25 Black History Bulletin Board Ideas

If you are looking for some new Black History bulletin board idea, check out these ideas below! We also have some Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman specific boards below as well.

Not only is the month of February when Valentine’s day takes place, but there is also another important, month-long celebration: Black History Month.

An important part of Black History Month is reiterating the importance of loving and treating everyone with equal amounts of respect. An easy overlap for a day all about love!

Many schools and classrooms also choose this month to begin civil rights units and lessons about other adjacent topics. Lessons are a great way to teach youngsters about this important part of history, but so is making your classroom reflect what is being taught and celebrated! Hallway and classroom bulletin boards are a great way to help young children and visual learners!


Black History Bulletin Board Ideas

Challenge, Dream, Fight, Lead, Write

This board is perfect for elementary, middle school, and high school!

Challenge dream fight lead write bulletin board

Photo Credit: Success Academy

I Can Change the World

This board is a great addition to any hallway or classroom! If you want it to be a classroom board, you could make a smaller peace sign. If you wanted to keep the large size, make it a grade level hallway bulletin board!

change the world bulletin board

Photo Credit: Teaching 123

Learn From Black History

There are so many amazing people we can learn from during Black History Month (and the rest of the year). This board includes several influential Black Americans and phrases that are simple and short enough for younger grade levels!

The Past, The Present, The Future

This Black History Month bulletin board focuses on Black leaders from the past, present, and future. The fun thing about boards like this is you can use the concept and then choose who you want to include! If you have specific people you are learning about during February or in a civil rights unit, just include those!


Black History Month Quote of the Day

This is a fun interactive board for the classroom! Each pocket has an inspirational quote from an influential Black American.

black history month quote of the day bulletin board

Photo Credit: Creative Child

Black History Month Trivia Board

This board is great if you want to reiterate what you are learning during this month or in a civil rights movement unit or lesson!

black history month giveaway bulletin board

Photo Credit: Hashtag Teacher Mom

Getting to the Heart of Black History

This board is perfect for the month of February. You can celebrate Valentine’s day and Black History Month at once!

getting to the heart of black history bulletin board

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Words Have Power

If you are looking for some inspirational black history month decor, words are a pretty powerful decoration!

Words have power bulletin board

Photo Credit: PreschoolideasEnjoyL

What We Learn From Black History

This one is placed on a cork board strip instead of a bulletin board, but could easily be transferred to a board. It includes many influential Black Americans young children may have never heard of before!

what we learn from black history bulletin board

Photo Credit: No Firedrills

Hidden Figures Door Display

This classroom door is so creative and could easily be transferred into an awesome bulletin board. Katherine Johnson was a hidden hero that helped the NASA space program become what it is today!

hidden figures door display

Photo Credit: Bailey Roberts

Black History Month Quilt

If you like bright colors, this one is perfect for you! This quilt idea is very creative and could be used for so many different topics as well!

black history month quilt bulletin board

Photo Credit: Art With Jenny K

Love Everyone Door Display

This classroom door would also make a great bulletin board display! This phrase is an easy one that all of us should remember and the letter breakdown is a creative way to help us do that!

love everyone door display

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Never Limit Yourself

Creative teachers, science teachers, and nearly any type of teacher will love this one. Mae Jemison was the first Black woman in space and this board helps commemorate her achievements! Each student can make their own mini astronaut for the board or door to help pictures themselves in her shoes!

never limit yourself door display

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Harriet Tubman Bulletin Boards

Harriet Tubman was a key player and demonstrated and unending amount of bravery. She is a very important part of Black history! If you are spending a good amount of time focused on this hero, a Harriet Tubman board is perfect. Check out the few ideas we have below:

Harriet Tubman History

Harriet Tubman is one of the first Black Americans that many of us learn about in school. Her bravery makes her a very easy person to remember, but if students need a little help, bulletin boards like this are great. They are simple, factual, and the content can be adjusted to the grade level that you are teaching.

harriet tubman bulletin board

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A Walk to Freedom

This one is a fun conversation starter! It is a fun and simple take on what Harriet Tubman is best known for. The visualization of the feet between each lamp can help younger students remember who she was and what she did!

a walk to freedom bulletin board

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The Underground Railroad

This is another simple, straight forward bulletin board all about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. This information on a board like this can easily be adjusted to fit the students that will be reading it!

Underground Railroad Bulletin Board

Photo Credit: School Specialty


Martin Luther King Jr. Bulletin Boards

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most influential people in our history books. He did a lot of amazing things, but was a pretty great speaker and said some pretty inspirational words. His quotes and ideas are perfect for a Black History Month bulletin board!

We Have a Dream Display

This is a fun board that gets the students involved! They can each write their own dream in the bubble and complete the pledge as a class! Something like this would be very fun for you or them to keep around and look back on years later.

we have a dream bulletin board

Photo Credit: Adrienne Wiggins

Love is the Key

Everyone likes a bulletin board with lots of bright colors! This one is perfect for any grade level. You can have them write as much or as little as you see fit!

Love is the key bulletin board

Photo Credit: Hopping from K to 2

If You Can’t Fly

This quote and board are perfect if you are looking for inspirational decor for Black History Month! Martin Luther King Jr. said many amazing things and this quote is just one of them!

If you can't fly bulletin board

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I Have a Dream Hand Heart

This lovely lovely bulletin board is a simple enough idea! This can be something that you complete on your own or you could have students color and cut out hands to put on display! This is the kind of board that would look great up in the hallway all year long! MLK quotes are perfect for any month of the year.

What’s Your Dream?

This interactive board is a great idea! Students will love getting to write directly on the bulletin board paper. Take good pictures of this one and hand them out to students at the end of the school year! Their parents will love looking back on what they said.

whats your dream bulletin board

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Stick with Love

This one is perfect MLK day, but really any day out of the year. MLK quotes are always a great idea. The little hippies in your class will love the peace signs.

stick with love bulletin board

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Love Comes in Different Colors

The best bulletin boards let children get involved and use lots of bright colors! Children will love  to help you out and get their hands a little messy with this one. If you don’t feel like paint, have students trace their hands and cut them out!

love comes in different colors bulletin board

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This original post is very simple, but you could spruce and sparkle it up for a statement bulletin board! An idea like this is one you can easily personalize as well! Just change up the phrases for each letter if you like something else better!

dream bulletin board

Photo Credit: Activities for Kids

MLK Had a Dream

This bulletin board display is so much fun and students will love seeing their photos on display! It is something they can keep and show their parents as well.

MLK had a dream bulletin board

Photo Credit: Teacher Vision

Keep His Dream Alive

Put up student’s names and their hands on this creative take on an MLK board!

keep his dream alive bulletin board

Photo Credit: Teacher Vision


We hope you have been inspired by these Black History Bulletin Board Ideas.  

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