Are your kids so excited for the holidays that they’ve seemed to have tapped out of learning activities?  If so, it’s time to bring out the December Would You Rather Questions for Kids.  

These holiday themed questions will get the kids talking and giggling about all things December related. 

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From Christmas trees and reindeer to Kwanza and snowmen, there are questions kids of all ages will enjoy. 

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

The questions below are a mix of questions found in the December Would You Rather resource and other fun themed questions for kids.  

  • Would you rather open a gift or open a stocking?
  • Would you rather see Santa or Rudolph?
  • Would you rather be an elf or a reindeer?
  • Would you rather hang red ornaments or blue ornaments?
  • Would you rather get a bag full of presents or a bag full of coal?
  • Would you rather meet Santa or meet an elf?
  • Would you rather leave Santa cookies or pizza?
  • Would you rather see a reindeer or pet a penguin?
  • Would you rather have a red and white tree or a red and green tree?
  • Would you rather celebrate new years or celebrate Christmas?
  • Would you rather hang lights or hang ornaments?
  • Would you rather sing Christmas carols or give a gift to a friend?
  • Would you rather ride on the Polar Express or on Santa’s sleigh?
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More December Would You Rather Questions

  • Would you rather eat a peppermint or eat a donut?
  • Would you rather build a snowman or have a snowball fight?
  • Would you rather wear blue mittens or wear red mittens?
  • Would you rather learn about Kwanza or learn about Hannukah?
  • Would you rather have hot cocoa or eat a candy cane?
  • Would you rather be friends with a snowman or be friends with a reindeer?
  • Would you rather build a gingerbread house or wrap gifts?
  • Would you rather sit by a fire or go in an igloo?
  • Would you rather light a candle or ring a bell?
  • Would you rather have it snow or have it rain?
  • Would you rather eat cake or eat ice cream?
  • Would you rather decorate cookies or do a craft?

Printable and Digital December Would You Rather Questions

If you’d like to have a printable and digital set of the December Would You Rather Questions, click here.  

The set some with 20 printable cards and 20 slides you can project on the computer or smart board. 

Each question has clear pictures to represent each option.  This way, the visual learners are supported to help them with decision making.  

Get the December Would You Rather set HERE or on TPT

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December Would You Rather Questions