Generation Genius:  A Fun Science Box for Kids

Hands on science experiments are so much fun for kids.  They get kids questioning, wondering, exploring, and engaging in hands-on learning.  This past week, my daughter and her friend tried out a new science subscription box, Generation Genius, and LOVED it.  So, today, I want to show you how you can get a free box sent to your doorstep!  

First, I will share the science standards taught in PreK through 1st grade.  Then, I will further explain what Generation Genius is, and how to try it for free.  Last, I will share some of the fun experiments my daughter and her friend completed.  

Science Learning Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards state the performance expectations in kindergarten…:

” students are expected to demonstrate grade-appropriate proficiency in asking questions, developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, designing solutions, engaging in argument from evidence, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information. Students are expected to use these practices to demonstrate understanding of the core ideas.”

Core Science Ideas Taught in Early Childhood

  • push and pull
  • animal habitats
  • weather
  • survival of plants, animals, and humans
  • light/dark
  • objects in the sky

As you can see, there are a variety of science lessons taught throughout prek, kindergarten, and first grade.  The overall theme is to get kids exploring, questioning, and communicating their findings of the experiments.  


Generation Genius

Generation Genius is a K-8 teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos and subscription boxes.  The videos are paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, reading material and more hands-on fun.

This science based company is partnership with the National Science Teaching Association, and aligned to standards in all 50 states.

When you go to the Generation Genius website, you will find free science and math lessons for teachers, as well as information about their hands-on science subscription kits to do at home.

You can sign up for access to the science and math lessons, or subscribe to the monthly hands-on Generation Genius subscription box. 

Get a FREE Generation Genius Science Kit

For a limited time, Generation Genius is offering you to try your first science box completely free! 

The free science box includes 3 fun hands-on experiments, materials, and Dr. Jeff demonstration videos your kids will love.  

Sign up here to get your first box free!


Hands-On Science Activities

When we received the Generation Genius Box, my daughter (10) and her friend (8) immediately wanted to start doing the experiments.  As a mom, I am always happy to find activities the kids love doing that doesn’t involve screen time! 

First, we logged on to their website and entered the password provided inside the box.  From there, they watched step-by-step video demonstrations from Dr. Jeff.  

As you can see from the picture above, everything they needed to follow along was clearly marked in the box, including the safety gear and mats to keep things clean.  

I especially appreciated the different size gloves, and multiple safety glasses. 

The experiments included in their box were glow in the dark slime, unwettable sand, and blue imprint paper.  All of which the kids got to mix, create, observe, and explore.  

The girls chose to do the slime activity, first.  They sorted out the materials and got started.  It was nice seeing them work together on a projects.  This promotes problem solving and critical thinking – both of which I am a big believer in for young kids! 

Once all of the ingredients were mixed into the cup, and stirred well and added in the special liquid to make it glow. 


At the end, you can see how they used the magic light to make the slime glow!  This truly was an engaging, fun, hands-on science kit for kids!  Be sure to grab your free box today


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