If you are looking for engaging word family printables, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here, I will share worksheets, activities, and assessments for all of the CVC word families.  

word family printables for kindergarten and first grade students

Examples of Word Family Printables

While teaching kindergarten, I wanted a collection of CVC word family resources and assessments I could quickly access throughout the week, and align to our district’s curriculum map. 

That is why I created the entire collection of word families printable activities below.

Illustrated Word Cards

Introduce the new sets of words to younger students with these illustrated word cards.

Included in the word family materials, these CVC picture cards are perfect for displaying a list of new words.

Each word card has bright colors to capture the attention of young children, clipart, and a matching word with large text.



Word Family Mini Books

Other than word family printables, such as worksheets, you will also get a mini book with each CVC word family set.

If your readers get stuck on a word, the picture clues are a great way to help them read the new word.

With only one sentence per page, these printable books will help young readers feel confident with sight words and word families.

Picture Card and Word Match Activity

Your beginning reader will love completing this word matching activity.

Kindergarten and first grade students simply match the word card with the corresponding pictures.

They are great for literacy centers or do practice one-on-one with the kids. You’ll also love that they are color coded for self-checking!


Word House

This word family worksheet is perfect for the kids to record their new set of word family words. Then, they can take it home for extra practice, or add it to their word family folder for reference.

Build a Word

All of the word family activities are great, but this one is perfect for incorporating fine motor skills.

The kids will cut and paste letter tiles to build 3 word family words. Next, they get to draw a picture of one of the words, and let a peer or teacher guess what word they illustrated.

Write the CVC Word

Once the kids have had exposure to the word family sets, and are doing well with segmenting the sounds, they are ready to write the word independently.

For these word family printables, the kids simply write the word next to the picture given.  (see the image above for Write the Word)

Sound Boxes

When teaching the concept of word families, many young learners respond well to the sound boxes.

The sound boxes are a visual tool to help kids with phonemic awareness. Each box represents a different sound heard within the CVC word.

Kids can build the words with magnetic letters, stamps, other concrete objects, or simply write the letters. This is a fun way to practice word building.


Sound Boxes Intervention

This is the same as above, but the tracing letters are already placed into the boxes.

These worksheets are great as an intervention for kids who are having difficulty breaking apart the sounds.

Write and Illustrate

This is great for those who need a challenge. The kids choose a word from the word family word bank, write it, use it in a sentence, and illustrate a picture.

Word Family Match-Up

The kids read the word family word, then draw a line to match it with the same word on the right.

This worksheet is great for visual discrimination, and a fun way to practice reading the words.

Writing Assessment

Now that you’ve practiced the set of words all week, it’s time to assess what they have learned.

For this assessment, the kids write the words independently to match the words. Then, you will put the score at the bottom. There is extra space for notes as well.

Reading Assessment

The kids will read the word in the box independently. Put their score at the bottom, and record any important notes for moving forward.

Word Family Worksheets

Thankfully, if you are looking for ideas to teach cvc words, there are many worksheets and activities available for extra practice.

Here, you can access each set of word family worksheets shown above. Next to every word family, I give a link for you to purchase them HERE on the Little Learning Corner store or from TPT.

CVC Word Family Bundle

This 425 page printable packet has everything you need to teach and assess 17 CVC word families!

Included in this word family bundle are the printable worksheets you saw above for the following word families:

  • _ad
  • _ag
  • _at
  • _ap
  • _an
  • _ig
  • _ill
  • _ip
  • _in
  • _it
  • _og
  • _op
  • _ot
  • _et
  • _en
  • _un
  • _ug

Best of all, you won’t have to waste time planning out your word family activities and assessments! 

With this bundle, you simply find your word family and print! You’ll have what you need year after year!  

Get the CVC Bundle HERE or on TPT

Free Word Family Printables

Grab your free CVC worksheets, today, and get started teaching your kids how to read with word families.  

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