25 Fun Back to School Gifts for Kids

These back to school gifts for kids are sure to get them excited for a new school year!

Small gifts on the first day of school are also a great distraction to the nerves that are flowing! 

A lot of children get excited about shopping for new school supplies. However, some may need a little extra excitement to get them looking forward to starting their new grade level. 

Back to school gifts are one way to get them excited!

These school gift ideas will appeal to a wide range of students and age groups.

If you are a teacher looking for a few treat ideas for your new students, there are a few of those listed below as well.

Many of these gift ideas are presents most students can enjoy at school and at home.

Heading into a new classroom with a personalized lunch box, backpack, or pencil case is sure to get anyone excited about school this year!

Back to School Gift Ideas from Teachers

It’s that time of year again for teachers too! School teacher gifts are a surefire way to make a new class feel welcome and excited about their new teacher!

1. Bubble Wands

New students will be so happy that they have you as their teacher after receiving a fun little gift like this one.

Bubble wands may need to stay put away until recess or home, but younger students will have a blast with these. Add a “I’m bubbly for you to be in my class” tag!

2. Pop-It KeyChains

These fun fidget toys are a hit year after year!  Get a set of pop-it keychains and add a tag that says “____ grade is poppin'”

3. Sunglasses

With a bulk set of sunglasses, every kid will start the year feeling cool as ever!   Add a tag that says “We’re going to have a cool year together!”.

4. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are the perfect way to get everyone active at home and at recess!  Print a “Jumping for Joy that You’re In My Class” tag.

5. Play-Doh

Kids of all ages love play dough!  Give them one of these 1 ounce fun packs of play-doh with a tag that says “I’m dough excited for the school year!”

6. Starbursts

Sometimes the best back to school gifts for kids are the simplest ideas.  Give your kids a pack of starburst with a tag that says “It’s going to be a sweet year!”

7. Light Up Fidgets

Kids love the fidget toys.  Give them a light up, glowing, pop fidget toy, and watch their faces light up with joy!  Add a tag that says “You’re going to glow in ____grade”. 

8. Building a Great Year Legos

There are so many cute and inexpensive ways to greet and welcome your new students. Little gifts like these are something they can pull out during free time!

Photo Credit: Primary Playground

9. Welcome Back Bags

While your student may provide their own school supplies, welcome back bags like this are a great gift.

You can fill it with more school supplies or make a treat bag if your students are all set!


Personalized Back to School Gifts from Parents

Children love school supplies and gifts that feel very personal to them. Personalizing and adding their names to their school items is always a huge hit for kids of all ages.

1. Custom Keychains

These little custom keychains are so much fun! If you have a bus rider who needs to keep track of their keys, this goes around their wrist for extra security!

2. Matching Back to School Bracelets

The beginning of the school year, whether it is your child’s first time or fourth, is not always easy.

Most students are excited about a new school year, but some need a little extra encouragement or comfort.

These matching bracelets are a great way to give your child something comforting that they can always keep with them!

3. Personalized Pencils

Custom school supplies are a great gift! You can either put their name or inspirational phrases to encourage them this year.

4. Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized reusable water bottles are a great item to have ready for school. Your child will have a hard time getting this one mixed up with a classmate’s!

5. Personalized Pencil Case

This personalized pencil case is a fun way to add your child’s name to their school gear.

6. Personalized Backpack

School backpacks are always the most exciting school supply to search for each year. Surprise your student with a personalized bag they will always be able to find.


Gifts for a New School Year

The first day of school is overwhelming! Having school supplies and necessities taken care of in a fun way can make the transition a little easier.

back to school gift ideas for kids from teachers and parents

1. Buckets of Fun

Classroom supplies may not be a super exciting part of starting school, but this bucket can make it fun!

Uploaded image

2. Wishing You a Bright School Year

Using colorful ribbon, attach a cute tag to a set of highlighters. This is the perfect gift if you are wanting to encourage your child or student to have an exciting and bright year.

3. Back to School Essentials Kit

Your child’s new teacher will thank you for having all of their classroom supplies taken care of!

You could even make one of these for their teacher — Add some tissues and hand sanitizer!

Photo Credit: PinkPolkaDotCreations

4. Bendy Pencils

These bendy pencils are an easy way to make school time a fun time.

You may prefer to keep them at home so that they don’t distract other students, but that will make homework exciting!

They have a ton of different colors – perfect for everyone.

More Back to School Gifts for Kids

While these gifts are still school appropriate, they are a little more on the fun side!

The DIY lunchboxes are sure to be a favorite. There are so many similar DIY school items to find out there. Your child could even color and decorate their own backpack!

1. This Year is Going to Be Sweet

Little treats like these are perfect for teachers or parents to gift. Parents can gift these special little treats to their children that are a little nervous to start school!

A little sugar and something to look forward to when they get home after their first day. Teachers gifting these will be a huge hit amongst their new class!

Photo Credit: TeachingWithCrayonsandCurls

2. DIY Lunchbox (Flowers)

This DIY Lunchbox is a great way to get your child excited to start the new school year! They will love getting to color and decorate their own lunch box.


3. DIY Lunchbox (Video Games)

Another fun DIY/coloring lunch box – this time with a video game theme!

4. Pop It Pencil Case

If you have not jumped on the Pop It train just yet, this Pop-it pencil case may be the perfect time.

5. Pop It Notebook

This Pop It notebook could be something they keep at home for homework if you think it would be distracting at school!

Having fun school supplies at home can help make sure all of their homework actually gets finished on time!

6. Animal Erasers

These animal erasers are popular and adorable! They even clean up eraser shavings!


Out of this complete list of back to school gifts for kids, which was your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.  

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