You’ve planned the Halloween games, now you just need fun Halloween prizes for kids; right?

Luckily, today’s post has party favors, prizes, non-candy prizes, and even fun game ideas for your Halloween party with kids.

Halloween is a time of the year that feels like it is truly just for kids.  Ok, maybe not totally for kids.

I’ll admit; I’m one of those adults that loves to dress up, decorate, and indulge on treats, too.

To young children, this holiday revolves around costumes and sweets! Halloween is the perfect time of year for kids.

Schools, churches, and businesses put up decorations, and put on events to celebrate the holiday. They usually involve food, costumes, candy, and games.

If you are needing some prize ideas for your Halloween-themed games, we have got some great ones below.

It’s a smart idea to have candy prizes and non-candy prizes!

Halloween Party Favors for Kids

Halloween parties are something everyone looks forward to each year!

If you are throwing a party for your children and their friends or your classroom, check out these fun and easy party favors below!

1. Halloween Fidget Pack

If you are wanting to put together a Halloween party favor that is lighter on the candy side, this pack of Halloween fidgets is perfect!

Halloween Fidget Pack
Photo Credit: JoFan/Amazon

You get squishy Halloween characters, Pop Its, slap bracelets, and more! The perfect collection for a Halloween goody bag.

2. Scratch Art Halloween Masks

These scratch masks are so fun! Whether kids get them before or after Halloween, they will love getting creative and scratching out a design!

Scratch Art Halloween Masks
Photo Credit: Oriental Cherry/Amazon

3. Foam Halloween Masks

These foam masks are super simple, inexpensive Halloween party favors for children that love to dress up year round.

Foam Halloween Masks
Photo Credit: Kangaroo/Amazon

4. Halloween LED Rings and Necklaces

It would be fun for kids to get to wear these as they go out trick or treating!

A fun light-up addition to their already-cool costumes.

Halloween LED Rings and Necklaces
Photo Credit: Halogate/Amazon

5. Halloween Coloring Books

Little creatives that love spooky season will enjoy bringing these Halloween coloring pages to life.

Halloween Coloring Books
Photo Credit: Art Creativity Store/Amazon

6. Halloween Party Favor Bags

If you need a fun, Halloween goodie bag for your party favors, these are great!

Halloween Party Favor Bags
Photo Credit: JOYIN Store/Amazon

7. Halloween Drawstring Bags

These drawstring bags are something that could easily be reused for something else after Halloween is over.

Halloween Drawstring Bags
Photo Credit: ATDAWN Store/Amazon

8. Spooky S’mores Bags

These s’mores party favors are adorable! Ghost peeps will make this favorite campfire treat a little more festive!

Spooky S’mores Bags
Photo Credit: Old Town Home

9. Ghost Lollipops

These little ghosts are the easiest way to take something as inexpensive as a lollipop up a notch! This idea turns suckers into a perfect party favor!

10. Broom Treat Bags

These broom treat bags will take a little time to put together, but they are inexpensive and you may already have what you need in and outside of your home!

Broom Treat Bags
Photo Credit: Two Crafting Sisters

Are you putting on a party in your home or classroom and need party favors? There are a few spooky ideas listed directly below as well.

Simple Halloween Prizes for Kids Games

Whether you need a candy prize or non-candy little prize, the few we have below should work great as a game prize for your Halloween carnivals or fall festival.

If you need piñata fillers, these would fill those up easily as well! Nothing says Happy Halloween like a piece of candy!

1. Halloween Pop It Keychains

Pop Its have been all the rage with young children the past few years. These Halloween pop-its are a great way to keep little hands busy, so those little legs stay still!

Halloween Pop It Keychains
Photo Credit: Moredots/Amazon

2. Vintage Halloween Stickers

Parents and children will adore these vintage-looking Halloween stickers

Vintage Halloween Stickers
Photo Credit: K1tpde Store/Amazon

If you need game ideas and prize ideas, there are several DIY and inexpensive activities listed at the bottom of the post.

3. Glow In The Dark Bracelets

These flashing bracelets are an easy and inexpensive carnival or fall festival prize. Perfect for putting on to go out and gather candy!

Glow In The Dark Bracelets
Photo Credit: Amenon Store/Amazon

4. Halloween Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos have been a go-to prize for a very long time and for good reason.

They are inexpensive and kids love wearing something that lasts longer than a sticker —even in the shower!

Halloween Temporary Tattoos
Photo Credit: Art Creativity Store/Amazon

If you are looking for a fun treat with a Halloween theme to stick in those prize boxes, these spooky treats will make the game a little more festive:


Non-Candy Alternative Prizes for Halloween Games

Having non-candy prizes is a necessity. Food allergies and an overabundance of candy around this time are two reasons non-candy prizes make things easier on children and their parents.

Kids love candy so it is important to have some other really great options for Halloween toys and gadgets!

Glow-in-the-dark prizes are perfect for the holiday, because they can wear them when they head out for trick-or-treating!

1. Halloween Squishy Toys

Kids love squishy things! This is a set of 72 Halloween squishy toys.

You’ve got ghosts, aliens, candy corn, bats, and more! Perfect for a non-candy prize bin.

Halloween Squishy Toys
Photo Credit: QINGQIU/Amazon

2. Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kits

All game winners will need to utilize this kit is a small pumpkin!

You could even buy a bunch of tiny pumpkins and attach the kits to them in the prize bin. This would make an awesome party favor as well!

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Kits
Photo Credit: Funiverse Store

3. Light Up Bracelets

A classic prize that never goes out of style.  Kids love when these bracelets spin!

Light Up Bracelets
Photo Credit: SCIONE/Amazon

4. Glow Critters

These glow-in-the-dark critters will light up your prize bin and those trick or treating buckets!

Glow Critters
Photo Credit: Party Sticks Store/Amazon

5. Pumpkin Prize Bucket

If you want an all-in-one prize bucket, this item is perfect.

You get a plastic jack o lantern to hold the prizes and over 100 non-candy prizes are included!

Pumpkin Prize Bucket
Photo Credit: WINWINGOGO/Amazon

6. Halloween Slap Bracelets and Rubber Wristband Set

This Halloween jewelry will be something young children sport well into November and December!

Halloween Slap Bracelets and Rubber Wristband Set
Photo Credit: VKTEN/Amazon

7. Jack O’ Lantern Slinkies

Slinkies are something that have been around since the 1940’s! These prizes are a fun Halloween take on a classic toy.

Jack O’ Lantern Slinkies
Photo Credit: Art Creativity Store/Amazon

8. Make-Your-Own Monster Sticker Set

These sticker sets let prize-winners create their own monster. There are a few different spooky creatures to choose from.

Make-Your-Own Monster Sticker Set
Photo Credit: OuMuaMua Store/Amazon

9. Glow-In-The-Dark Bouncy Balls

Halloween night will see a lot of glow-in-the dark prizes like these!

The great thing is, children will be able to track these down as they are outside in the dark gathering their candy.

Glow-In-The-Dark Bouncy Balls
Photo Credit: JOYIN Store/Amazon

10. Halloween Punch Balloons

You’ll find some variation of these punch balloons in almost every prize bin for kids.

Halloween Punch Balloons
Photo Credit: JOYIN Store/Amazon

11. Bendable Zombie Toys

Children will love the pretend play that these bendy zombie toys will let them get into.

Bendable Zombie Toys

12. Spider Rings

These spider rings are a classic and favorite Halloween carnival prize.

Spider Rings

13. Halloween Squishies

The squishy toy box contains 16 different spooky and scary patterns like ghost, spider, moon, foot, candy, bat, pumpkin, witches’ brooms, a total of 48 pcs.

Fun Halloween Party Games

If you need some great ideas for a Halloween theme game, these are easy and some of them are even DIY!

The best Halloween games are the easiest to put together and most might not think that DIY games could be that simple!

They would be wrong! One of these only requires glow sticks and pumpkins. That is it!

So, check out this list of Halloween party games if you are looking for the best Halloween games to add to your roster!

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