Are you looking for kids book storage ideas?  If so, you will find something in this collection of clever DIY and traditional storage ideas.  

If you have more than one child and therefore a ton of kids’ books, you may be looking for a way to organize.

The amount of books you have in your home or classroom can quickly add up. We totally understand keeping them organized when kids are constantly pulling them off shelves can be difficult.

When it comes to books, the more the merrier, but all of those stories will begin taking over your space.

You want children to be able to easily access their stories! You also want your space to stay organized.

Staying organized not only keeps your space clean, but also makes sure those kids can easily find the books they are looking for!

You may just be looking for a classic bookshelf, which you will have no problem finding. However, some may be looking for more creative, aesthetically pleasing, or cheaper ways to put their stories in their place.

Below, we have DIY storage solutions if you want an inexpensive answer to your problem.

There are also some ideas that are well suited for bedrooms, living rooms, and classrooms.

If you need a traditional storage unit or shelf, scroll all the way to the bottom for that section!

DIY Storage Solutions

If you love making your own solutions to your problems, this section has plenty of DIY projects for you. Most of them are very inexpensive – one is even made of cardboard!


DIY Front-Facing Bookshelf

Front-facing shelves are the best way for tiny eyes to be able to find the book they are looking for. This is one you can build yourself!

DIY IKEA Bookshelf

This DIY shelf is an IKEA dupe. It is super simple to put together and a beautiful way to display your child’s favorite books.

Cardboard Baby Bookshelf

If you are looking for an incredibly cheap and simple DIY project – this carboard baby bookshelf does the trick.

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Who knew that rain gutters could be made into such nice looking book shelves?  Add a little paint and stickers to personalize!

Photo Credit: Home Talk

Classic DIY Bookshelf

If you are looking for an easy-to-follow guide for a classic bookshelf, this is for you.

DIY Hanging Book Display

This simple project has you making DIY book slings! These hanging book shelves are such a great way to get creative or show personality.

Book Storage in a Child’s Bedroom

If you need a space for your children’s books and bedtime stories in your kids bedrooms, this section has great ideas – made specifically for their sleeping space.

Metal Baskets as Shelves

These wire baskets make long-lasting, durable book shelves. Even if you are unable to find these exact ones, any metal basket will work well as a book bin.

Corner Bookshelves

This is a great storage solution if you don’t have a lot of space for a large bookshelf. Young kids and parents will appreciate this simple storage solution.

Photo Credit: Make It Love It

In Closet Storage

If you don’t have any room or wall space for picture books in a nursery or child’s bedroom, in-closet storage may be the way to go!

If you have younger children, their clothes only take up half of the closet height anyways!

Photo Credit: Dwelling and Telling

Full Wall Book Storage

If you have a ton of books, there are so many clever ways to display and store them.

A book wall is a creative way to store all of your books. Plus, it looks really cool!

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

Closet Door Book Storage

This is a great option if you do not have room on walls or in a closet. You could even put these shelves or baskets on the back of the bedroom door if that would work better for you!

Photo Credit: Polished Habitat

Framed Book Display

If you’ve got piles of books and want to display them in a fun way, these artwork frames are great!

Rather than framing art work, you can keep thin books in these and rotate them out. Make it a part of the kids book rotation routine!

Living Room Kids’ Book Displays

Most parents want their kids to feel at home in the whole house. However, it is nice to have some parts of your home that stay organized and free from piles of toys and children’s books.

Here are some storage solutions for your living rooms.

Montessori Wooden Bookshelf

If you want to make your living space livable for you and give kids access to their toys and books, this wooden shelf is ideal.

Having attractive storage space is one way to keep things organized and keep your child’s toys and furniture from swallowing your whole living room.

Small Wooden Box Book Storage

Cute storage containers keep your space organized and looking like an adult’s space.

Basket Book Storage

Attractive baskets can be filled with books and other items that need to be organized and placed on or in whatever surface you have available.

Sticking the books into a book basket helps your space stay well-put together.

Book Cart Storage

Little readers and parents can move this book cart to wherever the desire for reading happens to strike!

It’s great when you are trying to move a lot of books around.

TV Stand Book Storage

TV stand storage is perfect for your own books and your children’s.

There are so many storage and shelving units available out there that you can use for multiple purposes.

Behind-the-couch Bookshelf

Children’s’ bookcases can look out of place in a living room! Having a neutral shelf in an inconspicuous space like this keeps your space looking tidy.

Photo Credit: My Kids Time 

Book Storage Ideas for the Classroom

Teachers have a lot of items they have to keep organized and easily accessible for their students!

Here are some classic or creative ways to help keep books well-organized:

Classic Classroom Bookshelf

Display your classroom collection of books in a classic wooden unit.

Book Display as a Bulletin Board

Use your books as part of the classroom’s decor on a bulletin board!

Photo Credit: Learning in Wonderland

Baskets by Author Storage

Book bins and book baskets are an easy way to stay organized. You can label them by level, subject, or author.

Book Storage with Seats

Young children will love getting to pick a book and read at a location different from their desk.  Get this book storage with seating here. 

Group Crate Storage

If you’ve got a small space, placing plastic crates in the small spaces that you have helps add more organization to an always busy classroom.

Milk Crate Book Storage

This is a great way to add storage and fun seating space! These wooden crates may work best with younger children.

Photo Credit: Brie Brie Blooms

Traditional Storage Ideas for Kids’ Books

Check out the links below for traditional storage units, shelves, and displays! You can also find a lot of these kids book storage ideas at your local thrift store.

Classic Forward-Facing Book Stand

This colorful storage unit is perfect for a child’s books in the bedroom, living room, or classroom!

Book Display Shelves

These floating display shelves are just like the popular IKEA spice racks that are commonly used as book displays!

This cubby storage bookshelf is perfect if you have more than just books to organize.

This storage box gives the tiniest hands easy access to their favorite books!

If you don’t have much space available, try a narrow rotating bookshelf like this! It doesn’t take up much space and rotates for easy access!

Manger Book Caddy

This manger may not be able to store all of your books at once, but it offers easy reach!

If you do a book rotation with your kids, storage like this is great for quickly switching them out.

This metal book display with shelves has wheels and extra space for toy storage.


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