Easiest Things to Draw with Kids

** This is a guest post written by CraftyHangouts** 

Drawing is one of the nicest ways to have fun with your kids.  Thankfully so, there are many things to love about it.

As a creative and engaging activity that can keep your kids busy for long as they want, it is also one way to keep boredom away.

Although not every child is born with an excellent drawing or sketching ability, participating does not require being a professional.

Just like other crafts, the more your kids do it, the better they will get. Enjoy the list of ideas to draw (and how to draw) with kids of all ages below.

Drawing Flowers

Flowers are very attractive plants you can find anywhere. They are pretty easy to draw and great at improving kids’ creativity.

Flowers come in different colors and types. You can head to your garden for inspiration on what type of flower to draw. See this guide on how to draw a simple flower.


Drawing Stars

To draw a star is one of the easiest drawings with so much fun. A Star is one of those basic shapes that comes easy when learning how to draw. Although it may seem difficult to draw at the first trial, the more you draw it, the better you get.

What you need to draw a star

  •  Printable star drawing guide 
  • Paper
  • Pencil & marker
  • Eraser (optional)   

Drawing Famous Cartoon Characters

This is a nice idea for grown or older kids. Drawing cartoon characters people easily recognize is a great way to make your child catch fun and feel like a pro. From SpongeBob to Mickey Mouse they can express their creativity to the maximum.

Painted Household Objects

By this, we do not mean drawing a household object that is painted but a household object you can draw and paint. Don’t get it twisted!

Several objects in the home like bucket, spoon, bag, cup, vase, chairs and table, shoe, brush and so much more can be drawn and painted with acrylic paint brushes to give details and more life to your drawing. Still, puzzled about what to look out for when purchasing one? Check this wonderful list of acrylic paint brushes.

Rainbow Drawings

Every child loves colors. The rainbow drawing is a multicolored type of drawing that will be fun to create. If you love to go for something simple, creative, and lovely at the same time, do a rainbow drawing. 

What you need for a Rainbow Drawing 

  • Crayons (rainbow colors)
  • A piece of paper
  • Hard tipped pen or pencil

How to do a rainbow drawing 

  1. Use crayons on an entire page (in form of a slant line) with rainbow colors
  2. Turn the colored side over onto a blank piece of paper
  3. Draw a bird (or any object of your choice) on the back of the newly colored sheet with your hard tipped pen
  4. Once you are done, peel the page away from the blank sheet underneath and get your bright multi-colored result.


What are the benefits of drawing for kids?

  • Art helps with concentration
  • Sketching, coloring, and drawing Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Drawing helps kids express themselves
  • Allowing kids to draw improves their creativity from an early age
  • Drawing is a great way to teach them how to make decisions


Final Thoughts

Drawing is fun and a great activity to engage in. There are quite several things to draw with kids (of all age groups) from an early age to improve their drawing skills. Remember, the more they draw the better they know how to. Enjoy drawing!


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