35 Ocean and Beach Bulletin Board Ideas

Let’s have some fun with these Ocean and Beach bulletin board ideas!

Are you planning on doing a fun, sunny, and beach-y themed classroom this year? If you are, you are going to need some beach-y classroom bulletin boards!

Or maybe you are just wanting to end the school year with a fun board to get everyone excited for summer! Either way, beach bulletin boards are always a big hit, and there are so many ideas here for inspiration. Many of them include one or all of a few key items: water, sand, ocean animals, life preservers, palm trees, or beach balls! Surf boards are pretty popular too.

The ideas below all follow a beach or ocean theme, and are perfect for class or hallway bulletin boards. Many of them could be transferred to a door decoration as well!


Beach Ball Themed Bulletin Boards

Whether you are a middle school, high school, or elementary teacher, you’ve likely got some bulletin boards to fill up. Use these beach ball themed boards to make school feel more like a fun seaside game!

Having a Ball This Summer

This board is a great way to get students excited about their break. However, you can put up this board and have a ball during the school year as well.

having a ball this summer bulletin board idea

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Summer’s a Ball

Beach balls are a symbol of summertime and warmer weather, but events in the classroom are a ball as well!

Summer's a Ball Bulletin Board

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Beach Chair and Balls

This board is the perfect touch for a beach-themed classroom or hallway. You can use all different colors for the beach balls and chair!

have a ball this summer bulletin board

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Palm Tree Bulletin Board Ideas

Palm trees are an essential beach, ocean and tropical symbol. These unique bulletin board ideas all include a palm tree or two if that is the theme you are going for!

Say Aloha

This board can be used to greet students in the new school year. If you have a new teacher or student coming in mid-year, it can be perfect for that as well.

say aloha bullet board

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Ohana Means Family

Everyone loves Lilo and Stitch! Encouraging a family and friend atmosphere in the classroom is vital to a successful school year.

ohana means family bulletin board

Photo Credit: Simply Kinder

Sailing into Summer

This could be used for “Sailing into a New Year” as well!

sailing into summer bulletin board

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Stepping into Summer

Palm trees remind everyone of summer, but this board can help warm up a hallway or classroom during warmer months too.

stepping into summer bulletin board

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

This colorful bulletin board is centered around a classic book.

chicka chicka boom boom bulletin board

Photo Credit: One Creative Mommy

Two Palm Tree Hammock

Encourage students to relax and rest with this calming bulletin board.

two palm tree hammock bulletin board

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Welcome To Our Classroom

This board has adorable mini palm trees made by the students!

welcome to our classroom bulletin board

Photo Credit: KFUNdamentals

Surfin Thru

This is a cute way to display everyone who is entering the grade level!

surfin through bulletin board

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Wild About Kindergarten

Young students will love this monkey and palm-tree themed bulletin board.

wild about kindergarten bulletin board

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Ocean Interactive Bulletin Boards

Interactive boards are a great way to for students to have something to do away from their seats! If you are looking for an interactive board with an ocean or beach theme, check out these eye-catching displays!

Countdown to Summer

This idea is perfect for a hallway bulletin board or a classroom bulletin board. Students will be so excited to get to change the countdown number each day!

Ocean Facts

Having easily accessible fun facts is the perfect way for young ones to learn something new every day.

ocean facts bulletin board

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Ocean Stories

Ocean bulletin boards help tie an ocean-themed classroom together! This board lets preschoolers and young children create their own underwater stories.

Sea What We Have Learned

A clever phrase and clever way to showcase what the students have been up to.

Hang In There

This beach and monkey-themed board lets your students countdown the days until summer! You could use a countdown like this for tests and class parties as well!

hang in there bulletin board

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Buckets of Fun

This board is the perfect way to give anyone a closer look at what your students are doing or will be doing throughout the school year!

Just Keep Swimming Until Summer

Finding Nemo is always a favorite and you can use a phrase like this for more than a countdown until summer!

just keep swimming until summer bulletin board

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Ocean-Themed Bulletin Boards

If you are going for an ocean theme in or out of the classroom, here are some new and creative ideas! These all include ocean, ocean animals, or fun activities you can do in the ocean like surfing! Whether you need an idea for the beginning, middle, or end of the school year, you should be able to find something in this section!

Diving Into Summer

Nothing encourages a class to get excited about a new year like a fun board covered with their own pictures!

diving into summer bulletin board

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Get Hooked On

This is a great idea if you are needing or wanting students to get excited about reading or certain books!

get hooked on bulletin board

Photo Credit: Uptown Acorn

Ocean Friends

This underwater scene will be so fun for your students to make! Most of the diver suits can be made from construction paper and then you print out a picture to place on top!

ocean friends bulletin board

Photo Credit: Laura’s Lilypad

We Swim Together

The first day of school is a great time to set a tone for the rest of the school year. A phrase like this can encourage camaraderie from the get-go!

we swim together bulletin board

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Class Submarine

This fun board is an easy way to introduce the class! Each student gets their own window. If you don’t have pictures readily available, use their names and have them draw a self portrait!

class submarine

Photo Credit: Tara Crayford

Meet The Crew

Put the student’s names on their own submarine and watch them excitedly search for their own ship! If you wanted, you could have each student give their boat a fun boat name!

meet the crew bulletin board

Photo Credit: Elementary Nest

Reach for a Good Book

An octopus has plenty of arms to read a good book with! Use this board as a way to give them some new reading material to work with! You could keep this board up all year and just rotate out what the octopus is reading. If you have specific titles you are wanting them to pick up, use those!

reach for a good book bulletin board

Photo Credit: Tami Mizrachi

Just Keep Learning

Catchy phrases are a fantastic way to keep students interested in what they are doing at school! This example used hands to make orange clownfish! That could be something the students contribute to the board.

just keep learning bulletin board

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Don’t Be Crabby

Sometimes, we all come into the classroom a little crabby – especially early in the morning. We could all use a little reminder like this occasionally. This is a simple idea, but perfect for younger students. Their tiny hands will make the cutest tiny crabs!

don't be crabby bulletin board

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Bite Into Reading

This board uses this intimidating sea creature to reiterate different ways students can read and work on their reading and literature skills. You could also put up pictures of some fun books for reading inspiration. If you are doing an ocean-themed classroom this year, this board is perfect for your reading or classroom library corner.

bite into reading bulletin board

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More Beach Bulletin Board Ideas


Encouragement is always a great way to try and improve student achievement. Use these fun sand castles to let your students know how great they are and how much they have improved.

Surfing Into Kindergarten

Need a beach-y themed board for the beginning of the school year? This idea is so simple! This example is shown on a classroom door, but this idea could easily be transferred to a bulletin board wall.

surfs up bulletin board

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We Shore are Ready

This bulletin board display would be great at the beginning or end of the school year! It could be welcoming students into their current grade or giving them encouragement as they exit one grade and begin another.

we shore are ready bulletin board

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Ride the Wave

This is a simple and colorful idea! This bulletin board set is already pre-cut and ready to be sent to you when you need it! This is a great board for the beginning OR end of the school year.

we are riding the wave bulletin board

Photo Credit: MIHumbleHomeDecor

Little Treasures

This board is a fantastic way to help tie an ocean-themed classroom together!

little treasures bulletin board

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O-Fish-Ally Summer

This bulletin board kit is ready to go when you are! A pre-made kit is a great way to save time, but these fish can be done yourself as well! You could make them different sizes and colors if you have a color scheme you are trying to follow.

O-Fish-Ally Summer Bulletin Board

Photo Credit: PreschoolideasEnjoyL

Turtle-Ly Cool

These ocean animals are always a big hit! This is a fun and simple idea that will brighten up any ocean theme classroom!

turtle-y cool bulletin board

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