Teaching kids about forest animals and the woodlands is the perfect opportunity to get outside and explore. 

In addition to exploration, this Forest Animals Write the Room activity is perfect to expand on the kids’ natural sense of wonder.

Let’s learn more about a write the room center as a great way to keep the learning fun.

Forest Animals Write the Room

This Forest Animals Write the Room is an interactive writing center, or sensory bin activity, to build vocabulary and engage your active learners in seasonal writing.

In this resource, you will find 2 Recording Sheets and LEVELED Cards included for differentiation.

Level 1 Picture Cards have the word under the clipart image,

Level 2 Picture Cards do NOT have the word under the clipart image.

Before getting started, choose which level is best for your kids.

Then, you will post those picture cards around the room, and give the kids a recording sheet.

It’s such a great feeling to watch the kids become eager to record the words on their record sheet.

If you are a teacher or parent of littles, you know how writing can often be a challenge for kids.

Not with write the room – they love writing!

Since there are 16 vocabulary words and picture cards to find, this set contains 2 Recording Sheets.  

As the kids find the cards, they record the word next to the matching picture.

Make sure the kids have a hard surface to write on when recording words around the room.

These colorful clipboards are great for fun activities such as these.

colored clipboards for kids printable activities.

Forest Animals Vocabulary Words

PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students read and write around the room, recording up to 16 Forest Animals vocabulary words.

  • woodpecker
  • squirrel
  • skunk
  • racoon
  • owl
  • porcupine
  • moose
  • gopher
  • fox
  • deer
  • chipmunk
  • hedgehog
  • rabbit
  • bear
  • frog
  • forest

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Forest Animals Write the Room