5 Things to Take When Trick-or-Treating 

In 2020, an estimated 71.3 million children went trick-or-treating in the US. The beloved activity is well entrenched within the Halloween spirit. Here, children are fitted in colorful costumes and knock on as many doors as possible to search for candy. Halloween is certainly a time that calls for sweets and decorations. As the activity can take a while, parents should pack the essentials to ensure the children’s experience is more enjoyable.

5 Things to Take with You When Trick-or-Treating with the Family


Below, we’ve compiled a list of five trick-or-treating must-haves you should take with you, along with tips on decorating them.

  1. Teat Bags

This item is a must have when it comes to trick or treating. After all, this is where your kids will store all their candy.

If you want to buy something pre-made, Elcoho has non-woven Halloween tote bags kids of all ages will love. These are huge enough to carry the occasional mini coloring books or sticker sheets.

Of course, you can also go the DIY route. Simply buy some orange felt and multicolored yarn to make your own disposable treat bag. If you want to spice it up, consider using food coloring on a canvas bag— this way, you can achieve a red-toned gradient effect.

Ask your kids if they have other ideas on how to decorate their bags, this way, they can attach a cut-out of their favorite monster or cartoon ghost fit for the Halloween festivities.

  1. Weather-appropriate items

As trick-or-treating is typically done outdoors, every parent or caregiver should check the forecast to anticipate what their children may need.

If the temperature is expected to drop, bring extra layers such as hats and gloves.  Sunday Afternoons’ Nightfall Reflective Beanie is woven with reflective fiber, so alongside your kids staying cozy, parents can spot their children easier thanks to the reflector.

Consider bringing a raincoat if there’s also a slight chance of rain. You might be concerned that the jacket can dull your kid’s costume, but don’t fret. Our free fall printables here at Little Learning Corner include pumpkin 2D shapes and leafy patterns that you can stick on the raincoat. Even though your kid is covered up, they’ll still embody the spirit of Halloween. 

As a parent, I found layering clothing under my kids’ costumes worked best.  Throw on a hat and some gloves, and call it a day!  They stay warm enough by moving their body while walking.  

  1. Stroller or Wagons 

While sweets are definitely great motivators to move from house to house, your kids aren’t exempt from exhaustion while on their feet.  

If you’ll be walking an extra long distance, you will find that your kids become tired and weepy much quicker than anticipated.  A good rule of thumb is 5 and under…bring a stroller or wagon.   

Luckily, pushchairs can serve as a compromise for you and your children.  Walk a little; rest a little.  If you don’t want to push a stroller, pull them in a wagon.   

iCandy’s pushchairs demonstrate that comfort shouldn’t be abandoned on one of the busiest nights of the year. Built with a reclining, clamshell seat, their Core Pushchair,  in particular, provides ample support while your kid relaxes. It boasts a large seat unit that makes it easier for your little ones to stretch their limbs before visiting the next house. It’s fairly easy to decorate as well. Attach a few glow bracelets on the handle — the ones from Michaels come in assorted colors that can even match your kids’ costumes. Otherwise, you can place fake cobwebs along the roof for a more eerie vibe.

  1. Water tumbler

In their frenzy to collect treats, it isn’t unusual for your kids to neglect feelings of thirst.

Having a water tumbler with you at all times ensures they won’t get dehydrated. It’s even more ideal if your kids carry the tumbler themselves.

Hydro Flask has a Packable Bottle Sling that comes in different colors. You can just choose one that blends in with your child’s outfit. You can also attach stickers of your child’s favorite Halloween characters to the material. This way, the tumbler is just as eye-catching as your kid’s get-up amid the night’s festivities.

Plus, us parents also need to stay hydrated. Hot chocolate, water, or cider…whichever you prefer, you’ll want to carry a tumbler, too. 

  1. Camera

Lastly, we encourage parents to bring a camera with them – not just your cell phone camera. It’s important to capture your child’s costume, especially if you made an effort to get them into the attire in the first place. 

As we all know, most cell phone camera’s don’t adjust well at night. That’s why a good camera is best for trick-or-treating. 

Trick-or-treating usually doesn’t start until evening, so look for a camera that fares well in dark settings. The Nikon Z6, specifically, produces excellent shots at night with its auto white balance feature. To keep up with the night’s spooky theme, fasten your camera with a bright orange or red strap made from either leather or velvet. You can also opt to deck your gear in Halloween-themed camera skins.


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