Do you need a fun writing activity for kids? If so, this December Write the Room will be a sure hit for Christmas. 

Many early childhood educators use Write the Room as a fun way to engage kids in literacy centers and small groups.

Traditional literacy activities have kids reading sight words and filling in a blank space for the correct vocabulary word.


While some traditional strategies work well for some school years, the younger kids need more engagement.

Let’s learn more about a write the room center as a great way to help kids improve vocabulary and early writing skills.

What is “Write the Room”?

Write the Room activities are an interactive language arts (or math) learning experience with a fun twist.  

Kids get to learn new vocabulary and practice early writing skills while interacting with their environment. 

Simply hang the picture cards around the room at the kids eye level, and give your kids the write the room recording sheets.

I like to print or copy the recording sheets front-to-back. Double sided is easier for them to manage than two separate response sheet.


The kids will walk around the room searching for the write the room word cards that you’ve hung up. As they find a card, they write the word on their recording sheet. 

If you don’t want to hang the cards around the room, you can put them in a fun December sensory bin.

Kids can sift through the sensory base to find and record Christmas vocabulary words.  

Christmas Write the Room

This December Write the room is an interactive Christmas holiday writing center, or sensory bin activity, to build vocabulary and engage your active learners in holiday writing.

 There are 2 Recording Sheets and LEVELED Cards included for differentiation

Level 1 Picture Cards have the word under the clipart image,

Level 2 Picture Cards do NOT have the word under the clipart image.

Choose a level, post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet. Great for visual and kinesthetic learners.

2 Recording Sheets have pictures that match the cards hung around the room. As they find the cards, they record the word next to the matching picture.

** Make sure the kids have a hard surface to write on when recording words around the room. These colorful clipboards are great for fun activities such as these.

December Vocabulary Words

PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students will write 16 December vocabulary words. 

  • candy cane
  • North Pole
  • holly
  • tree
  • stocking
  • elf
  • fireplace
  • sleigh
  • reindeer
  • Rudolph
  • chimney
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Santa
  • presents
  • bells
  • giving

If you had to add words to the December write the room activity, what would they be?

What’s Included in the Write the Room Packs

When you purchase the December write the room printables, you will get:

  • 16 Level 1 cards (full color)
  • 16 Level 2 cards (full color)
  • 2 Recording sheets (Black and white)

The updated recording sheets are the lined version. This helps kindergarten students with correct letter formation and early handwriting skills.

More Ways to Use a Write the Room Activity

Active children love walking around the room looking for the next picture card location. I

t’s as though you are sending them on a picture and word hunt – perfect for building confidence in their early reading and writing skills.

But, what if you don’t want the kids walking around the room, or simply don’t have enough spaces to hang the cards. No worries – I’ve got you!

christmas-write-the-room-kindergarten December and Christmas write the room printables
Grab the Christmas Write the Room HERE or on TPT

Other ways teachers use write the room printables:

  • Sensory bin activity: put the cards inside a sensory bin, and let the kids pull them to transfer onto their recording sheet.

  • Guided Reading: Use with kids in a small group. Guided reading groups are a valuable time to work with kids in small groups. Give kids level 2 cards and help them segment the beginning sounds, middle sound, and ending sound of each vocab word.

  • Morning work tubs: Put the recording sheets and word cards in a tub that kids can pull and work on when they get to school – waiting on others to arrive.

  • Scoot game: place the cards on different desks around the room. Each kid gets a recording sheet. Set a timer for 1 minute.

When the timer goes off, the kids take their recording sheet and scoot to the next desk to record another word. Do this until they’ve rotated to all 16 vocabulary cards.

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