As a teacher, you know the importance of kids taking ownership of their learning.

When children take ownership of their learning, they are more motivated, engaged, and have higher confidence in their abilities.

To help kids take ownership of learning, you must first help kids understand what is expected of them. In other words, you want to help them set goals for their learning.

Yes, most teachers are given national standards or state standards to follow. However, these power standards are worded in a way kids do not understand.

To solve this problem, you can share the learning standards in a kid-friendly way with the “I Can” Kindergarten Statements below.

I Can Statements for a Kindergarten Classroom

This complete collection of Kindergarten I Can Statements includes standard cards for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Introduce the Common Core standards in kid-friendly language with these bright and colorful cards!

Color coded by standard, these “I can” cards are sized to fit in pocket charts.

If you have a white board, simply add self-adhesive magnets to the back to hang them up. Or, pin them onto your “I Can” bulletin board.

The “I Can” kindergarten standard cards are worded in student-friendly language to emphasize the heart of your lesson.

Each standard has adorable clipart that matches the header card. 

Find what standard card you need quickly with the standard number located in the bottom right of every card.

Purchasing the I Can Statements Kindergarten

When you purchase the printable Kindergarten “I Can” Statements, you will get:

  • 7 header cards (Reading, writing, speaking and listening, language, math, social studies, and science)
  • 25 Reading Standard Cards plus 2 blank cards
  • 7 Writing Standard Cards plus 2 blank cards
  • 8 Speaking and Listening Standard Cards plus 1 blank card
  • 22 Language Standard Cards plus 2 blank cards
  • 24 Math Standard Cards plus 2 blank cards
  • 24 Social Studies Cards plus 3 blank cards
  • 19 Science Cards plus 2 blank cards

Get the “I Can” cards HERE or on Teachers Pay Teachers

Kindergarten English Language Arts Standards

The following are the different content areas that fall under the ELA standards.  Each of these standards are put into kid-friendly “I can” statements for kindergartners to understand.  

i can statements kindergarten
  • Reading Foundational Skills
  • Reading Informational Text
  • Reading Literature
  • Writing
  • Language
  • Speaking & Listening

In general, the ELA standards, whether for common core, Virginia Standards, or Texas Standards, are broken down into 4 main areas. 

The overall focus in kindergarten (ELA) is on learning to read, learning to write, building language, learning to speak  interact and speak clearly, and listen with intent to comprehend.  

Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards

In kindergarten, the primary focus for math is to learn how to rote count, count objects, answer “how many”, identify and write numbers, learn about shapes, understand measurement, and base ten.  

When it comes to report card time, these are the content areas that will assessed for math.  All of them are covered in the printable “I Can” set. 

  • Counting & Cardinality
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry
  • Measurement & Data
  • Numbers & Operations in Base 10

Kindergarten Science Standards

The “I Can” statement cards for social studies are a combination of TEKS and commonly taught science themes in kindergarten.

Blank cards for Science are included to write in your own standard.

Common science themes taught in kindergarten include:

  • Objects in the sky
  • Day and night
  • Living vs. non-living
  • Weather
  • 5 Senses
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • 4 Seasons
  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Living on planet Earth
  • Pushing and Pulling
I Can Statements Kindergarten Core Standards


Kindergarten Social Studies Standards

The standards in the “I Can” Statement Cards are a combination of TEKS and commonly taught science themes in kindergarten. 

If you want to share the standards with parents, you can create a QR code in Canva – linking to the CCSS website – and adding the code to a newsletter. 

Common social studies themes taught in kindergarten are: 

  • Flag and symbols of our country
  • How to be a good citizen
  • Being a good friend
  • Community helpers
  • Family traditions
  • Holiday traditions
  • Problem solving
  • Needs and wants
  • Learning about maps
  • Timelines
  • Past and present
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle


The Kindergarten I Can Statements can be found in the Little Learning Corner Store and on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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I Can Statements Kindergarten Core Standards

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