Are you looking for fun superhero alphabet printables? If so, we have ones that are a great way to inspire kids to learn their ABC’s.

It’s safe to say most little learners love super heroes.  So, why not help those superhero fans practice learning the lowercase letters and uppercase letters of the alphabet?

Take a minute to look through these popular digital downloads.

At the bottom of the post, you will find a link to get some free printables.

Superhero Language Arts Printables

For quick reference, here is a short list of printables followed by a more in depth look.

Superhero Alphabet Playdough Mats

First, let’s take a look at the newest addition to our superhero alphabet printables collection.

superhero alphabet playdoh printables

Incorporate sensory-based learning with this fun superhero theme printable pack.

On each of these superhero printables, there is a letter of the alphabet to form with play-doh, and an area to practice tracing the upper case letters and lower case letters.

Get this printable set HERE or on TPT

To the left of each alphabet letter, there is a clip art image of a different superhero.

They are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students, and they help to improve fine motor skills!

Superhero Alphabet Posters

If your kids love Captain America, Iron Man, or Wonder Woman, they are going to love these printable superhero alphabet posters.

They are perfect for back to school classroom décor and superhero themes.

Grab these Alphabet Posters HERE.

The alphabet posters have bright red borders, with large print letters, words printed below the images, and little superheroes in the top left corner. 

Kids love the images as visual support to practice letter sounds and beginning sounds.

Superhero Alphabet I Have, Who Has

I Have…Who Has (Superheroes) is a fun, chain-reaction, alphabet game to practice letter recognition. 2 sets are included: CAPITAL and lowercase.

Great for back to school activities, as a superhero party game for kids, a whole group game for birthday parties in the classroom, and a great addition to your alphabetical signs.

These “I Have, Who Has” alphabet cards can only be found in Kindergarten collection, HERE.


The best part about these Superhero alphabet printables is every kid gets to participate in the game. 

Plus, there is a start and end card to eliminate arguments about who goes first. 

If the kids need a little help, simply prompt them with the letter sound.  They often recall the letter name when the sound is given.

Superhero Bundles

Here, we will take a closer look at the Super Hero theme bundles that are designed to save you money and time planning!

I Have, Who Has Kindergarten Superhero Game Bundle

I Have…Who Has (Superheroes) is a must have game for all elementary classrooms.

Students quickly learn the pattern of this game, and get excited to call out their card.

“I have _____, Who has____?” They tell the class what word they have at the top of their card, and ask who has the word at the bottom of their card.


Best of all, kids can’t argue who goes first, and you don’t have to make that decision! A starting card, and ending card are included.

The I Have, Who Has Superhero Bundle for Kindergarten Includes:

Alphabet: Capital letters (28 cards)
Alphabet: Lowercase letters (28 cards)
2D Shapes (12 cards)
3D Shapes (8 cards)
Shapes: Mix of 2D and 3D (18 cards)
Colors (13 cards)
Color Words (13 cards)
PrePrimer Sight Words (40 cards)

Next, you will find more superhero themed activities for math and language arts. 

They are great for small groups, whole class instruction, or to use in the comfort of your own home with young kids.

Superhero Math Printables

Pair fun printables with a creative project and superhero toys for pretend play.  

If you’re looking to set up a superhero pretend play area, the Superhero Capes are a must-have! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the superhero fun in today’s post.

Before you go, grab your free superhero letters!

Free Superhero Alphabet Printables


Suggested Uses for Superhero Alphabet Cards:

  • Letter and sound flashcards
  • Letter Assessments
  • Use in a Writing Center
  • Making Words or Word Work
  • Name Building Activities
  • Matching Capital and Lowercase
  • Keep an extra set readily available for parent volunteers and tutors
  • Pocket Chart Activities
  • Word Walls
  • Student birthday gifts
free superhero alphabet printables

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