Let’s kick off the month with these fun November Would You Rather Questions for kids.  

Do you have kids that are reluctant to participate?  Or, do you have a room full of non-stop talkers?  Either way, these fun themed questions will be your favorite solution.  

Let’s first look at the benefits of Would You Rather questions and how to use them for classroom management. 

In this blog post, you will find a list of questions and a resource to use throughout November.

Benefits of Would You Rather Questions

  • Builds new language and vocabulary
  • Builds receptive and expressive language skills
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Makes a great conversation starter
  • Makes great writing prompts or journal writing topics
  • Helps with decision making
  • Promotes taking turns
  • Teaches kids to accept others’ opinions
  • Helps critical thinking skills including interpretation, analysis, explanation, self-regulation, problem solving, and open-mindedness.
would-you-rather-november-little-learning-corner-cards November Would you rather questions for kids

How to Use Would You Rather Questions

Teachers and parents are using Would You Rather questions for many uses. While some keep the printed cards on hand for time fillers, others use the digital slides for planned language arts lessons.

  • Time fillers:  Keep a ring of question cards near-by to ask questions when you have a few minutes to fill.
  • Transitioning:  When transitioning the kids to line up, on/off the carpet, or to go to centers, call on several, or all, students to answer a question.  This helps slow transitions down to prevent the mad rush.
  • Morning Meetings:  The questions are a great conversation starter.
  • Brain Breaks
  • Journal writing prompts
  • Arrival or dismissal discussions
  • Grouping kids:  split the kids based on their answer, then pair off pulling from each group. 

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  • Would you rather eat turkey or eat corn?
  • Would you rather march in a Thanksgiving Day parade or watch the parade?
  • Would you rather see a clown balloon or an elephant balloon in a Thanksgiving parade?
  • Would you rather eat mashed potatoes or eat carrots?
  • Would you rather see a turkey or see a scarecrow?
  • Would you rather go black Friday shopping or take a nap?
  • Would you rather meet a pilgrim or meet a Native American?
  • Would you rather eat an apple pie or a pumpkin pie?
  • Would you rather eat gravy or eat cranberry sauce?
  • Would you rather chase a turkey or chase a squirrel? 
  • Would you rather jump in the leaves or eat desert?
  • Would you rather play games or watch TV after Thanksgiving dinner?

November Would You Rather Resource

This November themed set comes with printable cards and digital slides. Display them on your computer or smart board, or print them and hang them in a nearby place for a daily routine with kids.

November Would You Rather includes Parades, Thanksgiving dinner, Veteran’s Day, Election Day, and Fall questions for kids.

Great for Prek, Kindergarten, first, second, and third grade. All questions have pictures to help your visual learners with decision making.

would-you-rather-november-little-learning-corner-cards November Would you rather questions for kids
Grab your resource HERE or on TPT.

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