Let’s help the kids build their vocabulary and writing skills with a fun Thanksgiving Write the Room activity.

What is “Write the Room”

Write the Room activities are an interactive language arts (or math) learning experience.  

Kids get to learn new vocabulary and practice early writing skills while interacting with their environment. 


Simply hang the picture cards around the room, and send the kids with a recording sheet to find the cards.   

As they find a card, they write the word on their recording sheet. 

If you don’t want to hang the cards around the room, you can put them in a fun Thanksgiving sensory bin. 

Kids can sift through the sensory base to find and record November vocabulary words.  

Thanksgiving Write the Room

Thanksgiving Write the Room is an interactive Halloween writing center, or sensory bin activity, to build vocabulary and engage your active learners in holiday writing.

 There are 2 Recording Sheets and LEVELED Cards included for differentiation

Level 1 Picture Cards have the word under the clipart image,

Level 2 Picture Cards do NOT have the word under the clipart image.


Choose a level, post the picture cards around the room, and the students become eager to record the words on their record sheet. Great for visual and kinesthetic learners.

Grab Thanksgiving Write the Room HERE or on TPT

November Vocabulary Words

PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students will write 16 Thanksgiving words. 

  • wishbone
  • family
  • Mayflower
  • pie
  • gobble
  • corn
  • turkey
  • pumpkin
  • harvest
  • carrots
  • stuffing
  • ham
  • vegetables
  • dinner
  • Indian
  • Pilgrim

If you had to add words to the collection, what would they be?

Included with the Thanksgiving Write the Room

Included with the printable Thanksgiving Write the Room are:

  • 2 Recording Sheets
  • 16 Level 1 Vocabulary picture cards with words
  • 16 Level 2 Vocabulary picture cards without words

You can purchase the printable in the Little Learning Corner store or on Teachers Pay Teachers

After purchasing, you will download and print the pdf.  Then, watch as your kiddos build early writing skills and become engaged in a fun vocabulary activity.

I suggest laminating the vocabulary picture cards, but you don’t have to. 

I keep a personal laminator at home, so I can laminate all the things that I want to last longer than one use.  

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