26 Fun Alphabet Playdough Printables (ABC Mats)


If you are teaching young children, you already now alphabet playdough printables are a must have. Alphabet mats are such a fun way to get kids engaged with hands-on learning.

Today, I’m going to share with you the newest addition to our fun alphabet worksheets.

alphabet playdough printables

Take if from me, a mom of 2 and former kindergarten teacher; let the kids make playdough letters. While it may seem like just a fun activity for little hands, it’s the perfect way to teach upper and lower case letters.

With so much technology readily available at our kids fingertips, it’s getting harder every year to keep kids interested in learning to read. Keep a set of alphabet books and these playdoh mats readily available, and watch as the kids put down the tablets to engage in hands-on learning!


Around preschool and kindergarten, children begin learning to identify, write, and produce sounds for the letters of the alphabet. While there are many fun activities available, I am going share these new alphabet playdough mats.


Alphabet Playdough Printables

I created these abc playdough mats as a fun alphabet activity. Your kids will use the printable playdough letter mats as a tool to build letter recognition (letter identification), sound recognition, and letter formation.

Let’s take a closer look at these alphabet playdoh mats, and why they are a great way to build early reading skills.

1. Download the Alphabet Playdough Printables

When you purchase from the Little Learning Corner store or Teachers Pay Teachers, you will receive a pdf file. Simply print off all of the play doh letter mats, or only the letter of the alphabet you’re working on. If you’re using as a literacy center, or in a small group, you can print off multiple copies of each letter.


2. Laminate or Protective Sheet Pockets

Since the kids will be tracing and using these printable play dough mats in playful ways, you will want to protect your sheets.

Simply laminate or put the set of alphabet play dough mats in a dry erase pocket. The sheet protector will allow kids to practice letter writing with dry-erase markers and prevent damage from play doh.

alphabet playdough printables

3. Alphabet Sounds

Before the kids even start using their hand muscles with playdough, you’ll want to review the letter sound for the featured letter. The picture located at the top of the alphabet playdough printables is great practice for letter sounds and beginning sounds.

4. Make the Letters

Whether you found amazing playdough recipes, or bought a set of play doh, this is the step they will put that fun stuff to use! The kids will roll out and shape the play doh to form uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

The best part about this simple activity is they will get great fine motor practice, too! No-prep printables that promote fine motor alphabet activities is a win win!

After they make their lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters, it’s time to practice writing the letters.


5. Trace the Letters

Now that the kids have filled the letter outline with playdough, they will trace the upper case letters and lowercase letters.

Simply let them use a dry-erase marker to trace the letters. When done, simply erase.

More Ways to Use Playdough ABC Mats

When you purchase this practice bundle, you will have different options for using them with the kids. For example, here are more ways you can use the worksheets:

  1. Have the kids put the sheets in alphabetical order.
  2. Build the letters with pom poms
  3. Leave them in a learning center
  4. Give each kid a set to take home for personal use
  5. Use as morning work
  6. Let the kids use dot markers to form the letters over the dry-erase pockets. When done, simply spray and wash off.
  7. Let kids form the letters using objects


  • 26 Printable play dough, make and trace, mats.
  • Each letter (A-Z) has it’s own full-size mat.

This letter recognition activity is an excellent teaching tool for letter knowledge and the kindergarteners’ fine motor skills.

If you like these alphabet playdough printables, you’ll also enjoy the shape playdoh mats.

Get them HERE or on TPT

Grab your set HERE or on Teachers Pay Teachers to get started practicing letter recognition and letter formation in the most fun way possible!



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Alphabet Playdough Printables