
Teaching A words for kindergarten. List of words that start with A. Long a and short a sounds #kindergarten #alphabet

A Words for Kindergarten

Here are some simple words that start with the letter “A” that are suitable for your kindergarten kids.  You will find this group of words is in alphabetical order to help save you time.

  1. Acorn
  2. Africa
  3. Airplane
  4. Alligator
  5. Alphabet
  6. America
  7. American
  8. Angel
  9. Animal
  10. Ant
  11. Antlers
  12. Apron
  13. Arrow
  14. Artis
  15. Asparagus
  16. Astronaut
  17. Astronomer
  18. Autumn
  19. Ax
  20. Arm
  21. Army
  22. Anchor
  23. Ambulance
  24. Angry
  25. Apple

If you are teaching vocabulary skills, or looking for different ways to introduce letter words, you’ll want to grab these ABC Word and Picture Cards.

With this printable alphabet resource, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy on creating vocabulary cards to use in a fun way. It’s done for you!

alphabet picture and word cards for prek, kindergarten, and first grade #alphabet #kindergarten

In fact, these printable alphabet cards are great for any little learner to practice:

  • Letter identification
  • Letter sounds
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Concepts of Print
  • Vocabulary
  • Language
  • Phonemic Awareness

These different A words for kindergarten can help introduce kids to the letter “A” and expand their vocabulary.  Building a child’s vocabulary is critical to their early language skills.

alphabet picture and word cards for prek, kindergarten, and first grade #alphabet #kindergarten

Themed List of Words that Start with A /a/

Every kindergarten kid that I’ve met has loved a good themed lesson.  Themed lessons can be an effective learning method if integrated with the children’s interests.

Here is a list of interesting words that start with the letter A.  Each theme has a short list of common words.  Use them in everyday conversations or display an alphabet wall of vocabulary words.

Animals: Alligator, Ant, Antelope, Armadillo, Aardvark

Birds: Avocet, Albatross, Auks, Anhinga, Auky

Fruits & Vegetables: Apple, Apricot, Asparagus, Avocado, Artichoke

Household Items: Apron, Album, Ashtray, Apricot

School Supplies: Alphabet blocks, Art supplies, Adhesive tape

Sports: Archery, Athletics, Angling

Outdoor Activities: Amusement park, Astronomy

Nature: Acorn, Amber, Air

Transportation: Airplane, Ambulance, Automobile

Clothing: Apron, Attire, Apparel

Music: Alto saxophone, Accordion, Autoharp

People & Characters: Aunt, Artist, Astronaut, Annie, Author

Foods: Almonds, Apple cider, Angel food cake

Tools & Utensils: Awl, Auger, Ax

Other Words: April, Aerobics, Adjective

Teaching A words for kindergarten. List of words that start with A. Long a and short a sounds #kindergarten #alphabet

Why learning the letter A is important

Learning the letter a is an important milestone for any kindergarten student. It is the first letter of the alphabet and serves as the foundation for all other letters.

Having a strong understanding of the letter A is key for reading and writing development, as well as developing an appreciation for language.

Being able to recognize and identify words that start with the letter a is an essential part of early literacy development.

Understanding the letter a allows children to recognize a basic pattern in the English language, which they can use to decode other letters.

Teaching A words for kindergarten. List of words that start with A. Long a and short a sounds #kindergarten #alphabet

When learning the letter a, children also learn its associated sound. This helps them to become more confident when speaking, as they are able to begin recognizing the sounds that make up words.

Additionally, learning the letter a helps children to recognize and spell words that start with the letter a, including common nouns like apple and animal, adjectives like awesome and amazing, and verbs like add and accept.

Knowing words that start with the letter A gives children an important head start on developing strong reading and writing skills.  

Being able to recognize words in print helps them to read more fluently, and helps them to spell words correctly when writing.

Furthermore, having a good understanding of the letter a helps children to explore more complex topics such as vocabulary building, sentence structure, and grammar.

 Teaching PreK and Kindergarten Words

When it comes to learning the alphabet, the letter A is one of the first letters that young children learn. It is also one of the most commonly used letters of the alphabet and is a great way to introduce children to new words.

Please note these are not the same as kindergarten sight words.  If you are interested in high-frequency words, check out this free common core kindergarten wight words list.  There, you can find a free printable kindergarten sight word list to help you teach early readers.

Starting with simple words like “apple” and “ant,” children can learn the sound and shape of the letter “A.” They can explore the physical attributes of an apple or learn interesting facts about ants.

Incorporating visual aids, such as flashcards or pictures, can aid in word recognition and memory retention.

As the lesson progresses, you can introduce more challenging words like “alligator,” “astronaut,” and “airplane.”

Students can explore these words through stories, songs, or crafts. They can create paper airplanes, draw pictures of astronauts, or pretend to be alligators, allowing for hands-on learning experiences.


Overall, teaching A words in kindergarten involves a combination of visual aids, interactive activities, and hands-on experiences.

By making the learning process engaging and fun, teachers can help students develop their vocabulary, phonetic skills, and early literacy abilities.

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