Setting up a classroom family photo display is a great way to build a positive classroom community.  

Today, I’m going to share a letter you can send home requesting a family photo, as well as some adorable classroom displays.


Parent Letter Requesting Photo

First up, you will want to send home a letter requesting a family photo.  When you send this letter home to the parents, you will want to explain your purpose and plans for a classroom display.  

You can write your own, or you can purchase a pre-made parent letter HERE or on Teachers Pay Teachers.  

Get the parent letter HERE or on TPT

There are two versions included with your download, including a black and white and a full color printable pdf. 

Simply sign and date, and send it home with the kids.

Classroom Family Photo Displays

After you send home the parent letter requesting a family photo, you will want to create an area to display the photos.  

Your classroom family photo display area can be a bulletin board, door display, on the side of a filing cabinet, in the reading nook, or wherever you’d like.  

Here are some examples, found on pinterest, of family photo display areas that can easily be replicated.

What kind of display do you think you will create?  Grab your parent letter here, and enjoy the adorable family photos that will flow in! 

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