Presidents’ Day can be a great learning opportunity for kids of all ages to learn more about American history.  These Presidents Day crafts for kids will be sure to keep the learning fun! 

When January and February come around, it’s time to start looking for a great way to incorporate this holiday into your teaching plans.

Homeschool moms and teachers can use President’s Day crafts for kids to help teach their kids all about American presidents, past and present.

Presidents Day crafts for kids

These fun projects are simple and fun activities that can be used in conjunction with fun facts about Presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington was the first president of the United States.

President’s Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February. 

Your kids may or may not have school that day, depending on where you are located.

Be prepared to do your craft early if you won’t have school the day of President’s Day.

Easy Flag Crafts for Kids

1. American Flag Craft

This President-related craft will work best with small groups and is a great patriotic craft to expand on teachings about our flag and country.

2. Tissue Paper Flag

Kids will have a great time helping with this easy tissue paper flag. This is a great craft for President’s Day, the Fourth of July, or a patriotic holiday or history lesson plan.

3. Popsicle Stick Flags Craft

Craft sticks or popsicle sticks are used to make this simple flag craft and your kids can learn all about our nation’s flag in the process.

4. Future Presidents Craft

This is another great one for homeschool crafts, make your kids feel special with their own future president craft. This requires a little more work on the parent or teacher’s part, so a small group or homeschool learning will be the best setting for this craft.

President’s Day Penny Crafts

5. Lincoln Log Cabin

Kids will have so much fun making this easy Abraham Lincoln craft and then placing him right there in the window of the cabin with a penny. This cute craft is great for all ages.

6. Presidents Day Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a fun craft and kids activity to have older kids act out their history lessons or share their knowledge of well known presidents from our history.

7. President on a Stick Craft

This super simple president on a stick craft is fun for young kids to put together along with a story about presidents throughout history.

This fun and easy pointer would be perfect for kids to track print on this Presidents Day poem.  


Fun Presidents Day Crafts for Kids

8. Abraham Lincoln Mask Craft

This President Lincoln mask craft is fun and really easy to make. This is a great choice if you’re working with a large group of kids, pre-K, or kindergarten.

9. Presidents Toilet Paper Tube Craft for Kids

These toilet paper rolls turned into Presidents are fun ideas for kids to use paint, but still easy enough for them to have their cardboard tubes come out looking like presidents!

10. Paper Plate Abraham Lincoln

Pair this craft made with paper plates with other President’s day activities like a history lesson or fun facts about presidents.

11. President’s Day Puppet Craft

This is a great craft to use for history lessons about our past presidents. You can have the kids play with each presidential paper bag puppet as you tell them real-life stories about each president they’re holding.

12. President’s Day Photo Booth Crafts

The fun doesn’t end after these Presidents Day crafts are made. Once you have then assembled, it’s time for photo booth fun.

This is a fun craft for a class party to celebrate and learn about this Federal holiday.

13. Edible President’s Day Log Cabin Craft

This is a great homeschool President’s day craft! Edible President’s day log cabins are like gingerbread houses at Christmas. The kids will love them and they’re a great opportunity to teach your kids about Abraham Lincoln.

14. President Figurines Craft

This craft is great for older kids who can work in more detail. George Washington & Abraham Lincoln in little handmade figurines that your kids can continue to play with later and learn more about our nation’s presidents.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Wig Craft

This is such a great craft idea because it’s so easy and kids will think it’s so funny to wear their George Washington wigs.

Fun President’s day crafts have the highest probability of connecting the kids with the lessons you want them to learn.

16. Abe Lincoln Hat Weaving Craft

Abe Lincoln always had his well known hat, it’s a historical icon in itself. Kids can learn popular history lessons while weaving these Abe Lincoln hats.

17. Abraham Lincoln’s Hat Craft

There are a lot of important lessons to learn from President Lincoln. This fun hat made from black construction paper is a good prop for kids to wear as they recite popular quotes from our 16th President.

18. Bald Eagle Craft

These adorable little pom pom eagles represent freedom and offer an opportunity to teach kids a valuable lesson about our country.

Presidents Day Writing Crafts for Kids

19. President’s Day Writing Activity and Craft

This writing and craft combo from The Primary Parade will help kids make a connection to the facts they have learned about President Washington and President Lincoln.   When done, display all of the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln crafts.  

20. President’s Day Writing Craft

This Presidents Day craft comes along with a writing activity for kids to write a fact they learn about a president.

These are great crafts to use for a bulletin board after they’re done and go back and review the facts about Presidents throughout the week.

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