30 Creative Pirate Bulletin Board Ideas

Today’s blog post has over pirate bulletin board ideas you’re going to love!  Whether it’s for a pirate day or a simple bulletin board display, there’s lots to choose from 

pirate bulletin board ideas

While pirates may not always have the best reputation, discussing and learning about them is a great way to begin teaching children about how large the world is.

Pirates can show all of us how far we can go to explore! The technical definition of a pirate is “a robber who travels by water”. However, Not all pirates started out so bad! Most had to turn to criminal activity to take care of themselves and their families.

When we think about these swashbucklers, most of us picture pirates that existed during the “golden age’ of piracy. The “golden age” was during the 17th and 18th centuries. Think Pirates of the Caribbean! However, pirates have existed since ancient Greece!

pirate bulletin board ideas

Pirates are a perfect topic for geography and history lessons. And despite their reputation, there are also so many great, age-appropriate books written about these interesting people.


Long story short, pirates always seem to attract the attention of children!

So, are you doing a pirate classroom theme this year? Are you reading a pirate book or incorporating a history of pirates into your lessons? If so, you may need some new classroom decorations, such as these Pirates Alphabet and Number posters

Pirates have such an interesting history and children love learning about it. Install some pirate-themed areas, like bulletin boards, into your classroom or space. Go all out on an entire room dedicated to pirates!

Bulletin boards are an always-evolving part of a classroom. If you need some pirate school bulletin board ideas, grab some construction paper and let’s get started!


Pirate Ship Bulletin Boards

You’ll need plenty of brown paper for these pirate ship-themed bulletin boards! Most of these are great at displaying all of the unique swashbucklers that you have sailing in your classroom. Some even use real fabric for the sails!


Yo Ho Yo Ho a Writer’s Life For Me

Do you have a bunch of writing topics to go through this year? This board is perfect to display some of your favorite writing that has been pumped out by your students this year. Short stories, poems, writing prompts and nearly any written activity would work and look great on this pirate-themed writing board.

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Writer’s Life For Me

Photo Credit: Elementary Nest

Pirates Ye Be Warned

Cover this one in pirate flags! This one uses the protagonist from Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, on the “wanted” sign. However, it could be fun to make a wanted sign for the protagonist or antagonist of whatever you are reading as a class!

pirates ye be warned bulletin board

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Ahoy Mateys!

This pirate ship classroom bulletin board is great for the beginning of the school year or any time of the year! It’s always nice to welcome students and guests to the class. The blue cling wrap as water is great and adds a little dimension to this one.

Ahoy Mateys! bulletin board

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A Book is a Ship of Adventure

Books offer us more worlds and adventures than nearly anything else! Remind students of that with this board.

A Book is a Ship of Adventure bulletin board

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Exploring New Worlds

This pirate bulletin board is another great idea for reiterating how important books are to growing minds!

Exploring New Worlds bulletin board

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Students Aargh Great!

This speech therapy board can be the perfect addition to nearly any class or group. Just switch out “speech” for whatever class or group you are working with!

Students Aargh Great! bulletin board

Photo Credit: School Girl Style

Class Mateys

This is a great way to get students involved! They can draw sea creatures or pirates to cut out and then place anywhere on the board.

Class Mateys

Photo Credit: Dana Daniels

All Hands on Deck

This pirate ship bulletin board is able to jump out at you because of the real fabric used for the sails!

All Hands on Deck bulletin board

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Pirate Theme Bulletin Boards

Several of these have students and children creating their own pirate versions of themselves! You could also create the pirates yourself if you are looking for a classroom board you can put everyone’s names on. There are some great ideas for library bulletin board on this list as well!


Treasure a Good Book

Put your favorite book or a favorite book of your students on this one! The paper plates add a fun pop-off-the-page feature!

Treasure a Good Book bulletin board

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Aargh You Ready for an Adventure?

You can use this idea to show progress for anything you are working through!

pirate bulletin board

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These Argh Great Kids

This classroom door idea also makes for a great pirate bulletin board! Using different letter styles from various bulletin board sets is a really fun and whimsical idea!

These Argh Great Kids

Photo Credit: First Grade Blue Skies

Aargh Ye Ready for a Readin’ Adventure?

Remind students how rewarding it is to open up a great book everyday.

Aargh Ye Ready for a Readin’ Adventure

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Setting Sail

Have students make their own pirates with this fun board and craft idea.

setting sail pirate themed bulletin board

Photo Credit: Teacher Kimbo

X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot where the treasure is and books sure are a treasure!

x marks the spot bulletin board

Photo Credit: Mrs. Oberdick

Find Treasure in a Book (Hammock)

A cat reading a book in a hammock attached to a palm tree? Unique, but adorable! They used a piece of real net for this one which makes it extra fun!

Find Treasure in a Book (Hammock)

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Pirate Themed Back to School Board Ideas

If you are doing a pirate theme for your classroom this year, you’ve got to have a few pirate bulletin board ideas up your sleeve! These next few are great as an introduction to the new classroom. Having classmates names up on the wall is a great way for students to learn their new mateys’ names!


Welcome Aboard (Ship)

Whether you are going with a pirate-themed classroom or just need a first day of school board, this one is great! You may not have pictures of all of your students just yet, so you could use construction paper people cut outs! Put each students name on one.

welcome aboard pirate themed bulletin board idea

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The Crew is Ready for You

Introduce the students to their crew members for the new school year with this camaraderie- building board. You can make pirates ahead of time for the first day or that could be a first day of school activity!

The Crew is Ready for You bulletin board

Photo Credit: Color Outside Lines

We Arrgh Ready For 1st Grade

This one is perfect for the beginning of the year. The striped bandanas are so much fun!

We Arrgh Ready For 1st Grade

Photo Credit: We Are Teachers

Meet the Crew

Grab some pirate name tags and a little fish net for this one! You don’t even need to have a bulletin board behind this if you don’t have one available. If you do, some blue paper would look awesome for an underwater scene!

meet the crew bulletin board

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Aargh Ye Ready for a Kinder Adventure?

This pirate map idea is perfect for the first week of school. You could put different milestones you hope to reach with your students on the treasure map. That way, they know what is in store for them as the year moves along!

Aargh Ye Ready for a Kinder Adventure bulletin board

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Arrgh You Read to Learn?

This is another great pirate craft and board idea to start off a great year. There are so many different pirate making crafts you could use to put up on your bulletin boards. Children will love imagining and creating themselves as a pirate!

Arrgh You Read to Learn

Photo Credit: CM School Supply


Ocean Themed Bulletin Boards

Pirates are pirates because they live on the ocean, right? So if you are needing an ocean theme board to go along with your pirate themed classroom, these next few would fit perfectly!


Underwater Treasure

Grab some gold coins and necklaces for this one! This idea encourages opening a book, but you could replace that phrase with any good habit! The plastic gold necklaces and coins add a little realism to this fun underwater board.

Underwater Treasure bulletin board

Photo Credit: The Library at SIA

Get Hooked On..

Whatever it is that you want or need your students to get hooked on, this board is great! You could replace the beakers with books, numbers, letters, and any content you are learning in the classroom! Use a real net to make the board pop off the wall.

Get Hooked On

Photo Credit: Uptown Acorn

It’s O-Fish-Ally Summer

If your class is looking forward to summer, this board is a great idea. You can make the fish yourself or have the students create their own and put them up! You could even use the fish as a count down!

If you have ten days of school left, put up ten fish. Then, have a student “catch” one each day and remove it from the board. A fun, interactive bulletin board!

its o-fish-ally summer bulletin board

Photo Credit: PreschoolideasEnjoyL

Bite Into Reading

Despite how large and intimidating they can be, children love sharks! Go figure! This board is a fun way to get students opening their books! If you need them to “bite” into something else, use that instead. Encourage them to “bite” into language arts, math or science as well!

Bite Into Reading

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Pirate Themed Open House Boards

Open houses can be stressful for teachers! Another thing to add to that long to-do list. It is great to meet with parents in person and discuss progress and for them to see what’s going on in the classroom!

If you are needing some easy-to-accomplish board ideas for an open house, check out the pirate bulletin board ideas below!


Our Work is a Treasure

Every parent or guardian wants to see some student work at an open house! Any work their child has put effort into will seem like a treasure, so you are free to use whatever you have on hand! Math, reading, science, history, art, or music – anything can be shown off with this board.

Our Work is a Treasure

Photo Credit: To the 2nd Power

This Class is a Treasure

Parents love to see their student’s names on the classroom wall! You could make a pirate person for each child like this example or have them make their own! This phrase and board idea would also work well for some “About Me” written work.

This Class is a Treasure

Photo Credit: Elementary Nest

Ahoy Class-Mateys

Adults will love to see their child’s depiction of themselves as a pirate. This board would also work well with a picture and writing prompt activity. Have students draw themselves as a pirate and then write about what they would do if they were in charge of a pirate ship! They could also draw what their own pirate ship would look like and what it would have on board.

Ahoy Class-Mateys bulletin board

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Pirate Themed “I Can” Board

Grab some bulletin board paper and let your parents know what your students are doing this year! “I Can” statements are an important part of the classroom. It is important for students, administrators and parents to be able to see what their students are working on. If you want a pirate theme for your “I Can” statement wall or board, this one is great.

Pirate Themed “I Can” Board

Photo Credit: Make Moments Matter

This Classwork is a Treasure

Another cute way to display your students’ work! You can make the pirates that go along with the activity or have the students make them. The polka

This Classwork is a Treasure

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Which one of these pirate bulletin board ides are you going to try?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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