Are you looking for a fun way for kids to practice letters and numbers to 20? If so, you’re going to want to check out this new resource.

After asking the amazing teachers and parents inside the Little Learning Corner email crew, I knew it was time to create a no-prep packet to review letters and numbers.

First, it was clear they needed a way for the kids to practice basic math skills as well as the modern English alphabet.

A daily review packet is a great way to build the foundations of learning.

Letters and Numbers Daily Review

Many teachers and parents have magnetic letters on the fridge, and have taught the kids some letters and numbers.

In addition to the amazing hands-on activities, such as sensory bins, it’s equally important kids practice letters and numbers in an abstract way.

Balance is key in the world of education.

To create that balance, you can give your kids these no-prep, printable, worksheets everyday.

They will practice capital and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, writing letters and numbers, numerical skills, and counting skills.

It’s important for your English language learners to practice the alphabet and letter recognition on a daily basis.

The Alphabet Letters and Number Daily Review worksheets, below, are perfect for prek, kindergarten, and first grade.

Letters and Numbers Worksheets

You and your kids will love that these pages incorporate both language arts and math in one!

Use these no-prep review pages as morning work, homework, send home with parents at conferences, in small groups, centers, in student books (interactive journals) or with a tutor.

Steps and Skills Completed on Each Worksheet:

  1. Circle the focus letter (capital and lowercase are mixed in) Great for letter recognition.
  2. Trace and write the uppercase and lower case letters.
  3. Say and color: kids say and color the three pictures that start with the letter.
  4. Color Beginning Sounds Pictures: kids differentiate the pictures that do and do not start with the beginning sound of the focus letter. They color only the ones that do.
  5. Circle the focus Number within a set of small numbers (1-20).
  6. Trace and write the focus number
  7. Count and Color: Count the images within the large number clipart, then color.
  8. Coloring only a set of numbers: Kids count and color only the amount of objects that match the number. This forces them to practice counting and cardinality.

This worksheet set comes with:

👉 26 printable worksheets. One for each letter, and a number between 1-20. There are 6 pages that have duplicate numbers for extra practice.

The Letter X

For the letter X, the say and color images (step 3) are for the beginning sounds. Step 4 is changed to color only the words that END with the x sound.

Grab your Letters and Numbers Daily Review packet in the Little Learning Corner shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

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