25 Board Game Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you looking for board game bulletin board ideas?  If you like the idea of a board gamed themed room or you are just looking for unique bulletin board ideas, here are some favorites! 

Teachers are always looking for fun and fresh classroom decor.  Bulletin board ideas make the classroom environment and decor a little more exciting.

It can be hard to find a classroom theme that appeals to all of your students! Boys, girls, those that love animals, those that don’t – they are all different! Trying to find something that makes everyone excited can be hard! If you have had a theme that you have been doing for the past few years that has worked well, but are looking for something new – how about a board game or classic game themed classroom!

There are so many fun games you could use and there are plenty of ideas out there. There is a great mix of classic board game themed boards, and boards with creative games and activities, made up by teachers! These work well as classroom bulletin boards or school bulletin boards!

Game Bulletin Boards with Sticky Notes

You can do a lot with some bulletin board paper some sticky notes! Many of these boards are interactive and give students the ability to interact directly with the board.

Who’s Who Bulletin Board

This cool bulletin board is a great way for students to get to know each other. Having them place their initial answers one week and then change them as the weeks move along encourages to learn more about their classmates!

who's who bulletin board

Photo Credit: Bodine School Idea Exchange

Compare and Contrast Board

This bulletin board space could be a permanent fixture in your classroom! You could change the two compare and contrast pictures/concepts to coincide with different lessons and units as you move through them.

compare and contrast bulletin board

Photo Credit: Laura Kim

Tug of War Bulletin Board

This is a great idea if you are trying to think of a fun way to encourage students to think critically about a concept or idea. This could work with any concept that has two general sides to choose from.

tug of war bulletin board

Photo Credit: The Good Life

Take What You Need

This board may work best for slightly older students, but its positive message could work for younger ones as well! The sticky notes may just have smaller phrases or single words on them with younger groups.

take what you need bulletin board

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Some teachers, especially elementary school teachers, try to follow a cohesive theme throughout the entire classroom. From the ceiling and walls to floor decorations, they want all of it to look great together. They want their students to be excited to come into their classroom everyday, so they try to make the whole experience as special as possible.


Interactive Bulletin Boards with Games

Interactive boards can make the effort of putting a bulletin board together well worth it! Some students may not notice all of the valuable information put on a fun classroom bulletin board. Interactive bulletin boards require their attention! Bulletin boards are something they see in their classroom all of the time, so having something that they can interact with keeps their attention!

Color Sorting Bulletin Board

This is a fun idea for younger students! It could even be part of a center rotation!

color sorting bulletin board

Photo Credit: Play to Learn Preschool

I Spy Board

This is a fun way to bring a classic game to a younger generation! This one is great because you could put anything you have on the board. There are no rules!

i spy bulletin board

Photo Credit: Lauralee Chambers

Mitten Bulletin Board

While this example is for a younger grade level, you could adjust this to fit your own group of kids! They could match color words with the color or addition problems with the answers!


Beginning of the School Year Game Bulletin Boards

It is so important to create a sense of community within the classroom! A good welcome board is essential at the beginning of the school year. What is a better way to help everyone get to know each other than with a game?

Who is In…..

An easy way to kick off the first day of school and encourage a great year! Students will love seeing their own names on the board and having a fun reason to introduce themselves to new classmates!

Who Is In Bulletin Board

Photo Credit: Life is Messy But Fun

Who am I?

This is an easy way to make a fun game out of student work! You could even have new students write something about themselves on their first day, so their new classmates know a little something about them!

Who Am I Bulletin Board

Photo Credit: Surfin’ Through Second

Guess Who is in Our Class

A fun way to kick off a new year, new class, and the first week of school. It takes a new class a few weeks to get into a groove with each other. Boards like this can help expedite the process!

Guess who is in our class bulletin board

Photo Credit: Kristy Kemp


Student’s Names Bulletin Boards

Students love to see themselves and their names on classroom and hallway bulletin boards!

There are a few ideas that use a classic board game, but some teachers have done a great job of creating new games. These ideas are interactive, fun, and help involve each student in a fun and exciting way!

What are You Reading

We love creative ideas to show off a favorite book or fun ways to encourage reading! Getting to tell their class mates about what they are reading in or outside of the classroom will help get them into reading mode.

what are you reading bulletin board

Photo Credit: Fletcher Nelson

Bucket Filler Board

This is an easy activity and a fun game that can introduce the concept of kindness to the youngest of students!

bucket filler bulletin board

Photo Credit: Little Mrs. Preschool

Pac Man Board

This one is great if you love bright colors or want to incorporate them into your classroom! Each student can have their own little ghost character with their name on it.

Pac Man bulletin board

Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

Hungry Hippo Names

Classroom bulletin boards can be fun and easy! This concept is so simple and all you need is paper!

hungry hippo bulletin board

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Chutes and Ladders Board

This fun bulletin board is a great way to incorporate student names and faces! You can have a little paper figure for each student!

chutes and ladders bulletin board

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Bulletin Board Ideas for Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary words can be fun! It is so simple to make a game out of a class list of vocabulary words. Better yet, put that game on to a classroom bulletin board! That way, the bulletin board can be a part of a center or activity rotation!

Word Search Bulletin Board

This idea is great no matter what grade level that you teach. You can use as many vocabulary words as you want and they can be any length!

word search bulletin board

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Words with Friends Bulletin Board

This popular game makes a great interactive bulletin board! You can put up a list of the vocabulary words and students can use letter tiles to spell them out.

words with friends bulletin board

Connect 4 Sight and Vocabulary Words

This classic game board concept is a great way to have students form their vocabulary words! You can have whole words on the pieces like the example or have each circle piece with its own letter.

connect 4 bulletin board

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Pocket Full of Synonyms

This game is a great way to practice vocabulary words! Working on spelling is important with each vocabulary list, but knowing the meaning is part of the drill as well. Having students match synonyms to each word is a fun way to reinforce the word meanings!

synonyms bulletin board

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More Board Game Bulletin Board Ideas

If you need new bulletin board ideas and are looking for game themed ones, these are great!

These last few are all centered around those classic board games many of us played growing up. Who knew they would help make great classroom bulletin boards when we became teachers!

Candy Land Reading Board

Candy Land is a classic favorite! This board has students moving along the path as they read books throughout the year! You could use this board to show any sort of academic progression throughout the year!

candy land bulletin board

Photo Credit: Pieces by Polly

Hungry Hippo Board

This simple idea only requires construction paper and a fun border!

hungry hippo bulletin board

unable to trace original creator

Connect 4 Board

This classic game makes a fun-looking classroom calendar!

connect 4 bulletin board

unable to trace original creator

Operation Board

Learning the different parts of the body is hard work! This board makes a fun game out of it!

operation bulletin board

unable to trace original creator

Let Us Help You with Twists and Turns

Teachers and staff are always needing ideas for the school hallway! This Twister-themed board has you put a staff member or teacher’s names and what they can help students with when they need little assistance!

let us help bulletin board

Photo Credit: Christine Howell

It is So Sweet to Have You Here

This is a fun theme centered around a classic and favorite game! 

its so sweet bulletin board

Photo Credit: Amy Balfany


We hope you’ve enjoyed these school bulletin board ideas.  Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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